“Souq Waqif for Art”… is admired by the World Cup fans

Away from the hustle and bustle caused by the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar fans in the streets of Souq Waqif since the start of the tournament, a large number of state visitors flock to the Souq Waqif Art Center in search of silence and creativity to contemplate Qatari art and culture and look closely at artworks that reflect precise angles on Qatari society.
Al-Arab watched the large turnout of World Cup guests at the Arts Centre, attracting the attention of passers-by with his artwork displayed in front of its entrance and the quiet sound of music coming from inside, where the former player sits humming old Arabic songs that attract the ears of the visitors who stand before him in a state of rapture.
The Art Center opens its doors from nine in the morning to eleven in the evening, to be an opportunity for visitors to the country to learn about Qatari art and culture and interact directly with them during the implementation of their artworks.
A number of the World Cup guests, in statements to The Arab Weekly, expressed their great admiration for the Arabic style in which the interior of the building was designed and the inscriptions on the walls and ceilings, stressing that the work of art represents the life of Katari par excellence reflect. and is characterized by its wonderful colors and fine details.
Moroccan Yassin Morgan, a Moroccan from the capital, Rabat, said that the Souq Waqif art center is characterized by its artistic and architectural diversity and its bright colors that attract all visitors to the market, stressing that what catches his eye the caught most, the architectural design of the center, which resembles the Moroccan style, such as zellij (wall inscriptions).
Marjan, who arrived in Doha last Saturday with his friend Sufyan, added that the center will highlight culture and art in the Arab countries before the World Cup guests, helping to show the artistic identity to the West, and that we able to create creative works comparable to Western plastic art.
He continued and said: “Also the paintings of football stars at the moment at the center’s entrance caught my attention, especially because they were painted with high precision and their characteristic colors.” ».

Accuracy of detail
While the American Marnie James expressed her great admiration for the interior design of the Souq Waqif Center for Art and the identification of the inscriptions on the ceilings that reflect ancient Arab art.
Marni, who was accompanied by her husband, said that it was wonderful to see how some artists paint their paintings directly, and that she praised the artist for her work and the accuracy of the details in it, emphasizing her happiness when she entered the center to get. intimately familiar with the fine works that reflect the Qatari culture.
Briton Robinson Hamann, for his part, confirmed that the atmosphere inside the center is wonderful and amazing, adding that “from the moment you enter the center’s doors, the street noise ends and you listen to Arabic music while enjoying looking at the wonderful looking at colored paintings and carved works. “

artistic diversity
Robinson, who arrived in Doha with his family two days ago, described the place as “different from other places I’ve visited,” adding that the style designed with doors, walls, columns, ceilings and colorful chandeliers reflecting the beauty of various Arab arts. in one place.
He emphasized that his wife was attracted to the precision and focus of the Arabic calligrapher while working on one of the paintings, indicating that his wife is very fond of Arabic art and the Arabic language due to her Syrian origins.
The Mexican Emilo Menchu ​​​​expressed his happiness in visiting the Souq Waqif Art Center, which prompted him to tour its amazing architectural design, in addition to the live art workshop, during which he saw how artists draw their paintings.
“I love to acquire paintings as a souvenir of my travels, especially since it is during the World Cup, and I am keen to buy things related to the heritage of the country I travel to,” says Emilo – who is accompanied by his family – notes that what is interesting is the collection of sports with art through drawings of football stars and a mug the scientist.

“Doha Art”
The Art Center is currently hosting an art exhibition titled “Doha Art”, which serves as a welcome to visitors to Qatar during Doha’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Finals. And the new World Cup stadiums, which are integrated with the traditional Qatari dress, in addition to portraits of players from countries participating in the World Cup.
In their works, the artists evoked the Qatari environment of land, sea, urbanization and intangible heritage and presented it to visitors in paintings with colors that please the viewers.
The Souq Waqif Art Center is one of the most important cultural outlets in the country dealing with the plastic arts sector in terms of organizing exhibitions, holding workshops and training courses, and providing the opportunity for talented, creative and young artists to hold workshops attend and courses and participate in the organization of exhibitions that the center organizes on a regular basis.
The center includes a number of art galleries to exhibit works and paintings, in addition to art workshop sections, which include calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, painting on glass, children and handicrafts.

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