The Governor of Fayoum and the delegation of the Faculty of Art and Design review models of visual identity

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, Governor of Fayoum, together with a delegation from the Faculty of Art and Design, October University for Modern Sciences and Letters (MSA), led by dr. Tariq Saleh, Head of the Entrepreneurship Center at the University, assessed. , Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design, the characteristics of the visual identity of Fayoum Governor, through its relative characteristics and unique natural environments. , to improve the cultural and aesthetic dimensions of the Governor, to make it of a special character, and destination for visitors from home and abroad, in implementation of the cooperation protocol concluded between the governor and the university, during the month of October, to fully implement a visual identity for the governor.

This took place during the meeting held in the General Court of Fayoum Governor, in the presence of dr. Muhammad Emad, Deputy Governor, Dr. Muhammad al-Tuni, assistant governor, and the delegation of the Faculty of Art and Design, which dr. Iman Osama, Head of the Department of Graphic and Media Arts at the Faculty, and Dr Ahmed Attia, responsible for managing the visual identity project for Governor Fayoum in the college, teams working on visual identity designs of male and female students, and supervisors of working teams of faculty members and supporting devices.

The meeting dealt with the review of 6 models of designs expressing the visual identity of Fayoum Governorate, implemented by faculty members and students of the Faculty of Art and Design, at the university, to select a design that represents the visual identity of Fayoum Governorate strongly expressed with its natural and historical dimensions, environmental features and its various heritage features.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Governor of Fayoum welcomed the delegation of the Faculty of Art and Design, hoping for more cooperation during the next phase, on clear frameworks, a methodological vision and scientific foundations, to create one of the models of visual identity designs for the governor reviewed during the meeting, to agree on that vision and this visual identity for implementation. On the ground, appreciation for the efforts of the participants to implement the six proposed designs, which express in a strong, new and attractive the components and nature of the governor, and invite them to participate in the Tunis Festival of ceramics and pottery, which will be organized at the beginning of March 2023.

The governor added that the six designs implemented by the Faculty of Art and Design to express the visual identity of Fayoum are a matter of consideration and appreciation, and these designs will be presented to a selected committee consisting of specialists from the Fayoum University, the people and visitors of the governor, and concerned persons who have never visited the governor. With the visual identity, and look at what has been implemented for the visual identity in other governorates, indicating that coordination will take place between the governor and the ministries of tourism and the environment in this regard, explaining that the design that will be selected and approved will be applied, and it will be an expression of the governor for many years.

The Fayoum governor pointed out that the implementation of a new vision for the visual identity of the governorate requires effort, deliberation and an integrated study of all dimensions of the Fayoumi region. The visualization of the governorate requires the inclusion of all activities in it, to highlight its features and characteristics, with the aim of promoting the governorate, making it a destination for visitors, as well as instilling the spirit of loyalty and belonging among dispersing the people of the region.

The supervisors of the working teams of visual identity designs for Fayoum governorate reviewed the six designs that were implemented, which included a logo for the governorate, expressing the identity and history of Fayoum, considering Fayoum as the heart of Egypt, and the character of the governor is defined by its color elements and natural components, and the transformation of these elements and colors into aesthetic symbols that express the identity. Conservation, exploiting the symbolism of the roaring streams, the Pigeon Towers, Lake Qarun, Al-Rayyan Waterfall, Wadi Al-Hitan, historical monuments, heritage crafts, ceramics and pottery, the famous cultivations and country houses, and the coordination of all these symbols in works of art that express the Fayoum governorate, with the aim of helping reduce visual pollution, and promote tourism internally and externally.

The designs of the visual identity of the Fayoum governorate also included the implementation of artistic murals that express the characteristics of the governorate, posters at the governorate’s entrances, squares and main streets, and the addition of distinctive elements to all the necessities that we to preserve use. in our daily life, such as signs, advertising banners, flags, publications, means of transport, entrance tickets to tourist sites and bus rides, T-shirts, uniforms, stamps, agendas, notebooks, advertising tools, etc. to implement models for the visual identity of tourist and archaeological sites, as well as to design a website that expresses the identity of the governor, in order to establish the visual identity of the governor. to its visitors, to spread the spirit of loyalty among its children, and to promote its tourist destinations.

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