The 10 craziest Christmas gifts from luxury car brands

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With Christmas approaching, you may still be looking for the perfect gift for a car owner While most car brands sell apparel and accessories, some luxury car brands offer items in their holiday catalogs that are a little weird, a little shocking, and in many cases extravagant in an exaggerated manner.

We’ve researched Christmas gift guides for 10 luxury car brands that offer gift items for car owners that are hard to buy because they’re so expensive.

1. Porsche 911 Headphones Soundbar 2.0 Pro

These headphones come at a price 9100 £, car enthusiasts looking for the perfect home theater setup will no doubt enjoy this latest addition to their catalog Porsche’s Christmas for the year 2022.

911 sound bar 2.0 Pro Limited edition of 500 pieces, the speaker can be mounted on the wall or placed on its own stand under the TV, contains 300 watts of power, connections HDMI Compatible with 4Kand a surround sound system version Dolby’s Atmos The most advanced, in the form of an exhaust system.

The Porsche 911 GT3 exhaust system from £135,700 new in the UK has been linked to TV headlines, while the looks may not be to everyone’s taste.

2. Bentley golf clubs

The 10 craziest Christmas gifts from luxury car brands

At £6,850, golf course car parks are often full of flashy cars, and this item from the British luxury car maker will make you the envy of every golfer.

Bentley is offering its golf clubs and golf cart bag set for under £7,000 in its Christmas catalog.

The 14 racquets are handmade in Japan and come with branded head covers, a steel alternative is available for £600 less, but these graphite shafted things are lighter and are claimed to offer ‘better energy transfer’ to help you driving the ball further.

3. Ferrari heels


The 10 craziest Christmas gifts from luxury car brands

Ferrari offers many clothing options for men and women and they are all very expensive. If a Ferrari fan is a lady who wants to wear a pair of high heels, then this is the shoe.

Priced at £810, this pair of Ferrari leather pumps have a polished red finish that reflects the luster of Ferrari’s exterior.

4. Maserati tie holder

The 10 craziest Christmas gifts from luxury car brands

£250 Are you the type who often finds himself in situations where he needs a tie for a meeting or event, but doesn’t have one to hand because he has nowhere convenient to carry it other than in his pocket? So it could be a Christmas present!

Includes catalog Maserati’s Christmas Dashouer, which is a strange commodity, there was no idea that such a commodity existed.

It’s made from smooth calf leather, with a zip closure, a lined interior with tie-roll loops, and an embossed Maserati Trident badge on the exterior.

5. Tesla model jacket Christmas Christmas

The 10 craziest Christmas gifts from luxury car brands

65 pound sterling

Features a limited edition jacket, available in sizes XS to me XXXLwith a festive pattern consisting of Model 3, Model Sand the model Xand the model YAnd thecyber trucksplus a number of superchargers, lightning bolt silhouettes and the Tesla logo.

Although released this year, the Tesla Model Christmas Christmas In high demand and already out of stock on the UK site.

6. Bugatti cosmetics

The 10 craziest Christmas gifts from luxury car brands

It is a dual purpose item from Bugatti, the maker of the most expensive cars in the world. In the 2022 Christmas collection there is a very practical make-up accessory..

It opens to reveal a lighted vanity mirror LEDenabling ladies to apply lipstick in style while on the go.

However, the gadget with the Bugatti logo also works as a portable power bank, with an outlet USB one and slot Micro-B To charge your phone and other electronic devices while away from home.

7. Pagani passport holder

The 10 craziest Christmas gifts from luxury car brands


Often described as the world’s sexiest car manufacturer, Pagani has built many beautiful cars in its short existence and also produces products such as the Passport Holder made of nappa calf leather and carbon fiber.

It’s also practical, with eight credit card slots and space for passports and other papers.

8. Lamborghini headphones are the most expensive

The 10 craziest Christmas gifts from luxury car brands

At over £40,000 it is the most expensive item on the list

A megaphone costs more than a new BMW 3 Series, such is the incredible price and exclusivity of this meticulously handcrafted item in collaboration between Lamborghini and the Italian brand iXOST.

She is called ESAVOX It’s built like a car, meaning it comes with a carbon fiber monocoque, it also gets 800 watts of power, 6.1 virtual surround sound, Bluetooth 4.0, passive shock absorption to dampen vibrations, ceramic struts that let you adjust height, and it’s also designed to look like a car Lamborghini exhaust system.

9. Volvo scarf

The 10 craziest Christmas gifts from luxury car brands

Price: £90

Volvo used to be a brand known for safety, practicality and comfort that was considered a bit bland and not a brand that everyone wanted to be associated with, but now it is a true luxury brand, offering some of the most luxurious models on the market produces.

Speaking of soft, our 2022 Christmas catalog has this scarf with the Volvo branding embroidered in the hem, it’s without a doubt the most practical item – and classiest.

It is made from 100% lambswool and is only available in contemporary grey.

But the £90 asking price is the highest price for a scarf on the market, even for the most dedicated scarf connoisseur.

10. Rolls-Royce headphones

The 10 craziest Christmas gifts from luxury car brands

It wouldn’t be a luxury car brand guide without mentioning the most luxurious brand of all time. Rolls-Royce.

Close Inc. ‘s 2022 Christmas catalog goodwood Goodwood based limited edition wireless headphones.

It states that the prices are only available on request, and this applies to many of the features that can be added to the Phantom or Ghost models, but it has been revealed that the headphones will be offered in the US for $1,200 .

It is made of anodized aluminum and brown leather.SaffianoThey only made 200 units available and it comes with a deluxe storage bag.

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