Hyundai i20 hatchback 2020 specifications

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regarded as Hyundai i20 The new car is a competitive player in the compact segment, and while it’s not the flashiest or most stylish, it offers generous specs and plenty of well-thought-out technology.

Despite all the hype about SUVs and crossovers being a big part of the market, the Ford Fiesta it is i20 The new car competes with the biggest selling car in the country.

It’s also up against very talented rivals, the Renault Clio, Peugeot 208 and Toyota Yaris, all of which offer more sensual styling and a choice of engines ranging from conventional petrol to all-electric.

She got up Hyundai improve car quality i20 New and well equipped with lots of technology, which makes up for the relatively high purchase price.

running costs Hyundai i20

However, Hyundai has long been portrayed as a “no value” brand i20 Indicates ambitions to move to the top market.

To put this into practice, Hyundai has simplified the lineup and does not offer an underequipped base model on the grounds that buyers seem to prefer more features in their cars these days.

It raises the price of entry to the point where it appears to be i20 Expensive compared to Clio And the Fiesta and 208 and even VW Polo But that means you get better specs, she claims Hyundai The remaining values ​​are significantly improved compared to i20 the former as a result.

It is important to keep monthly costs low, whether through leases, financing or pcp. In terms of daily operating costs, progress i20 The new technology is “soft hybrid”, which is the term used for the more powerful start-stop systems and batteries found in most modern cars.

It saves some fuel and CO2, but running costs are comparable to most rivals and if you’re really looking to cut fuel costs a full hybrid like Yaris or version E-technology new from Clio offers it a more tangible advantage here.

longer each of Vauxhall Corsa And the Peugeot 208 Among those in the class are those that also offer pure electric options, although they cost more to buy outright.

Hyundai reliability i20

Not so long ago, Hyundai’s five-year warranty was a standout feature, and it’s only seven years better than its sister brand, Kia. These days, the rest of the industry has caught up and rivals such as Renault and Toyota now offer the same, which can only be good news for buyers.

As a new model, it’s too early to tell what a record will look like i20 In general, however, the guarantee reflects confidence Hyundai In its products, the brand has a commendable reliability rating.

Hyundai safety i20

Safety technology is important these days, and they are equipped i20 Spacious here, a standard package including forward collision warning and an automatic emergency braking system to step in if it doesn’t detect any danger ahead, front and rear parking sensors, self-centering ‘assist’ to keep you in your lane and a driver’s attention monitor .

There’s plenty to go with, as more expensive versions get upgraded automatic braking with cyclist detection, blind spot monitoring, and a warning to let you know the vehicle ahead has pulled away in traffic jams, even if it begs the question of what you want. have. do if you haven’t. You haven’t noticed it yet.

Hyundai comfort i20

The big wheels are modern and look good, but the 17-inch wheels on the premium spec we drove overuse the engine’s modest power and mean the speed bumps and potholes encountered on urban roads take a nasty beating through the car steering

Which is a shame, because once you increase the speed slightly, it stabilizes i20 And it exhibits impressive comfort and an easy-going nature for such a small car, meaning you’ll happily log big miles in it.

Like all good superminis, it’s fun to drive around and feels nimble and easy to drive. The interior design is more practical than elegant, and many of its rivals offer a more inspiring place to be and a greater sense of fun.

But i20 It stores in a different way and is easy to get into comfortably, with some handy practical features such as slots in the boot that allow you to tuck the luggage rack behind the rear seats if you need a bit more space for long items. carry or stack shopping on top. of prams and the like.

Hyundai features i20

If this starting price sounds intimidating, don’t worry – once you’re in, you’ll be in for a treat i20 You’ll realize you’re getting a payoff in terms of the cluster, the standard digital instrument cluster with a configurable screen offering a nice feature for a super compact car.

Even the base model pairs it with a central 8.0-inch touchscreen for your infotainment needs, allowing you to connect your phone CarPlay or Android Auto To use navigation programs and other features.

We drove the next model in the range, which comes with a system Hyundai Fully integrated with built-in navigation, larger screen and increased functionality.

In terms of graphics and ease of use, it beats competitors such as Yaris It brings “big car” technology to a class supermini though the 208 pulls off a similar trick with plenty of interior design.

Hyundai power i20

A 204-horsepower hot-door version has been mentioned i20N On the road, which promises to give a car Fiesta ST Best in class opportunity for its money.

For now, however, the range is limited to just one petrol engine, a 1.0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder with 100 hp.

Most of the competition has something similar and offers plenty of performance for a car of this size, although the high gears in the manual we drove were unpleasant and seemed more suited to freeway cruising than the kind of carpooling around town.

And since we’d like to try the seven-speed automatic, that should make it respond based on the extra gear.

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