What are “immortal” cells and what is their role in the fight against cancer and the advancement of medical research ethics?

  • Rachel Schreyer
  • 100 Women – BBC

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How do you ask the members of a society to give their trust to medicine when there are many historical reasons why they do not trust medicine and doctors?

This is a dilemma that American nurse Victoria Baptiste faces every day as she travels through Baltimore County, Maryland as part of her work in a mobile clinic to administer vaccines against the Corona epidemic.

And one question has been asked repeatedly in the last two years, especially by black patients of hers, which is: We have been used and exploited in trials in the past, how can we trust this vaccine now?

The immediate trigger for this question is often posts containing inaccurate information that they have come across on Facebook or Twitter. But her black patients’ fears did not just stem from online misinformation. Their mistrust of medicine and the American health system goes back much further.

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