Hard and soft decoration materials in 2023

The American artist Theaster Gates (1973), whose installation works are distributed in various museums and galleries around the world, says that “it’s not about materials, but about our ability to shape things.” In the “deconstruction” of the saying, it becomes clear that whatever the characteristics of any raw material, the worker must adapt it to the desired purpose and perhaps discover other advantages in it, or even combine it with another. Also about materials, the “great architect” Zaha Hadid says: “I have always appreciated those who dared to experiment in proportions and materials.”

Among the many observers of new materials are decoration designers, who try to see the purpose of each material, to load it with their aesthetic and practical ideas, noting that decoration materials are constantly being developed, in terms of practicality, easy cleaning, and environmental consideration.

Regarding the properties of materials that will remain popular in interior decoration, architect and designer Jamal Zain told “Ma’am” in the new year (2023) that “material manufacturers are finally interested in developing them to meet the many and varied needs of customers,” which summarizes common features in materials today. In addition, hardness and resistance to breakage as a result of technical and technological development, in addition to light weight, high temperature tolerance, as well as attractive texture and dust and water resistance… while in composition and formation room is made for the designer (or consumer) according to different methods, which enrich the world of decoration. The interior design is breathtaking.

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(Photo courtesy of architect and designer Jamal Zain)

Wood is indispensable

(Photo courtesy of architect and designer Jamal Zain)

About solid materials, which will remain common in the next year (2023), Zain says: “Wood is indispensable, the main material in interior decoration, despite talk of its decline. About the architectural space, especially with the availability of various colors of wood veneer, and the possibility to color the material, as desired. He added, “Wood is a widely used material in wall decorations, furniture, cabinets and kitchens.” Zain also talks about plaster, saying, “The material will remain popular in the world of decoration, no matter how many days pass. Ceiling decorations or in the preparation of insulators between rooms or wall frames.

“Stainless steel”, in turn, is one of the solid materials that have been very popular in recent years, and still are, with attractive properties, such as: resistance to rust, and to add an atmosphere of luxury and elegance to the design add. The material, in the color of silver, is used in interior decoration, or gold, with Zain indicating that “antique gold steel is the most beautiful and widespread, whether in wall work, furniture or bathroom accessories.”

(Photo courtesy of architect and designer Jamal Zain)


(Photo courtesy of architect and designer Jamal Zain)

Glass: It is true that the material is commonly used in interior decoration, but the manufacturing techniques related to it do not stop developing. In the new year there is the mirror glass, available in a variety of colors (blue, green, light, beige, sky gray and emerald), and the corrugated glass that creates the insulation between the rooms of the house.

The “polyurethane”: a light material sold in the market according to ready-made shapes or cut to order, and imitating wood and plaster material, and which is used to cover the interior walls, whether in the corridor, the salon, the bedrooms , or the TV wall, at home, or in the Exhibitions and public halls.

Marble substitute: There is much depending on the material in decoration design, finally, especially because the marble substitute is a group of natural and manufactured materials (quartz, sand powder, small marble parts, plastic, cement, acrylic glue, and rosin) ). The above materials are mixed, in certain proportions, with vigorous stirring, and subjected to high steam pressure, to cast the final product into ready-to-use blocks and discs. The marble alternative is characterized by strength, durability, moisture resistance, ease of cleaning and installation, in addition to light weight, low thickness and multiple colors.

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Jamal Zain

The materials that have spread in recent years, and are still common, include “boucle” and suede

“Boucle” for upholstery fabrics

There are several types and colors of the main fabrics used to make furniture, bed linen and carpets… In addition, linen, the material that Zain describes as “chairman of the pyramid of natural fabrics, is widely used, and it are found in furniture and curtains…”, and he adds that “linen will remain popular . Likewise, leather (natural and artificial), as the two types exude luxury, and are suitable for home decorations in cold and warm environments. They are known for their softness, easy cleaning and soft texture, and they achieve comfort in sitting.

As for new fabrics, which have spread in recent years, and are still in circulation, there is “boucle”, a wool characterized by the prominence of its threads and light weight, as well as resistance to wrinkles.

About the popular suede fabric, Zain says that it is “practical, soft and elegant at the same time, easy to clean, multi-colored and long-lasting.”

A couch that converts into a bed that accommodates two people, characterized by its low height, modern appearance, and its “Lazio” fabric, which simulates “boucle” wool. The name of the bank is Indivi 2 van.boconcept.com

Materials that can be combined with each other

A gray chair, made of leather, leaning on a curved base of antique brass. The seat’s name is Jessica, and it’s from the new Arteriors collection. from horchow.com

To deviate from the usual, decorators use in some works to combine more than one material with each other, especially in the framework of the design of walls and pieces of furniture. Jamal Zain supports this trend, believing that “the most harmonious materials are together: wood covered with fabric and “stainless steel.” This combination achieves softness in texture and luxury in appearance, and is particularly suitable for the decoration behind the bedroom. bed. And there is wood combined with “stainless steel”, which expresses a beautiful mixture, especially when used in the board, the living room and the TV wall. Zain lists other materials that can be combined with each other, such as: wood, marble, plaster, mirrors, marble and stainless steel.

A chair with swivel arms, made of natural leather, with legs made of “stainless steel” covered, and a cushion. Chair name Wells from potterybarn.ae

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