How to wander the world from your living room? Reliefs

If you are an Arab, and you want to travel to many countries, you must have the Emirati passport, which allows you to enter 138 countries around the world, without the need for a visa, and if it is for is difficult for you to do, then you must read this report.

If you have a passion for travel and mobility, we provide you with websites and YouTube channels that satisfy your passion and take you around the world, without leaving your seat.

Godfather «Google Earth»

It is the most used program due to its ease and availability for all operating systems: Windows – Linux – Mac. It displays satellite images of the earth’s surface, which make it possible to see cities, houses and streets, with a degree of proximity up to 15 meters, and it varies according to the importance of the place and its global fame, in addition to others services, such as:

  • Traffic control.
  • Google Sky service, to see the stars and celestial bodies.
  • Google Street View, to see the street with a panoramic view level (360 degrees).
  • Google Ocean, for close-up views of the ocean’s bottom surface, displaying 3D bathymetry beneath the waves, and underwater topography data for the Great Lakes.
  • Historical photos, to go back in time and study the early stages of the place.
  • Google Mars, a view and analysis of the Martian surface, and 3D renderings of its terrain; For research purposes.
  • Google Moon, to see pictures of the moon.

Google Street View

It is a technology that provides virtual tours, through panoramic views of many regions of the world, as if you are watching the place with your own eyes. The service covers many areas, such as: West Nusa Tenggara Waterfall, the Grand Canyon, the Liwa Desert in the Emirates, Mount Everest and the city of Ramallah. In Egypt: the pyramids of Giza, the Citadel of Salah al-Din, the ruins of Saqqara, the Monastery of St. Mina and the Citadel of Qaitbay.

Websites similar to Google Earth

Zoom Earth

It allows users to explore the Earth from a million miles away, using daily updated aerial photographs captured by NASA satellites, as part of a project called EPIC.


It is a collaborative mapping project, to provide editable content, which obtains its data and modifications from users who are allowed to post descriptions and pictures of places, and seeks to distinguish all geographic objects in the world, a useful description of it, and create a free map of the world, with detailed information about: buildings, forests, lakes, rivers, streets, railways, etc.

Bing Maps

It is a subsidiary of the search engine bing, a competitor to Google, and includes maps to map locations and routes such as Google Map, as well as the Bing Streetside service, which competes with Google Street View.


This is a volunteer collaborative project to create a free, editable map. Data is collected by volunteers using hand surveys, GPS devices, aerial photography and other free sources such as a laptop computer, digital camera or audio recorder.

Live webcam sites

earth tv

It is a German satellite network, showing live broadcasts from more than 70 cameras, in more than 30 countries around the world, and is one of the most convenient locations for travel and tourism internationally; Because of its broadcast quality, 360-degree technology and a 20x zoom range.

earth camera

A website belonging to a leading American company in the provision of webcam content and technology, which seeks to encourage exploration and connect people, through live broadcasting of certain distinctive areas, such as: the balcony of the Statue of Liberty’s torch, with views of famous sites and landmarks, such as: Times Square, and the Tower Eiffel, World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Dubai Palm, Niagara Falls and Petra in Jordan.

It relies on the use of the highest resolution cameras from space, air and ground, including the world’s first outdoor panoramic imaging system.

sites of outer space


NASA’s 24-hour television service that broadcasts a large amount of educational programs, documentaries and space programs and provides live coverage of a range of missions, including the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, robotic missions and international launches. , and spacewalk. They can be followed on YouTube.


A joint collaboration between the Russian RT channel and the Roskosmos agency, presenting 360-degree videos from inside the International Space Station for the first time in history. They can be followed on YouTube.

Worldwide Telescope

It is a program from Microsoft that enables the discovery of space, planets and galaxies, with images taken from the most famous international telescopes, and displays astronomical data for the Earth and planets, so that users can navigate in the sky, and view photos . , scientific data and academic papers about the sky, earth and planets, and the solar system.

High-resolution websites


A project created by a team of Russian photographers; To capture 360-degree HD aerial photos and videos of more than 300 points on Earth, including the North Pole, the Antarctic and the largest waterfalls. They can be followed on YouTube.

A Moroccan website through which you can visit 10 Moroccan tourist cities, and wander through their streets, as if you were there, through Street View technology for the cities: Agadir, Casablanca, Asilah, Errachidia, Essaouira, Fez, Meknes, Marrakech, Ifrane , Rabat.

