Misk Art Week.. Remarkable artistic performances inspired by memory and nostalgia

For six days, the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Art Gallery in Riyadh witnessed the “Misk Art Week”, in its sixth edition, the main annual event of the Misk Art Institute of the Mohammed bin Salman “Misk” Foundation, which is a rich program included. , a variety of artistic performances, and a creative forum. , specialized courses, workshops, an art and design market, and music and performance segments. “My Lady” attended the event, met a number of participants and asked them about their experience in the “Misk Art Week”.

Riyadh | Research and Photography | Sara Mohamad and Yara Taher

On the concept of nostalgia and how it permeates the folds of art and design, the events and activities of Misk Week took place, where twelve Saudi and international artists participated through the lens of emerging technologies in an exhibition entitled “Nostalgic Talks. ” The Creative Forum brought together art specialists from various creative backgrounds, and 80 participated. Artist and designer in the art and design market. The Mirage exhibition featured the work of six exceptional artists, recipients of the third edition of the Misk Art Grant.

Majlis mat

Noura Alserkal

During ‘My Lady’ tour of the exhibition, Noura Al Serkal, an Emirati plastic artist, expressed her pride in participating in the exhibition for the first time, and spoke about her work by saying: “I participate to an innovative carpet, which the carpet in my council in the city of Sharjah, UAE, and I also focus on the fragrances that go into it, especially cardamom and saffron. She added: “I am very happy with the high demand for looking at the carpet, and this great interest in art in Saudi Arabia.”

Heritage ideas

Designs by Noura bin Saeed

Noura bin Saeed revealed that she was inspired by the idea of ​​her brand from the Saudi heritage, and she presented a special work for the exhibition, which is a black bag decorated with the headband of King Faisal, in addition to bags intended for laptops, suitable for both sexes, one of which is inspired by the Saudi bisht, and it consists of three colors, while the idea of ​​a second bag is inspired by the daqla.

Bird carved

The artist, Yathrib Al-Shami, explained that she came to the exhibition in particular to attend a sculpting course and to express her happiness with her first experience in sculpting, saying about her: “In my participation I embody a bird with distinctive artistic details, and I usually use all colors in my work, especially ink and lead.”

Focus on meaning

Al-Osaimi Floral Designs

Zahra Al-Osaimi: We had a good opportunity to display our creations in this exhibition

Zahra Al-Osaimi, of the “Zio Zen” brand, which specializes in fashion accessories such as bracelets, belts and other accessories, said that in the brand they focus on producing pieces with written or drawn meaning, especially poetic phrases and widespread Arabic words, such as dreams, hope and beauty.

About her participation, she said: “We had a good opportunity to display our creations in this exhibition, and we also met a number of famous artists from Saudi Arabia and the world, and this matter benefited us a lot. “

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relationship with nature

Moza Al Matroushi

Moza Al Matroushi, an Emirati artist, expressed her happiness for being in Riyadh and attending the exhibition, and also touched on her work in it by saying, “My participation in the exhibition along with a number of artists contributes a lot to me, and I thank (Misk) for the opportunity to present my work, which bears the name of determination, in This art event embodies the disappearance of nature’s content It includes three parts The first is pottery The second are plants planted in a basin, including plants that grow in the mountains and others in the desert, and are used for treatment and eating. The third is a live performance that allows visitors and interested parties to imagine the idea of ​​ritual. Golf in the determination, and our relationship with nature ». She added: “What we offer is different every day from the previous one. As for the last show, we will open it as a festival.”

Sculptures and paintings

Zain Amer Munjouna

As for the engineer, Zain Amer Mnujouna, who specializes in interior design, she explained that she follows a free and private art that varies between cubism and surrealism, creating handmade clay sculptures. In it, she said for the first time: “In my hand sculpture I make sure that I present a meaningful message and that everyone who sees it remembers an important stage that they went through.”

Regarding the nature of her work at the event, she said: “I participate in different paintings, one of which talks about social falsehood and hypocrisy spread among people, and how a person appears with two faces, while the background is the represents society, or the place in which it is located, and it is a shadow of people in the form of Arabic letters to express their conversations, while in another painting I see the reflection of a person’s image in the mirror transfer, for which he always saw himself in a colored. place, with different dimensions, and open doors, representing his goal in life, or something he strives for, but he is betrayed, fails to achieve his goal, and his reflection In the mirror is an expression of his condition.

