The cause of death of Muhammad Al-Amin

Sunday 18/December/2022 – 15:42

Businessman Mohamed El-Amin died in the Al-Salam International Hospital for treatment of lung cancer, which he contracted. The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Mohamed El-Amin to 3 years in prison in a case accusing him of human trafficking, harassment of girls accused and indecent assault, during their stay in his orphanage in the Beni Suef governorate.

The death of Muhammad Al-Amin

The cause of death of Muhammad Al-Amin

The cause of Muhammad Al-Amin’s death at the Al-Salam International Hospital was stage four lung cancer, which the deceased was suffering from, and he was subsequently transferred from Tora Prison to the hospital to receive treatment after cancer spread to the legs and the body of the late Muhammad Al-Amin, and it was found from the medical reports that Muhammad Al-Amin was in the last stages of the disease, his family then demanded that he be presented to a medical committee for a healthy to obtain release due to Cancer.

Muhammad Al-Amin and his family

Muhammad Al-Amin’s illness

Muhammad Al-Amin’s disease is the spread of cancer cells in the lung and his body, which necessitated the transfer of the deceased from prison to the hospital to receive treatment. Lung cancer, from which Muhammad Al-Amin died, is a major cause of death and the second most diagnosed type of cancer in men and women One of the causes of lung cancer is cigarette smoking, which It is considered the first factor for its infection, and lung cancer occurs as a result of smoking, inhalation of second-hand smoke , exposure to substances such as asbestos or radon at home or work, or with a family history.

What is the lung cancer that Muhammad al-Amin suffered?

Lung cancer Lung cancer is usually grouped into two main types called small cell and non-small cell, and the symptoms of lung cancer vary in different people as most people with lung cancer do not experience symptoms until the cancer is advanced.
People with non-small cell lung cancer can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or targeted therapy.

Muhammad Al-Amin and his daughter

Who is Muhammad Al-Amin?

Who is Mohamed El-Amin, the Egyptian businessman who died in Al-Salam International Hospital and who was found guilty in the case of human trafficking and defilement of underage girls?

  • Born in the governorate of Beni Suef, in the village of Sheikh Haroun
  • Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
  • Traveled to work for a contracting company in Kuwait
  • Owner of a contracting company specializing in the manufacture of sanitary wares in Kuwait
    – He made a fortune after which he returned to Egypt
  • Mohamed Al-Amin founded Amer Group Company and worked in agricultural production
  • He founded CBC satellite channels in 2011
  • Contributed to the establishment of Al-Watan newspaper and some private newspapers
  • He was accused of molesting underage girls in an orphanage he owned in Beni Suef
  • The Public Prosecution decided to detain Muhammad Al-Amin pending investigations
  • The Public Prosecution charged him with human trafficking, assaulting some girls, forcing them to practice immorality, and indecent assault.
  • Muhammad al-Amin was referred to the Criminal Court for trial
  • The court sentenced Al-Amin to 3 years rigorous imprisonment on charges of sexual exploitation of girls and indecent assault.
Muhammad Al-Amin’s wife

Who is the wife of Muhammad Al-Amin?

Many people are looking for who is the wife of Muhammad al-Amin, the businessman who died in the hospital, but in fact no information about her was available except that her name is Sana al-Amin, because she is far from the media off. . However, she was keen to appear in some photos with her late husband, Muhammad al-Amin, and her children during family events, and published photos of her with her family after her husband was captured.

Muhammad al-Amin charge

The charge against Muhammad al-Amin, for which the court sentenced him to 3 years in prison, is human trafficking, sexual exploitation of girls, and indecent assault at his orphanage in his hometown of Beni Suef, and it was found that 7 girls were molested and harassed .

Judgment on Muhammad Al-Amin

On 23 May 2022, the Criminal Court of Cairo sentenced Mohamed El-Amin to 3 years in prison and a fine of 200,000 pounds on charges of human trafficking. After a period of sentencing, his defense requested that he be transferred to hospital to receive treatment after suffering from cancer.

The case of Muhammad al-Amin

The case of Muhammad al-Amin began with a communication from the National Authority for Motherhood and Childhood on December 10, 2021, after a page on Facebook published a post alleging that the businessman violently assaulted girls inside his orphanage has, and the communication is completed. with and investigated by the Public Prosecution, which led to This led to a request for investigations into the incident to determine the extent of its validity, and subsequently the prosecutor requested to summon the girls and take their statements heard, and Muhammad Al-Amin was summoned to confront him with the girls’ statements, and after his denial, the Public Prosecution requested investigations into the incident, which were in the interest of the girls and to prove that Muhammad Al- Amin sexually exploited the girls and was attributed to him. charge of human trafficking.

Investigations by Muhammad Al-Amin

The deceased businessman, Muhammad Al-Amin, denied in the investigations all the accusations attributed to him by the Public Prosecution Office, which came from some of the girls from the orphanage he owned in Beni Suef. , and there are no problems with any girl and that he organized a trip for girls to the North Coast region, and Al-Amin denied what was raised in the investigations about the exploitation of girls in the absence of supervisors and an attempt to sexually assaulting her, and that he did not enter. any girls bedrooms.

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