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Beirut – With the approaching bright summer, many people want to renew their homes with a modern, lively interior design that has a lot of positive energy and vitality, and is in line with fashion in its colors, furniture and materials.

That’s why Al-Jazeera Net met the Lebanese interior designer Nesma Al-Shaar, who has been passionate about this profession since her early childhood, to – now – turn each design into an integrated story as if it were a real painting, and she could placing her own feminine aesthetic imprint in all her designs with precision and high professionalism.

Nesma Al-Shaar: Changes to home decoration give a sense of psychological comfort and inner happiness (Al-Jazeera)

The importance of changing the decor in summer

Nesma Al Shaar indicates that it is necessary to think about change in terms of interior design in the summer. Just as clothes and accessories are renewed, changes must be made to the home decor to feel psychological comfort and inner happiness, but in order to implement the best summer decor in the house, it should adopt some basic rules that help a lot in obtaining beautiful summer decorations:

Green garden inside the house

The best summer decor to feel refreshed inside the house as if you are sitting in a green garden is to add plants in the corner, which play a key role in increasing the brightness of the house and are compatible with each other. Natural plants give a feeling of purity and peace.

1 Larissa Maasrani - The best summer decor is the feeling of freshness inside the house, as if you are sitting in a green garden - (Jazeera Net).
Decorating the house with plants gives a feeling of freshness inside the house, as if you are sitting in a green garden (the island).

Thoughtful accessories

You should not ignore accessories while knowing how to use them in a thoughtful way with the furniture in the house, whether in cushions or antiques, with a focus on distinctive lighting that relaxes the eyes. It is necessary to give up all the extra pieces and not exaggerate their number in order to feel psychological comfort.

And because lighting takes up a lot of space to change the atmosphere inside the house, soft lighting relaxes the nerves and removes anxiety and tension. It is possible to allocate a place for solitude or a corner for relaxation consisting of a comfortable sofa with a modern and attractive character in cheerful summer colors.

2 Don't ignore the accessories and know how to use them in a thoughtful way with the existing furniture, be it in cushions or antiques - (Jazeera Net).  (1)
Bright lighting relaxes the nerves and relieves anxiety and tension (Al Jazeera)

Replace the curtains

To add a touch of freshness throughout the house, velvet curtains can be replaced with light chiffon, tulle or voile curtains, which let light in and increase lighting in the house, without changing the picturesque pastel colors instead of the dark in winter to forget

The color of the walls

Change the color of the walls if possible, and some walls can be painted in bright colors, or keep the color of the walls light with the addition of an artistic painting in summer colors.

As for the bedrooms, the year 2022 shows a trend towards freshness and refreshment in the summer and a practical and simple style, with neutral colors tending towards beige, and a variety of hidden lighting.

The swing is one of the most important details of the outdoor session as a modern summer decoration that carries the lines of the 2022 fashion (Al Jazeera)

The swing is the most important detail of the outdoor session

Summer outdoor sessions and fun evenings with family and friends are very necessary, therefore it must be taken care of in the first place, whether it is in the garden of the house or on the balcony, by a simple aesthetic to the planters or trees , or the swing with vibrant colors that can be well coordinated with the seats and the rug Small cushions.

The swing is one of the most important details and pieces of furniture that help to enjoy time, especially for children, as it relieves stress and contributes to complete relaxation in the outdoors, says decorator Al Shaara.

14 Light curtains made of chiffon, tulle or voile to let in light and increase the lighting in the house
In the summer, it is preferable to place light curtains of chiffon, tulle or voile to increase the lighting in the house (Al-Jazeera)

What’s new in summer 2022 in interior decoration?

Nesma Al-Shaar in her interview with Al-Jazeera Net gives the preferences in the “trends” for the year 2022 in the matter of interior decoration during the summer season, whose knowledge helps you to make elegant and modern changes, including:

Blue is always in fashion

Some of the most popular colors for this summer are: red, yellow and blue, which never go out of fashion in summer and are always used throughout the home, as they are very welcome in furniture and upholstery.

As for pastel colors, they are strongly present in wall paint, giving freshness and vitality to the place.

Larissa Maasrani - The best summer decor is the feeling of freshness inside the house, as if you are sitting in a green garden - (Jazeera Net).
Nismat Al-Shaar: Accessories should not be ignored and used with furniture in a deliberate way (Al-Jazeera)

Metallic is coming back strong in the summer of 2022

Metal decoration (metal furniture) returns again in the world of decoration, from furniture to room accessories, whether in sofas or tables. The “bronze” and “copper” are strongly present in furniture, accessories, lighting, lamps and vases.

Bohemian chic is in fashion

The (unusual) bohemian character is desirable for many women to break the restrictions and free themselves from traditional things, introducing many handmade and hand-made elements that have a lot of innovation and simplicity. logo.

She concludes her speech to Al-Jazeera Net by saying that she translates all her customers’ ideas with aesthetics and taste into tangible reality and weaves it as if it were an interconnected story that cares for all its aspects to create a harmonious series to be between furniture, accessories, spaces, ceilings, walls, lighting and other details of the house.

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