YouTube channels

If those sites do not give you a comprehensive view or a good picture, or your internet speed is poor, YouTube channels give you a clearer picture, greater focus and a special view of the place.

Kien Lam: Around the world in 5 minutes

In 2010, photographer Ken Lam quit his job. To begin his travels around the world, and to satisfy his passion for photography, he made several trips, lasting 343 days, during which he visited 17 countries, boarded 19 planes, 58 buses and 18 ships, and 6237 took pictures and sat. his most prominent photos in a video of about five minutes, entitled “Time is Nothing”, to take us with him to the most prominent landmarks in: the United States, Britain, France, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

Then he posted another video about the second part of his trip, in which he visited 15 other countries; Because some commenters on the first video were sad that their country was not featured in it, and the video includes his travels to: New Zealand, Australia, India, Nepal, Qatar, the Emirates, Germany, Denmark, Scotland , England , Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua and Honduras.

On his official YouTube channel, you will find many videos about various areas he has visited and photographed.

Foreign travel channels

Videos on travel channels offer visits to different places, to find hours of entertainment, laughter, passion and diversity in your hands, giving you an enjoyable and entertaining viewing experience that takes you to different parts of the world, which you may not be able to do not visit, even if you have all the requirements travel to it.

Among the many travel channels on YouTube, you will find inspiring travel channels characterized by entertainment, creativity and adventure, offering a unique travel experience, in addition to the presence of other blogs on YouTube that bring you pleasure from your place, while sitting in front of your electronic device, and between these channels:

Mike is one of the world’s most innovative and adventurous traveling storytellers, used by companies and brands; To create professional travel videos.

Adventurer Matthew Karsten does incredible things, including diving with sharks without a cage, and films his amazing journeys; To inspire many to get off the couch.

In 2015, Arienne won the Best Travel Award from the Buffer Festival in Toronto, which is an award given to travel channels on YouTube, and is considered an Oscar for these channels.

Cailin is one of the first travel bloggers, with a background in film and television, obsessed with gathering information that makes his videos feel like a documentary.

Steve Hanisch shoots travel videos in English and German, has humor and helps produce videos about travel around the world.

Devon’s videos are so prolific and caring in the way they are presented to his followers that he is one of the best travel bloggers around the world.

The channel won the “TBCAsia” award for the best travel video, due to the quality and accuracy of the videos, in addition to helping travel bloggers.

Brock translates his energy, dynamism and joy into his videos; As he is eager to convey smiles and enjoyment in it, in a way that attracts you to his style and blog.

Better known as the “wandertooth” duo, Geoff and Katie are incredibly skilled at editing travel videos, which are done in collaboration with travel companies and brand owners.

Gareth gained wide fame through his channel «Tourist2Townie» when he filmed his trip to Brazil, which was characterized by highlighting the depth of this country’s heritage, and not just travel and transportation.

Brendan’s blend of talent for photography and video is what makes him unique, as he explains how to take his amazing photos.

Arab travel channels

Many young Arabs who are passionate about travel and discovery have created their own YouTube channels. To document their journeys around the world, characterized by simplicity, and to spread the passion for travel and adventure. Among the most famous of these channels:

She is an Arab girl, simple, spontaneous, passionate about traveling, talking to people and discovering the world in her own way. She believes that dreams have no limits, that’s why she decided to leave her job and follow her dreams, by traveling around the world, like her visit to Morocco.

Youssef, the merchant, travels and treks; Due to the nature of his work as an Emirati pilot, he endeavors to convey his own experience and share some of his information about the place he has visited. One of those trips was his trip to Singapore.

Adel Nassar, “Ibn Fattuta”, is the first Kuwaiti traveler to receive the silver YouTube shield. He likes to travel for passion and adventure, and publishes his own perspective on travel by filming his experiences, including his trip to Tlemcen, Algeria.

“National Geographic”: the joy of travel and science

One of the most famous Arabic channels that takes you to many parts of the world through video is the “National Geographic” channel, which takes you to various regions, through which you learn about its most prominent landmarks, cultures and heritage, so that you feel like you’ve moved there, and videos often help. The channel is for researchers and travelers around the world as it has provided them with a lot of information, pictures and distinctive videos.

Among the most prominent of these videos are their trip to Zanzibar Island, Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, and their trip to the seventh continent, Antarctica.

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