Genesis unveils the future X-Speedium Coupe

Genesis revealed the interior design of the Genesis X-Speedium Coupe on August 21 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, confirming its continued development of the design concept of the “Grand Tourer” class that combines power and interiority.

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is a premier automotive event held every August at the Pebble Beach Golf Course on the Monterey Peninsula in California. ».

Genesis first showed the X-Speedium Coupe in April at the “House New York” showroom, where the exterior design was shown, and the interior design was developed over the past five months by the Genesis Design Group .

In this regard, Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donkrolk said: “We designed the X-Speedium Coupe as a model to study how to develop our approach to interior design, and we decided to present the new model in all its details. reveal, as we trusted in building this model to embody the identity of sporty elegance that characterizes it. Market”.

He continued: “We saw positive reactions when the model was launched in its external form only, which encouraged us to work on completing the design and present it at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance exhibition , so that the interior design the philosophy of the beauty of white space to achieve maximum comfort and luxury for passengers. The new car has kept pace with luxury models in the automotive world”.

Outside of design

The exterior design of the model represents the design identity inherent to Genesis, and what sets the X-Speedium Coupe apart is its sophisticated and more attractive exterior design with lamps that span the entire width of the car, enhancing the beauty of the “Crest Grille” highlighted. ” front grill, and embodies the brand’s signature look for the era of electric cars, highlighting Genesis transformations into an all-electric vehicle brand.

The body structure of the car takes the shape of an hourglass when viewed from above. Which emphasizes the wheel arches and represents the strong presence and distinctive performance of the brand. The main line that highlights the model’s personality, called the parabolic line, is curved along the sides.

Genesis worked to enhance the sporty feel of the new car by designing a unique anti-wedge curve to appear in an integrated and homogeneous image, with a streamlined appearance that exudes simple elegance.

The rear tail of the car also unites with the V-shaped brake lights within a circular object to create a clear and striking contrast, as if it were an engineering painting drawn with extreme precision.

The Genesis X-Speedium Coupe is named after the famous Inje-Speedium track in Korea, embodying the passion of Genesis designers for motorsport. The Emerald Green metallic color of the featured car was chosen, inspired by the race track in Korea, and the mountainous landscape surrounding the track.

Provides comfort to the driver

The interior design of the Genesis X-Speedium Coupe continues the classic Korean beauty concept known as “white space beauty”, which is inspired by Korean architecture.

It closely aligns with the minimalist design principle, which is expressed by a clean, simple style characterized by strong design elements.

The model is characterized by its asymmetrical design that meets all the needs of the driver to provide an unparalleled driving experience, in continuation of the brand’s most advanced design strategy, as all control systems and displays surround the driver.

The instrument panel and floating center console wrap around the driver’s cabin, giving a distinctive driving experience inspired by the new era of electric cars.

Genesis offers a range of contrasting colors that lend a striking beauty to the interior, and in an innovative way that differentiates the driver’s area from the passenger compartment.

Manufacturing experience and craftsmanship

The cargo area of ​​the Genesis X-Speedium Coupe features X-bars that provide ample space for storage and loading. These details are inspired by the G-Matrix model, which underlines the dynamics of the coupé experience. This design feature is derived from the Genesis Mint concept.

Genesis has designed a model rich in details that emphasize its luxury and luxury, starting with the quilted natural leather that covers the seats and the edges of the doors, which are made of high-quality materials, giving the impression of a classic sports car , and ends with the steering wheel, which is covered in leather extracted from recycled car seat material and woven in a precise and innovative way.

Two types of leather have been adopted, the interior consisting of vegetable tanned leather and the new breathable innovative top grain leather. Vegetable tanned leather is treated with plant-derived materials such as citrus and mimosa, and is processed without chromium.

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