With Jordanian participation.. an international project to promote tourist sites

Amman – Al-Ghad – Jordan, together with five countries, announced the launch of an international project to promote tourist sites in the countries participating in the project, including “Petra”, worldwide, within digital technology, in light of the spread of the Coronavirus.
The “Mediterranean Information and Communication Technology Platform for UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage funded by the European Union within the Transboundary Cooperation Program for the Mediterranean Basin” project, in which Jordan is represented by the Jordanian Society for Scientific Research, Leadership and Creativity and the Department of Antiquities, will work on the filming of archaeological sites in the countries participating in the project. Especially within the “3D” technology and its distribution in the world within the available methods so that the viewer in any country in the world can clearly see archaeological site.
The head of the Jordanian Society for Scientific Research, Leadership and Creativity, dr. Reda Al-Khawaldeh, said today in a joint press conference that the project, in which each of (Italy, Spain, Egypt, Jordan, Portugal, Lebanon) participates. , aims to create or create innovation-driven opportunities that include a wide range of employers. From the six Mediterranean countries through an integrated approach that will promote the transfer of technology across borders through live laboratories and collaboration between the academic and industrial sectors using the latest information and communication technology technologies to improve the level of interpretation of the UNESCO cultural heritage in the Mediterranean region by adopting the active participation of the youth and women and contributing to the creation of renewable employment opportunities for them, in addition to strengthening cooperation between universities and small and medium-sized companies, and improving access to cultural heritage through marketing and commercialization of international tourism facilities.
Director General of the Department of Antiquities, Yazid Alian, emphasized the importance of the project in promoting the Jordanian cultural heritage, especially Petra, which is the jewel of archaeological sites in Jordan, noting that 15,000 archaeological sites in Jordan belongs to the Department of Antiquities. .
And he indicated that the project will benefit the city of Petra by establishing innovative projects after introducing technologically advanced information and communication technology tools to ensure better access and interpretation of cultural heritage, which will be developed and introduced to the market through the project become
Information and communication technology expert at the Jordanian Society for Scientific Research, Leadership and Creativity, Nermin Marji, stated that the project involves the creation of a database of “the intangible cultural heritage of the Mediterranean basin” and the production of guided reality and virtual reality includes videos, which allow the reader to see the reconstruction of three-dimensional designs, and possible materials. View it through electronic media, smartphones, electronic tablets, augmented reality glasses, and an augmented reality cinema that allows the user to live the famous scenes of the films filmed at the archaeological site (Petra) by through augmented reality technologies, including the Indiana Jones movie and even a crane Virtual space and time, which is a vehicle that takes a person on a virtual journey through time and space. All will participate in the preparation, copying, testing and marketing of more than seventy products through vital laboratories.
The Director of Programs for Energy, Environment and Climate Change – the European Union Mission in Jordan, Eng. Omar Abu Eid, the communication officer for the cross-border cooperation program in the European Union, Imad Shana’a, and the head of the regional Office of the Joint Monitoring Committee for the Project, the Project Coordinator in the European Union, Dr. Ismat Karadsheh, announced the partnership between the Union and Jordan and the projects that have been completed, presented Implementation and financing, noting that the cross-border cooperation project aims to further improve cooperation within the Mediterranean basin and promote sustainable development, as Jordan has dozens of projects within this program participated.
And the founder of the project, dr. Lucio Tampazzo, said that the project starts at Palermo in Sicily, at a time when the cultural and tourist world is experiencing a major crisis due to the health pandemic. , virtual reality, mixed reality) the way to a democratic and unprecedented relationship with oral traditions and cultural heritage and monuments and the unveiling of patterns, contexts and contents that were not known, since they were exclusive to those with specialization.
The representative of the Italian partner in the project, Maria Trapani from Italy, indicated that the project will support the creative industry and start-up companies in six Mediterranean countries, and expressed her gratitude for the funding, which expanded and virtual content in the leading sectors : culture and tourism Technological applications related to virtual reality in UNESCO network sites will create opportunities better to evaluate them.
And the coordinator of the Jordanian Society for Scientific Research in the project, dr. Talal Al-Aksha, said that the project will contribute to enabling young people to possess the skills of entrepreneurship, management of public services and scientific research through training courses, and improving opportunities for self-employment through the support of emerging companies, in addition to stimulating employment in creative sectors.

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