A totally forbidden relationship and shocking confessions of the accused that she killed her mother in Egypt..and published the accused’s photo

Informed sources revealed the confessions of the accused in the case of the murder of Dalia Al-Houshi, a supervisor of cleaning workers at Al-Hayat Hospital in Port Fouad, by her daughter and her lover in her home.
A full sexual relationship and shocking confessions of the accused of murdering her mother in Egypt..and the publication of the accused Hussein’s photo
The sources told the Egyptian website “Egypt Times” that the accused, “Hussein MF,” aged 14, planned to establish a friendship with the accused, “Nourhan,” because he had admired her for some time , after seeing her a lot. in his residential area, until he discovered that she lived near him, so he continued to fight with her as she passed. On the street, until he tried his tricks to get close to her, which is to create repeated problems with her brother, which he actually did.

The accused intensified his arguments with the victim’s son in front of the property where they live so that his sister could intervene to rid her brother of him, and he kept waiting for the opportunity to reach the girl, and indeed he did succeeded in obtaining Nourhan’s. phone number in one of the problems with her brother in exchange for him leaving her brother and not fighting with him again for her sake.

The sources added that since “Nourhan” responded to his pursuit of her and got her phone number, he continued to communicate with her by phone and exchange messages through social media applications, until each of them expressed their love to the others confessed, but she was not engaged at the time.
The sources confirmed that the accused, “Nourhan. K.,” disclosed the details of her first meeting with the accused, “Hussein,” when he went up to her house on the pretext of asking him about her brother , which frequently caused crises with him, after the accused were emotionally connected, and she informed him that her brother was not at home and her mother was at work, and she asked him to leave quickly before anyone saw him, except that he his foot was in front of the door and prevented her from closing the door in front of him, so she entered her house before anyone saw him in front of her apartment, and he asked her to prepare coffee for him and he would immediately left, and she went to the kitchen to prepare the coffee he requested, and while he was eating it, he asked her to use his computer. She was involved in something important, so she left him on the computer and went to the bathroom to take a shower because of her commitment to a walk outside the house.
A full sexual relationship and shocking confessions of the accused of murdering her mother in Egypt..and the publication of the image of the accused, the victim

And the sources added that the encounter has since been repeated between the accused in the girl’s house while her mother was not in the house, especially since the victim’s working hours in the hospital are known to her children, and he continues to sleep with her has. men several times, and since a while a groom proposed to Nourhan to marry her and her mother agreed with him, and the engagement did indeed take place, but she continued to have sexual relations with the accused.
The sources indicated that the victim, the girl’s mother, caught her daughter in the arms of her lover on Monday, 3 days before the murder, when she entered her house at a different time than her return dates and held her daughter in the arms of her neighbor, “Hussein” in the bedroom, so she rebelled and kicked him out of the house and kept beating her daughter and took her phone. .

The sources said that the day after they were caught in the bedroom by the mother, “Nourhan” went to her college, which is the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at the Port Said University, and called the accused, “Hussein” on the phone from a contacted other phone. and asked her to tell him when her mother would be home alone to threaten her for not exposing them.
The sources revealed that on the day of the crime, last Wednesday, Nourhan was sitting alone in the house with her mother, so she called her lover and informed him of her presence in accordance with the agreement made between them, so he got a “shawma” and a “hammer”, and entered the house while the mother was in the bathroom. Her head was hit by the accused, and he stabbed her several times in the neck with a glass cup, so she replied: “Spoon, are you looking?” Then “Nourhan” screamed and demanded that he should let her go and not kill her. He answered her and said: “Madame saw me, she must die.” He demanded that she leave the room and wait outside until he finished.
And the sources continued: Indeed, “Hussein” ended the life of Nourhan’s mother by butchering her from the neck, then hitting her head with a hammer, then they brought boiling water and started pouring it on the victim to to make sure of her death.
And the sources added that the accused, “Hussein,” was wearing a “T-shirt” but it was stained with blood, so he put it in a black plastic bag and with him the hammer, the sham, put the broken cup. , and the victim’s phone, and he went out of the house, to throw it away, but he put it in an area adjacent to the buildings in which they temporarily live to get rid of it The body, then they tried her corpse sitting in Shawwal, but they could not do it.
And the sources added that the accused, “Nourhan,” called her two brothers and told them that she had received a phone call from an unknown person saying that their mother was at her workplace, Al-Hayat Hospital. fell unconscious and asked them to lead her to the hospital until she came. About their mother, they did not find her, and they kept looking for her in Port Said hospitals by making phone inquiries with the help of a colleague of the victim.
And the sources added that the accused and her two brothers returned to the house but did not enter the apartment on the pretext that “Nurhan” had left the key inside, on the pretext that she had gone downstairs and was not fully focused not, and they waited for their father, who was aware that their mother had fainted and looked for her and returned on the way home, and as soon as their father opened the apartment, he found the victim on the ground soaked in blood, so the man hugged her and continued He informed the police, who immediately moved to the scene of the incident.
And according to the sources, the criminal investigation team moved to the crime scene and started collecting data and surveying the neighboring areas of the building, and they found the black bag in the same area of ​​the neighborhood, in which there were the tools of the crime, and with them a bloodstained T-shirt, and the T-shirt was shown to the children of the victim, so her eldest son told them that it broke out between him And the accused showed friendship after the differences between them, that this shirt belonged to his neighbor, named “Hussein”, and immediately he was arrested and summoned for investigation.

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Source: Egypt Times

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