Joke | Save your children from electronic devices and cell phones. Some tips to avoid children from the virtual world

He often throws parents the pupils The blame is on the teachers and they blame them for the low academic level of their children, but can the parents stand with themselves to hold them accountable, examine and review their behavior with their children, and can they do the way on which they are raised and treated reconsidered?

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Children’s educational institutions

The scene repeated daily in our educational institutions, children entering school very tired to stay up late, distracted concentration Attention and extreme sleepiness will make their eyes heavier.

Some of them sleep during class and don’t focus with the professor because they stay up late in front of the TV or play on the phone until late at night.

Teenagers with smartphones at hand and private TV in their rooms; They look at all that is good and bad, and see things that are not appropriate for their age. Some of them are addicted to electronic games, and some of them have fallen into the trap of pornography. How can one whose mind is filled with indecent scenes strive to seek knowledge?

How can we expect someone whose heart is attached to lusts and distractions to be a successful and capable person in the future, while teenage girls have romantic relationships with werewolves and are subjected to exploitation, blackmail and threats?

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Strict action must be taken with children

The case went beyond that they started using phones secretly from the teachers inside the department and during the lesson, and if the teacher warned someone and wanted to take it from him, he started a fight with his teacher, and the student enacted actions. and words far from morality and education.

In addition, if you call the guardian and warn him over the phone, a small percentage of them will respond to the teacher’s advice and take strict measures with their children.

They prevent them phonesThey give it to them once a week and take it away from them for the rest of the days. As for the rest of the guardians, it seems to you that some of them heard what I said. But later you will be surprised that the phone is still with his son, and his son is still doing it.

And among them are those who, if you warn him, accuse you of hating his son and of being jealous of him because their children lied to them, and tell them that the teacher hates him, and that leaves a question mark

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The professor is the most careful person next to the parents

How can a teacher be jealous of his student or hate him knowing that the person who wants the student’s interest the most after the parents is the teacher and the person who loves them the most.

He is very happy to see his students succeed in society. Gentlemen, I am much surprised at your conduct, although the majority of fathers and mothers are well bred and educated, yet you have been very indulgent in these matters which destroy the lives of your little ones, and you know their harm and dangers.

How do you hold your children hostage to it under the pretext of pampering them and under the pretext that you do not want to deprive him, and so that he does not feel inferior to his colleagues, while you deprive them of life and real achievements, and look at this damage and serious consequences for children and adolescents, according to specialists, the negative damage is represented in the following:

Negative harm to children and adolescents

1. The slow social and emotional development of the child, and the decline in the social skills of the adolescent.

2. Excessive use of smart devices in early childhood can cause a child’s speech delay.

3. The use of a smartphone in the evening and night periods causes sleep disorders such as insomnia, lack of sleep, poor quality of sleep, etc. They are 71% more likely than others to be affected by any of the factors that motivate suicide, such as depression and suicidal thoughts.

Virtual world for teenagers

And in 2017, compared to teenagers in the seventies, eighties and nineties, they are taking longer to enter the adult world.

Either in terms of fun or responsibility, and one of the reasons is that they are immersed in their virtual world and are engaged in various activities on the Internet (online) using their smartphones, such as games, social networks, WhatsApp, and others .

61% of students say that smartphones have a negative impact on their academic performance.

Oh parents, you must know that these devices steal the lives and talents of your children, destroy their future, destroy their present and pollute their minds. And you have to realize that what you teach your children, what teachers teach students, and what you build in years, these devices destroy in moments.

Campaigns to educate children

Rather, you should have engaged your children in a sport that strengthens their bodies, encouraged them to read and read books to enlighten their minds, and be eager to discover and cultivate their talents on the ground, and to acquire knowledge for seeking the future and present of their nation, instead of providing them with equipment that robs them of time and the flower of life.

I also ask the Ministry and all those responsible for the sector and all associations of parents of students to carry out awareness campaigns in order to educate children and adolescents about the dangers of addiction to these devices, in order to preserve the children of Algeria what the men and women of the future.

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