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The UAE is currently one of the most important Arab countries, which owns a large group of public and private universities that includes many university disciplines and contributes significantly to the application of all quality standards of higher education:

  • Emirati universities are distinguished by studying all university heads and all departments that fall below, including the study of interior design, decorating engineering, and everything related to artistic taste and modern urban heritage in construction and architecture.
  • Universities in the UAE include the best academic professors in the field of interior design and interior design that achieved postgraduate studies of the most important international universities in this field and have good taste and good ability to convey experience and knowledge to students.
  • Most of the UAE universities occupy leading rankings at the local level among the best Arab universities and a global ranking among the best international universities in various university disciplines, especially the study of civil engineering, architecture, interior design and interior design.
  • Great interest in the ongoing development of courses and curricula to keep up with the latest science in this field, in addition to the presence of many employment and training offices that contribute to linking academic studies with practical training to graduate to a strong new generation that are able to enter the labor market in a strong and fast manner.
  • Local and international recognition of the university degree when studying interior design in the UAE, and it proves the strength of the university degree and opens many prospects and jobs for students.

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The best universities to study interior design in the UAE

Interior engineering is one of the important university majors that are distributed in several UAE universities, and among these universities are the following:

Studying Interior Design at UAE University

  • One of the most important universities for the study of interior design in the Emirates, and this university has a highly qualified academic staff to convey experience and knowledge to students.
  • The university certainly includes many other majors related to architecture, civil engineering and interior designs.

Ajman University

  • Ajman University is one of the prominent universities for the study of interior design in the UAE. The university includes the best distinguished academic staff in the field of interior design and unique urban style.
  • Students after high school can enroll in the university and choose the appropriate major for them to learn everything related to decoration and modern interior designs for all facilities, institutions and housing units.

American University in Dubai

  • The American University in Emirate Dubai is one of the very prominent private universities for studying interior design in Dubai, and it is one of the branches of the American University in the United Kingdom.
  • The student must master the English language after fully agreed to join the university and choose the appropriate university specialization in engineering fields such as interior design and interior design.

Al Sharekah University

  • The University of Sharjah is one of the famous universities in the United Arab Emirates that receives a very large number of local and international students from various countries of the Arab world every year.
  • It is very interested in various university heads such as medical majors, engineering and the College of Islamic studies, Sharia, Law and Literature Studies.
  • Recently, the university is interested in specializing in interior design, interior design and everything related to this matter.

Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University is one of the best universities in the United Arab Emirates to study Interior Design and Interior Design, and the university gives its students a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design.

This major is presented in the Abu Dhabi branch and Al Ain branch, and this major is offered for a period of 4 years, with a total of 132 credit hours.

Departments of Interior Design in the UAE

Decorating engineering includes a large number of departments and areas that fall below, and most important of these areas are the following:

  • Interior design, which relates to all the small and large details within enterprises, institutions, residential units, villas and palaces, and requires a good taste and periodic follow-up of the latest design and fashion in architecture and construction.
  • Architecture is one of the very important directions that attracts many aspiring students in architectural design and construction in the latest style. This department needs an artistic sense through which the architect specializes in decoration style, originality and modern development.
  • Modern fashion design is one of the disciplines and departments under which interior design falls to include everything associated with clothing, and that includes many areas, whether underwear or outerwear, as well as dresses, men’s suits, and so on.
  • Learn all the arts and tasks related to graphic design, which is one of the modern fields that requires a very large number of workers at the local and international level to benefit from it in the arts of electronic marketing and media.

How many years to study interior design?

In the Arab countries, the number of years of studying interior design is 4 years, but in the case of studying in another country, especially non-English speaking countries, the student may have to study an additional preparatory year.

Is the specialty in interior design in the UAE needed?

Yes, the main subject inner design is one of the most sought-after majors in the United Arab Emirates and in the Arab Golf Countries in general.

How much are interior design salaries in UAE?

The salary of an interior designer in the UAE varies depending on various orders, including the number of years of practical experience, the institution in which the student works, and the university degree that the student obtained, but in general, the salary of a Interior designer in the United Arab Emirates is usually no less than 9,000 AED per month. .


Requirements of the Faculty of Engineering, UAE University

Bachelor’s scientiae in indoor design

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