Zain Amer Munjouna’s painting

Pottery items

The artist, Asmaa Al-Shammari, participates in the exhibition with a pottery work, and she said about her beginnings in the field: “I discovered my artistic talent during the Corona crisis, that is, three years ago. What made me think of setting up courses to teach those interested in this art. Al-Shammari advised anyone thinking of working with pottery to go ahead with it, “because continuing to work, regardless of the circumstances, is the basis for success, in addition to paying attention to training so that it offers excellent jobs.”

Saudi art support

Sarah Al-Ajmi, from Falaklaan, is interested in supporting Saudi art and enriching local content by collaborating with many creative artists, which she confirmed to “Madam”, revealing that the idea came to her during quarantine has due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, indicating that this period despite It is difficult, but it has contributed to the emergence of many creative people, who discovered their talents after returning to themselves.

About her work in the exhibition, Al-Ajmi said: “I participate with a number of female artists in making unique bags, in which we embody the 12 constellations in a different way through drawings that express them. And figures that a variety of phrases.

by drawing coal

Heba Abd al-Rahman, a realistic charcoal portrait painter, indicated that “charcoal drawings require patience and require great effort. However, I advise everyone to practice it, as it is a beautiful and interesting art, and it ends with realistic paintings. ” She said: “It stands out from my works, in which I participate in The exhibition, paintings that I drew with white charcoal on black paper, and others with black charcoal on white paper, and which attracted the most visitors among them , was a painting of Prince Muhammad bin Salman, which took me 180 hours of work, and two paintings of horses, which I worked on for 100 hours.

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Islamic art

Muhammad Al-Zahrani, a graphic artist, spoke to us about his work and explained that he transfers Islamic art in lines and inscriptions from the traditional school to graphics. He said: “In my work I choose colors from the eighties and nineties, and I focus on the ancient character, and I write Quranic verses that touch man and lift his spirits, with the painting decorated with unusual floral motifs. He added: “During my participation in the exhibition, I met many people, and I will try to benefit from them in the future.” And about the paintings that attracted the most visitors to his corner, he mentioned: “In the work of verse: And remember your Lord when you forget With a full space on all sides of the painting, and I used blue, yellow and orange colors on a dark blue background, and I used for two worked on it for weeks with a similar frame from top and bottom.

Ink drawing

Muhannad Bukhari

Muhannad Bukhari, who draws with ink, pointed out that he started his career in 2016, choosing the school of modern art “Art Nouveau”, which is an architectural art that started in Europe and quickly spread around the world has, and is based on the integration of plants, decorations and natural forms. About his participation in the exhibition, he said: “In my painting I tried to highlight our identity through Islamic historical forms, and other Andalusian and Umayyad forms, with the use of Arabic letters.” This indicates that one painting takes him about two weeks.

An ink painting from the School of Modern Art by Muhannad Bahari

Saudi identity

Faisal Al-Khaled

Artist Faisal Al-Khalid: My colors are inspired by the heritage of my beloved country

Faisal Al-Khaled, an abstract artist, embodies the Saudi identity in his art, and he took this approach in his desire to talk about his homeland and highlight his heritage in an abstract way. In the north, in addition to the Najd Triangles and the cities of the historical region, such as Diriyah, which witnessed the beginning of the state 300 years ago.

And about his paintings that caught the public’s attention, he mentioned: “Visitors are very popular with the paintings I created of the color of the Asiri cat, in which I convey the life of women in Asir in the past, and the stages The transmission of our heritage to future generations, and there is a third painting, in which I highlighted the culture of the Saudi community in costumes, and it shows a man and a woman carrying Saudi coffee, and it has the arts of Al- Qat Al-Asiri and Al-Sadu.

Artistic inspiration

Abdulaziz Al-Qusaibi praised the exhibition and revealed that it belongs to an art studio, and has great experience in fashion, as well as designing printed and handmade carpets with an embroidery device of my life, reminding me of my childhood.” He added: “From my artistic inspiration I form my drawings.”

leather products

Bags by the painter Hamad Al-Kharji

Hamad Al-Kharji also praised the exhibition and talked about his paintings that he presents on leather products and said: “I paint on various types of leather, such as bags and wallets, and thank God, I find a good turnout for them, especially during my participation in the Miskunsweek, as I receive many requests.” He added, “I adopt my colors from the ‘Anglose’ brand because they last longer than others, and I am very happy with my participation in the event.”

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