3 «Promax Arabia» awards for decoration management in Dubai Media Incorporated

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The Decoration Department at Dubai Media Corporation won 3 of the “Promax BDA Arabia” Awards 2013 for TV Creativity, as a highlight of the total awards won by the Corporation, amounting to 62 different awards (22 of them gold ), to be the most current institution among television institutions, production companies, advertising creativity centers and companies Working in the field of sound, technical and graphic effects.

The best decor

The decoration department earned the gold award for the design of the News Center Sets as the best decoration in the Arab world, which was designed by the interior designer Abdul Rahman Al Gurg, while the decoration of the program “AL Myadan Set” on Sama Dubai channel the award winning. The silver is the second best decoration in the Arab world, as it was designed by the interior designer Mufid Anani.

The Department of Decoration also won a bronze award for the design of the decor for the “Vitamin Set” program on Dubai TV as the third best decor in the Arab world. It was designed by Amr Ahmed, while the first 3D designer, Abdullah Al Gurg, contributed to the preparation of the presentation for winning programs.

Creativity Methodology

Ahmed Saeed Al Mansouri, Executive Director of the Television and Radio Sector at Dubai Media Incorporated, congratulated the decoration management family and all the employees of the organization and emphasized that the victory achieved is a confirmation of the methodology of creativity and excellence used by the screens are followed. of DMI channels, which once again reminds of the vision of Dubai Media Corporation represented in The highest levels of leadership based on innovation and quality, keeping up with the strategic goals of the Dubai government.

This is done through a set of institutional values ​​such as diligence to provide leading media services of high standards, quality and full credibility to all viewers of the Corporation’s TV channels, in addition to developing the quality and diversity of media services.

In the interest of satisfying the local and Arab viewers by applying the highest international quality standards, without forgetting the importance of choosing the best media elements and applying the best international technologies to meet the needs of viewers of the Foundation’s programs and gain their trust.

team spirit

As for Abeer Bin Arab, Director of the Decoration Department at Dubai Media Incorporated, she expressed her joy at receiving these awards, which show the efforts of the work teams in management and the group of creative ideas that strive to keep up with the latest developments. emphasizes. in the world of visual media, emphasizes that these awards are the result of a collective effort In the spirit of one team for a group of designers and creatives in the management of decoration, always striving to make Dubai Media Corporation a leader in all fields.

At the same time, she expressed her gratitude to the management of Dubai Media Corporation, led by Sami Al Qamzi, vice-chairman and managing director of Dubai Media Corporation, and Ahmed Saeed Al Mansouri, executive director of the television and radio sector at Dubai Media Corporation.

And to Muhammad Saeed Al-Shehhi, Deputy Executive Director of the Television and Radio Support Sector, members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation and all directors of channels and various departments for their continued support and great efforts in all forms of moral and logistical support, to implement innovative proposals to find their way to the screens of the Corporation’s channels.

Winning designs

The design of the News Center won the Gold Award as the best decoration in the Arab world, based on the new design of the interior designer, Abdul Rahman Al Gurg, after the launch of the center affiliated with Dubai Media Corporation in its new, advanced design has received wide positive responses from the public. Al-Maidan) on Sama Dubai channel, by interior designer Moufid Anani.

And the winner of the silver award as the second best decoration in the Arab world, in accordance with the development of the program corresponding to the level of the Fazza Al-Yola championship, which is followed by many viewers, since it is the latest new technologies in the field of lighting and three-dimensionality in presenting a design that reflects the uniqueness of architectural art in the Emirates and the Arabian Gulf region.

As for the design of the decoration of the program (Vitamin) on Dubai TV, which won a bronze award as the third best decoration in the Arab world, by interior designer Amr Ahmed, it was distinguished by its simplicity and less use of lighting in accordance with the nature of the program, in addition to providing a mood of relaxation and calm for the presenter Dr. Ali Single and his guests And the audience in the studio.


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