Joke | The story “House of Glass”…a short story

The alarm clock next to him rang, then I silenced him, as if there was enmity between them. He turned a little in his bed, then he looked to the left and was shocked by what he saw, then he got up in a panic . and quickly put on his clothes and left his room..

Our friend today almost applies to himself the saying: He has a bad consequence; Because what he did before is the one who woke up today and wants him to pay all the debts he owes, but before we touch on his past, let’s see how he lives his present, this present that came down to him from where he doesn’t know because we saw how he panics as soon as he wakes up because when he opens his eyes he sees one of them and he sits next to his bed and looks at him and smiles he rubs his eyes and thinks he was dreaming but the man was still staring at him.

He hastened to the kitchen and found his wife and children eating breakfast, so the wife asked him about his condition, and why his eyes were bulging, as if he had seen a ghost, but he did not respond to her, and he returned to his bedroom again while the staring, smiling man was still sitting on the edge of the bed.

Our friend realized that only he could see the man and no one else, so he chose silence to avoid being accused of insanity, so he hurried to get dressed, the woman gave him a cup of coffee , and he fell from his hand to the ground and left the house..

His wife was surprised at his behavior, but she quickly returned to the kitchen to put the food in the box for the two boys as a treat for them to eat while resting between lessons..

As for him, he stopped at the coffee shop, bought a cup of coffee and a sandwich, and went to the work bus that regularly stops at the corner to transport workers to the biscuit factory, from which many families earn money...

He told himself that maybe the stress he had been exposed to for the past two days was the reason why he and his colleagues were working overtime for an order that had to be delivered on time..

When he came back in the evening, it was as if he had forgotten that man, so he entered the kitchen to find his wife talking through that electronic board, and she was carrying a tray that she was preparing to put in the oven. sit, so he signaled to her that he was hungry, then she nodded in her head that the food would be ready soon.

He went to the boys’ room and found them engaged in their game that made them scream and smash things. It’s a fight we’ve been addicted to for a while, and the reason is that when their mother Annoyed, she distracted them with it, which became like a drug for them, so our friend’s family became like a motel meant only for rest, like for that dialogue and sitting around the table for general points to discuss, it’s one of the things this family just doesn’t understand.

We return to our friend, and as soon as he entered the room, he found the man in front of him, and the matter began to turn again, so he wanted to talk to him, but he could not, for fear that his wife would heard, so he approached him and whispered to him.:

Who are you and how did you get into the house? what are you doing in my bedroom

A staring look and a wider smile than before is the man’s answer!

I want you to leave my room immediately or I’ll call security, our friend said out loud.

And it’s only moments and the woman drops what she has in her hand and goes into the room, and she finds him screaming while holding the pillow and the wool filling that was in it spreads all over the room, so she screams at him and said to him: have the fits appeared again?

Tomorrow we have to see your therapist, I missed a lot of sessions and here is the result, you made me cut off my direct contact with my subscribers and I have to start it again tomorrow.

Now I can talk about the past that suddenly woke up for our friend, and even started chasing him to his bedroom, he was an aggressor, a sleeper, and a victim of symptoms, so that it violated privacy that he always practiced while he was celibate even rushed him to his bedroom to turn the magic on the sorcerer, and everyone who was a victim of his sick heart. Fate did them justice by making his private life available to everyone .

In fact, even his wife is no better than him, because she turned her kitchen into a window that everyone looks at as if it were a circus, but it’s free, so the push of a button is enough and everything becomes natural , as she exposed the house to syrup by opening a YouTube channel, so that everything became available to everyone, and the life of her family is learned by everyone.

And what is the man who sits especially in their bedroom without the other rooms? It is a sign of that privacy that I am allowed, as if I live in a glass house, and everyone can see what is happening inside, isn’t it scary not? It is rather frightening when one’s privacy is within reach.

And because we cannot let such a story go unnoticed, even though it carries humor and entertainment, but between its folds there are many lessons, therefore I decided to draw from it two very dangerous lessons, viz.:

The debt that a person carries throughout his life must come on the day of its repayment, and our friend, we see him today paying his debt to the end, as he fell into severe depression, which made him imagine that he saw the staring man sitting. in his bed, while his wife, whom he chose in the end and preferred above the rest of the girls, is the one who made. Their house is as transparent as glass.

The second and more dangerous thing than one imagines is the live broadcast, which has become a subject of competition among all in the extent of one’s exposure, so the more he crosses the red lines and the veil of modesty and decency begin to be removed from him, the more he becomes famous and becomes like the gum that mouths chew, the greater the financial return he receives over a period of time. His villainy and degradation and makes himself like a circus monkey that people come watch and enjoy his acrobatic moves..

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