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Once again Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City failed in the Champions League. The “dream” of the first title in the championship is once again gone from these two teams, despite the large sums of money and extravagance. The Champions League reaffirms that it often has its great and historic teams.

  • Manchester City will not be able to win the Champions League again

After France’s Paris Saint-Germain, here is England’s Manchester City who fail again to win the Champions League title, despite everything these two teams did to win the championship title for the first time, but the disappointment is every year same. Failures were evident in the knockout stages of the round of 16, quarter-finals and semi-finals.

And when the two teams managed to qualify for the final match for the first time: Paris Saint-Germain in 2020 and Manchester City in 2021, they did not know how to reach the title, losing the first to Bayern Munich and the other against Chelsea.

This is the “Champions League dream”. The slogan raised by Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City years ago. To achieve this goal, the ownership of Paris Saint-Germain became owned by the Qataris since 2011, while Manchester City preceded it 3 years earlier, so that ownership would go to the Emiratis.

He started pouring money into the two clubs. A lot of money was spent in Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City to achieve European leadership. The best stars in the world are in both teams, as well as the best coaches. According to press reports, Paris Saint-Germain paid more than one billion euros for its player contracts until last summer.

As for Manchester City, it has paid around 2 billion euros since it became owned by the Emiratis. In Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar is the most expensive player in the world, with 222 million euros. In Manchester City, the most expensive player in English football is Jack Grealish, with more than 100 million euros.

Manchester City has the highest market value among clubs in the world, amounting to around one billion euros, and Paris Saint-Germain II at just under one billion euros. In the semi-finals between the two teams last season, more than €2 billion (players) moved around the pitch.

Despite all this money, the two teams remained unsuccessful in the Champions League. As for Paris Saint-Germain, despite all its titles in French football, the team has remained in the shadow of Marseille, who gave France its only Champions League title in 1993. Rich Paris could not achieve the city of fishermen.

The same applies to Manchester City, although it won titles in English football, it could not become in the “Champions Club” of the English teams crowned as the most important European title.

  • Parisian disappointment again in the Champions League
    Parisian disappointment again in the Champions League

Paris Saint-Germain dominated the French League title, due to the absence of competition in the championship, and this is what is certain of its failure in the Champions League, where the competition is very strong.

As for Manchester City, it has won the English Premier League title more than once in these years, but it has its reasons, including the presence of two “teams” for it; The first is on the field, and the other is off it, and that is in the difficult English football and its many games in more than one tournament.

In the Champions League, things are different, since this championship has its famous teams and its different competition, and every match in it is a “final”, in addition to the small details that change the results of the matches, what Manchester City against Real Madrid knew

Late last year, ahead of this season’s Champions League knockout rounds, former Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness criticized Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, saying: “Despite their big money, they have yet to win a Champions League title what they dream of. They will keep losing.” Because titles don’t come with money, this has indeed been confirmed again, and here are the two teams that will also fail in the championship this year.

What Hoeness talked about a while ago returned to the headlines yesterday with Manchester City’s exit. The journalist for the Spanish newspaper “AS”, Thomas Roncero, said: “Millions of teams. They came here from Abu Dhabi and Qatar, and they all lost. Here Real Madrid is the football team.”

Based on this view, Real Madrid can be said to exemplify what a team needs to be European champions. Real Madrid is the team with the most titles. He memorizes this heroism from generation to generation. He knows how to win. It has been said this season that Real Madrid is not among the contenders, with many of its stars close to retirement, and it did not make important contracts or hardly signed some players last summer, but here it is, in the path of its victory about Manchester City, confirms his great experience in the Champions League.

Before that, Real Madrid was close to being eliminated from the group stage in one of the tournament versions, then it was crowned with the title. In the last game against Atletico Madrid years ago, Real Madrid lost by a goal until the 90th minute, then equalized and won in the two overtime periods to win the title.

Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​​​Milan and some teams are also similar to Real Madrid. The Champions League is beating, and this is one of its great and historic teams. It happens that sometimes she suffers a loss, and gets away from the titles, but she knows how to come back and keep her place in this tournament.

It is a tournament called the Champions League. What is confirmed year after year is that money does not make heroes.

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