The best bedroom shops in Riyadh 2021


A visit is being made The best bedroom shops in Riyadh to see the products you offer and then buy the room that fits the customer’s requirements; As these stores are keen to provide a wide variety that varies greatly in quality and prices; Since the prices of some of them start at a few thousand, and the prices of others reach tens of thousands, and the reference site indicates a list of the best of these shops, in addition to mentioning some of the prices that they also provide.

The best bedroom shops in Riyadh

The city of Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, includes many furniture stores that work to provide different bedrooms to their customers, the most prominent of which are: IKEA stores and Al-Mutlaq stores, in addition to Al-Abd Al -Latif Furniture and Al-Omar FurnitureBelow is a list of the best of these stores.

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IKEA Riyadh for bedrooms

IKEA is one of the most prominent companies that work in the marketing of home furniture around the world, and the branches of this company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contain a wide variety of bedrooms, in addition to providing all the necessities and accessories associated with these rooms are related. The IKEA Riyadh branch is located on the eastern ring road near the mosque of Sheikh Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani.[1]

IKEA Riyadh discount

We can learn about the discounts that IKEA Saudi Arabia offers to its customers by following these steps:

  • Go directly to the IKEA website “from here”.
  • Select the lowest price from the main menu.
  • Determine the appropriate filters to find bedroom supplies.
  • Browse through the offers available on the website.

Opening hours for IKEA Riyadh

IKEA Riyadh showrooms receive their customers from 9:00 am. to 12:00 p.m., seven days a week except Friday; It receives customers from 13:30 to 12:00 on this day, and we can contact the showroom directly via phone number 920004532.

Al Mutlaq Furniture in Riyadh

Al Mutlaq Furniture was established in 1954 AD to provide various home furniture solutions to its customers in the Kingdom, and it is one of the most prominent furniture companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to its long history, and this company has five branches in the city of Riyadh, and we can directly view the list of branches “from here”.

Al Mutlaq Furniture offers in Riyadh

Al-Mutlaq Furniture Company is eager to provide many offers that contribute to attract more customers throughout the year, and these offers include a specific category of employees in the Kingdom, including: the employees of the General Corporation for Desalination of Water Conversion and the category of employees of the Saudi Railway Company, and we can go to the page Offers “from here” via the company’s official website.[2]

Saraya Palace Bedrooms in Riyadh

Qasr Al-Saraya Company has been providing furniture solutions to its customers since 1978 AD till today. From Sheikh Ali Al Majid Mosque, and we can contact the company directly via the number 920020999.

Maymoon Furniture Stores

Maymoon Furniture Stores are located in the Gulf neighborhood near the market mosque on Salman Al-Farsi Road, and these stores provide bedrooms at reasonable prices and appropriate quality, and they are distinguished by the elegant style in receiving customers and customers as well, and we can Contact Maymoon Furniture through the phone number 00966556014513 for inquiries about bedroom rates.

Al-Abd Al-Latif Furniture in Riyadh

Al-Abdul Latif Furniture in Riyadh has vast experience in the field of furniture, and it has worked on the furnishing of many large mosques in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has provided many bedroom solutions to its customers in the city of Riyadh since its establishment. and the main branch of this company is located in Olaya District on Prince Muhammad Road Bin Abdulaziz, and we can contact her directly via phone number 920002233.

Lifetime furniture

Al-Omar Furniture is keen to provide solutions related to living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, in addition to single and double bedroom solutions, at prices ranging from SAR 4,250 to SAR 39,550, and this company has many branches in the Kingdom, including: Water in Riyadh and Dhahrat Al-Badiah branch near Al-Yamamah Markets Mosque in Riyadh.

Demo Furniture

Demos Furniture Company is characterized by presenting many offers to its customers on a continuous basis, as it works to provide many bedrooms with an attractive appearance and high quality, but their prices vary greatly due to the difference in quality, and we can visit Demos Furniture in the Sulaymaniyah neighborhood on King Abdulaziz Road.

Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is located on Abi Bakr Al-Siddiq Road near the OxyHealth Clinic in the city of Riyadh, and we can see the price offers that this company works to offer directly “from here” to its customers, and we can also contact the customer. service team via the number 920008585 to ask questions and queries.

Dumb Furniture Store

Dome Company was established in 1995 AD and was eager to provide furniture that meets the needs of customers until it became one of the most prominent companies operating in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On the list of its branches “from here” directly.

Ihome company

Many residents of the city of Riyadh prefer to buy bedrooms from the i-Home company because of the free services that this company works to provide, and these services include free delivery in addition to free installation of all rooms and purchases, and we can communicate with the customer service team of this company through the number 920008544 directly We can also visit its branch in Riyadh, inside the Sharq Furniture Market near IKEA. From 3:00 am to 10:00 p.m.

The most luxurious furniture store in Riyadh

Many families want to buy bedrooms from luxury furniture stores in Riyadh to get high-quality products in exchange for the quality offered by other stores, and here are some of the most prominent of these stores.

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Midas Furniture

Midas Furniture Company provides all solutions related to furniture and furnishings to its customers of all categories, and it is keen to provide a luxurious selection of kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms as well, but this collection has high prices compared to the prices of the non-luxury collection, and the headquarters of this company is located in the Al-Yasmeen area in the city of Riyadh on King Abdul Aziz Road.

Zamani Furniture

The prices of some bedrooms offered by the Zamani Furniture Fair reach 23,530 Saudi Riyals due to their excellent quality, while the prices of some other rooms are very low. We can view all the rooms available in this exhibition “from here” to know their prices and colors, in addition to knowing their suitability. For our personal use.

Woody Home Furniture

The prices of double bedrooms in the Woody Furniture Showroom start from 6,888 riyals and reach around 16,000 Saudi Riyals, while the prices of single bedrooms start from 1,196 riyals and reach around 9,000 riyals, due to the company’s zeal to provide all solutions to provide that meets the choices. of its customers, and we can find this company in Riyadh City, on Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, exit no. 9, exhibits.

Many citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia want to know The best bedroom shops in Riyadh to visit it and buy their supplies from it; Where Riyadh includes a large number of these stores, and IKEA stores, Maymoon stores, Al Mutlaq stores, in addition to Al-Abd Al-Latif Furniture and Qasr Al-Omar Furniture are among the best of these stores.

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