Do you know the lesser known uses of oil and gas, the most prominent of which are perfumes and health products

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  • • More than 6 thousand daily products depend on oil or natural gas
  • • The demand for natural gas will reach around 4,070 trillion cubic meters this year
  • • It would be impossible to live today without products made from oil or gas
  • • Oil and gas contributed to the production of hand sanitizers, masks, scrubs and rubber gloves

Although the uses of oil and gas are associated in many people’s minds with fuel for transportation, engines, heavy machinery, heating and electricity generation, they are involved in the production of various raw materials for a wide range of everyday commodities.

Oil and natural gas contain complex mixtures of chemicals, as oil refineries and gas processing plants extract organic compounds, producing the best types of fuel for transportation, heating and electricity generation, including: gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, heating oil and methane.

Other chemicals derived from oil and gas processing are called petrochemicals and are used to make thousands of non-fuel products, according to information monitored by the specialized energy platform.

Diversity of uses of oil and gas

While it’s no secret that consumers rely heavily on oil and gas in their daily lives, most people think of the uses of oil and gas as commodities used for transportation, heating, and electricity generation.

Oil and gas have numerous other applications, of which many may not be aware.

Average global oil consumption is expected to reach 99.5 million barrels per day in 2022, and demand for natural gas will reach around 4.070 trillion cubic meters, according to research company Brunel.

Those who are not familiar with these quantities can see that they are large in relation to oil and gas, because natural gas is mainly used for heating, electricity generation and industrial use, while the transport sector consumes most of the oil, which is more than ‘ a third of global demand.

For this reason, some of them wonder about the way oil and gas are used.

Analysts believe that it would be impossible to live in our modern world without using products made from oil or gas, as it is estimated that more than 6 thousand daily products depend on oil or natural gas.

Unconventional uses of oil and gas

Complementary supplies: Oil and gas is involved in the production of a wide range of complementary supplies including: handbags, sunglasses, phone cases, jewelry and car seats.

Strollers and even pacifiers, crayons, balloons and dolls are made from petroleum components.

Health and Beauty Products: Many personal care products are derived from petroleum, including perfume, hair dye, and cosmetics including: lipstick, makeup, eye shadow, eyeliner, hand cream, and toothpaste.

Oil and gas uses
Oil and gas are involved in the cosmetics industry

Among the uses of oil and gas – also – soap, shaving cream, deodorant, combs, shampoo, glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, according to ExxonMobil Asia ( website.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, oil and gas were used in the production of hand sanitizers, masks, scrubs and latex gloves, according to research firm Brunel.

Petrochemicals are used in pharmaceutical products, which include hospital equipment, intravenous bags, aspirin, antihistamines, prostheses, dentures, hearing aids, heart valves and many more.

Lightweight plastic resins give prostheses more flexibility and movement, and limbs can even be 3D printed to fit their owners, helping people move independently.

Sports equipment: Most sports equipment such as balls, goal frames, protective materials, helmets, skates, tennis rackets and roller skates are made of plastic and petroleum-based polymers.

Oil and gas uses
Basketball made from petroleum derivatives and plastic

Building Materials: The production of many building materials and protective materials depends on oil and gas, such as hard hats, roofing panels, paint, safety glasses, asphalt, waterproofing and pipes, according to a report seen by the specialized energy platform.

The ancient Egyptians used bitumen, also known as asphalt, to embalm mummies. Today, bitumen works to bridge cracks on paved roads.

Technical and industrial uses of oil and gas

electronic devices: Computers, cell phones, headphones, tablets, televisions and digital cameras all contain petroleum-based ingredients.

Because of their insulating and heat-resistant properties, plastics and other petroleum derivatives are used in electronic components such as speakers, cameras and televisions, according to the Canadian Oil and Gas Exploration Industry website (

Interior Design Essentials: of petroleum-based products, such as kitchen counter tops, carpets, cushions, lampshades and candles.

kitchen tools: Non-stick pans, containers, straws, bottles and measuring cups include petroleum-based utensils.

the shoes: It is likely that parts of the shoes were made of oil, including the foam sole and the glue that binds the sneakers.

Oil and gas uses
Shoes made of polyurethane

Furthermore, many “leather” shoes today are not actually made of leather, but rather of polyurethane, a synthetic leather derived from petroleum derivatives.

wind turbines: Wind turbines cannot work well without lubricants derived from petroleum.

Oil and gas uses
Oil is an essential material for the operation of wind turbines

Not only is lubrication necessary for the operation of wind turbine motor gearboxes, the blades themselves are made of hardened epoxy and petroleum-based adhesives to secure them.

Laminated car glass: In collision with an object, the car’s windshield is more likely to remain intact when broken, and this performance is supported by a thin layer of plastic made from petroleum derivatives to keep occupants safe.

Solar panels: One of the most prominent uses of oil and gas, and the strangest of them, is the use of photovoltaic solar panels, which convert sunlight into electricity, on plastic polymers made from petroleum to insulate the panels from moisture and their ability to generate electricity sure effective.

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