How do we bring Christmas home for the first time?

Bringing the atmosphere of the holidays and celebrating Christmas or New Year at home for the first time is not difficult. Rather, it should be a pleasant experience, even if it stumbles a bit, pleasant to the extent that it is difficult to distinguish between adults and children in laughter, play and singing, in the end there is no “catalogue” Fixed to celebrate the holiday.

A few easy steps, which include simple and joyful decorations, festive music in the background, and also some beautiful, varied and inexpensive foods, can achieve this goal for children and adults, and at the same time turn the house into a beautiful painting.

With reasonable abilities, a little wit and a little luck, it is possible to spend a beautiful day with the whole family between red and green. want to open their house for the holidays for the first time.

Cooking matters on this day is very simple, so says chef Ghada Yassin in her interview with Raseef22, where she confirms that there are various types of food and sweets that can bring Christmas joy into the home without a high cost.

Bringing the atmosphere of holidays and Christmas into the house for the first time is not difficult, but rather it should be an enjoyable experience even if it is a little bumpy, after all there is no fixed “catalogue” for the celebration of the holiday.

The chef says: “Expensive restaurants rely on the principle of providing a small quantity but with a high value. The lady of the house must work according to this principle. The turkey is basic, but it is not mandatory if the capabilities it does not help We can prepare a large chicken with a filling similar to rice and the familiar mixture, and put Around it is filled with grape leaves, so we have a dish close to turkey with a characteristic taste, but it it is important that it is cooked in the same way to give the same festive atmosphere, with the necessity of having plain rice or at least a meal of rice on the table.

And she adds, “We must avoid boring traditional soups. It is possible to choose mushroom soup, tomato soup with cream, or chicken soup with cream. The most important thing is that it is a type that we do not see on the table every day . . .

The turkey is basic but not mandatory. If the abilities do not help, we can prepare a large chicken and stuffed grape leaves for it, but it is important to cook it in the same way as the turkey to give the same festive atmosphere.

She also points out the importance of salads to add variety and color to the table, and therefore recommends potato salad with mayonnaise and corn, or beetroot salad.

As for sweets, she prefers to choose an easy type, such as “cream caramel”, because it is suitable for the festive day and easy to eat after a heavy meal. Carrot cake with Christmas decorations is also considered one of the classics. day, and it can be served with cream or ice cream.

The purpose of these choices is that the dining room should not be traditional. Nevertheless, Yassin does not like the kitchen to become the focus of a woman’s day, and she advises her not to spend her day in it until she enjoys her day with her family. , whether in decorating the house, playing or singing. In the end, food is essential on this day. But it’s not all day.

As for the most beautiful thing, it is for children to help in making sweets, and that the activity of cooking is collective for the whole family, and not exclusively for women, even if it leads to some chaos, which must be cleaned together as well.

Rasha (41 years old) talks about the food she cooks during the holidays, and tells Raseef: “On this day it is very important to have chicken and meat, if the possibilities allow it, or at least one of them, and of of course by making basmati rice on the table, but the real hero These are the sweets that children eagerly await. I don’t stick to the Eid classics, and I do what they ask to make them happy. Maybe a cake with decorations, and maybe cream caramel, or pastry.

Rasha invites the large family to her trip, and hopes that the new year will be a year of prosperity and peace for everyone.

Interior design expert Rima Hassan points out to Raseef22 that the festive season is closely linked to decorations and changing decorations. She says: “There is a difference in the prices of decorations between last year and today, but people can be satisfied with simple possibilities. The elements of Christmas decoration are very rich, between lights, candles and trees.” Which is considered the center of decoration, so the more the tree is distinguished, the more distinctive the decoration.”

And she advises those who want to bring the holiday into the house to focus on the red color, especially when it is mixed with candles with the golden color, then we feel the beauty of Christmas, focus on the tree and give it the greatest attention in terms of lights and decorations.

And she adds: “We can put a tree branch between the window and the wall, hang bells and red socks on it, and add red balls to the tree branch.”

And she notices what is placed on the tables, between the place mats and the candles, and she adds: “We have to choose nice things like boxes containing gifts, tablecloths in festive colors with leaf work, and we have to arrange the tables in a remarkable way.”

She says: “The difference in the size of the gifts that are distributed under the tree gives a feeling and a beautiful view and suggests the coming of the festival. Balloons have nothing to do with Christmas, but they can for the children placed, provided that the color red is chosen, note that all decorations on Christmas Day must be at the reception, that is to say in the sitting or guest room, not the inner rooms.

The decoration designer added: “Santa Claus or Father Christmas is the most important for children. His tartar and white chin are indispensable. Children are very happy to see him, or to see his form if they buy a model of him.”

We can put a tree branch between the window and the wall and hang bells and red socks on it, and add red balls to the tree branch, while giving great importance to bedspreads and candles

What the decorator says is what Rania (33 years old) does, because she is very keen to decorate the house before the holidays. She tells Raseef22: “The children are used to Christmas decorations, it is not expensive even if the prices have increased this year, but the tree is a necessity that we cannot do without, so we put it down.” Usually at the entrance of the house, and sometimes we put it in the reception for everyone to see, I decorate it with everything I have, and of course I buy red balls and lighting branches to complete the joy of the holiday.

In an article written by Camryn Rapido entitled “How to Celebrate Christmas” on the “Taste of Home” magazine website, the author prefers to celebrate within the family, and recommends simple activities such as a session in the garden with the family with a hot drink like cocoa, and watch Christmas movies.

She says: “If you can’t take a picture of Santa with your children due to bad weather or any other circumstances, by going to a distant store, a family member can present the character in a funny way while taking the wear appropriate costume.”

Children should be involved in decorating the house and the tree and participate in the preparations, it is part of their fun that makes their memories

She also recommends that the children participate in decorating the house and the tree, and by providing breakfast and some other kind of food on this occasion.

As for gifts, Camryn did not see it as a big crisis that could worry family members, and she advised to choose simple things that are suitable for each individual without exaggerating the price. We can also pay more attention to greeting cards and words of love.

The festive season is not complete without family evenings to attend Christmas movies, and with many lists presenting their nominations that can be found on the Internet, Raseef22 has selected this list from “Imdb”, and when it comes to music, you can find the most beautiful Christmas gain. songs from Raseef22’s selection in this The article is titled “The Most Beautiful Christmas Songs From Seven Languages”.

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