“House of Wisdom” is a rich journey into the future

  • A rich family outlet for knowledge and pleasure in light of our ancient civilization
  • 355 paper and electronic books on literature, art and knowledge

Sharjah: Maha Adel

The “House of Wisdom” library in Sharjah represents an innovative and exceptional cultural and enlightening building in every sense of the word. In addition to the treasures of knowledge, books and valuable literature in which the building abounds, it is a leading oasis for relaxation, enjoyment and nourishment of the mind and spirit. It is the leading building in the region. All future visions and aspirations are embodied in it, as libraries and cultural buildings must have the capabilities and specifications to be able to attract the interest and loyalty of visitors of all ages and nationalities, to ensure the spread of culture and awareness among all segments of society , which contributes to the promotion of the progress and prosperity of the country.

The House of Wisdom is located on an area of ​​12,000 square meters, and was built to celebrate the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) selecting Sharjah as the World Book Capital for 2019. Over the past few years it has succeeded in establishing itself as a center for creators, innovators and students of science and knowledge, by providing a System of services and a learning environment that makes it an integrated knowledge society that is unique provide opportunities for learning and the acquisition of various knowledge.

It provides 355 paper and electronic books, in various fields of literature, art and knowledge, including children’s books, and can be accessed through interactive digital self-service stations, in addition to spaces to enhance creative skills and innovation, social, cultural and intellectual awareness, and enrich the integrated experience for visitors of all ages, making it an elegant, enjoyable and useful outlet for all family members.

The House of Wisdom building combines all the elements of pleasure, beauty, tranquility and comfort through it, from the methods of distributing natural lighting within it, to the provision of large spaces for reading, concentration and meditation, to its innovative engineering design that enhances the aesthetics mix. of ancient Arabic architecture with contemporary engineering, and providing extensive outdoor spaces of greenery and water fountains that provide an environment that stimulates relaxation, psychological calm and intellectual and visual pleasure.

The elegant building greets its visitors with a majestic view of the “manuscript” monument, which is 36 meters high, and was designed in the form of a “flame”, by the British sculptor Jerry Judah, to create a contemporary perception of to embody the ancient Arabic. manuscript.

The inner central courtyard known as the “Field of Wisdom” is characterized by a unique aesthetic. The design is inspired by the traditional houses in Al Ain, which includes a complete garden inside the house. The field square is full of plants and trees, in addition to the presence of waterways sparkling with sunlight radiating from the open ceiling, which provides a pleasant and dazzling scene for visitors, to find themselves inside a green paradise, which gives a feeling . of calmness and reflects the aesthetics of the place, and natural lighting is used; The building’s interior design includes an open roof garden; The design allows sunlight to illuminate the building, reducing reliance on industrial energy for light sources.

The building contains 15 halls and halls that can meet the needs of visitors, including the “Ibn Duraid Hall”, which is named after one of the most prominent poets and linguists in Arab history, the “Al-Rasheed Hall” for conferences equipped with the latest audiovisual means, and the “Al-Khwarizmi Gallery”, which is the space designated to host many exhibitions and artistic events held in the place. This pioneering building is dedicated to the revival of the heritage of Iraq’s libraries, which were exposed to great cultural loss during the war and the Tatar invasion.

little reader

One of the most prominent spaces in the House of Wisdom is the “Little Reader” square dedicated to the education and entertainment of children through books, games and STEM-related workshops and other hands-on activities that take place in a safe and fun environment, which the foundations of culture and the love of reading and knowledge in the hearts and minds of future generations. And to facilitate the task of parents to motivate their children to read and spend their free time on useful things.

Visitors can share with their children the pleasure of spending this time reading and enjoying the charming landscapes and extensive gardens around the place, giving them the opportunity to walk outdoors in a safe environment full of gardens that 331 trees and include trees. water fountains, an atmosphere that can change your mood and lure you on a special tour between shelves that includes More than 300,000 titles in various disciplines, including 11 in different languages, 105,000 paper books and about 250,000 e-books.

The construction of this cultural landmark is also concerned with providing a space for children, and great care is taken to provide a space dedicated to women entitled “The Women’s Court”; As the sections of the “House of Wisdom” include a special space for women who want privacy, to read in a comfortable atmosphere.

Also among the prominent departments of the House of Wisdom is the “Al-Jazari Laboratory”, dedicated to serving creative talents who have innovative ideas.

“Espresso Books”

One of the innovative services offered by this pioneering cultural center is “Espresso Books”, in which the creator who has finished writing his first book can use its modern features. Through this service, he can see his work in the form of a printed book, and the self-service station is characterized by its ability to print and package books at a record speed of no more than 5 minutes, allowing visitors to buy any book from the shelves of the House of Wisdom and keep it for themselves.

Visitors to the library can walk in the landscaped gardens and enjoy the natural surroundings of hundreds of trees belonging to different species, including local and indigenous species from the UAE environment, which gives a sense of calm and peace while in the library and cultural center walk. .

After visiting, reading and exploring knowledge, visitors can eat the best food by accessing the list of the most famous international restaurants, and enjoy the food in the place.

To visit the House of Wisdom is indeed a journey to the future under the shadows of our ancient civilization. This modern library in its futuristic form in which robots move in the corridors is based on the memory and history of a deep and great culture presented by the Arab civilization to mankind in various fields of knowledge, literature and art.

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