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Shopping for newborn essentials is a great joy that fills the mother’s chest, for the first baby or after several births. It’s a unique experience she enjoys as she picks out the colorful pieces for her newborn that are embroidered with fun designs, as if she wants to shop the entire store. Here, be careful that the clothes are not wasted, which means they are not worn. The newborn, where after the birth you discover that you don’t need most of it, so you have to know what your child actually needs and record it in a questionnaire before he goes down.The purchasing expert in the children’s clothing store, Muhammad Bassiouni, was our guide to buying the needs of the newborn baby.

Shopping list

Newborn essentials
  • Walking around the children’s stores is a special joy, especially with all the bright colors and things that attract the eyes of mothers to buy
  • In order not to be tempted to buy all these items, try to organize your affairs and identify the basics first, then the supplementary things that can be dispensed with second.
  • The first is sheets or mattresses for the newborn baby, with this you can transform the newborn’s bedroom into a magical paradise with this variety of colors and models
  • It should be taken into account that the material is 100% cotton, and their size matches the size of the bed mattress, and to ensure the stability of the sheet, put an elastic band on its edges
  • 3 sheets, plastic cover (tarpaulin), 2 washable blankets
  • 3 -4 Lightweight washable covers, sleeping bag, bed bumper
  • Cover for going out in the buggy or sleeping outside
Baby shower supplies
  • Bath, sponge or shower gloves, soap or shower gel
  • Baby shampoo, baby oil, Vaseline, baby scissors
  • Baby brush and comb, skin cream, diapers, wet wipes
  • 2 1 large hooded bath towel (bathrobe), 3-4 small towels
  • Small patches to protect your shoulder when you fly

Newborn clothes

Don’t be limited by the number of clothes..the child will grow up soon
  • 6-10 Undershirts…4 -7 Jumpsuits suitable for home and light outings
  • 3 -6 Jumpsuits are suitable for the changeable weather in spring and autumn…2 exit kit
  • 1 -2 jacket…1-3 head cap…2 -3 tassels…3 Buffet meals
  • Overalls size 0-3, preferably full onesies with long sleeves and closed at the feet
  • The number of 6-9 underwear, depending on the weather, in winter it is preferable to have long or half sleeves, in summer without sleeves or half sleeves, and it is preferable that it is one piece and closes from the bottom
  • Number 6-9 waistband, this is the one that wraps around the waist and back of the baby under the dress to tighten the back and keep it warm and protect against colic Number 2, maybe you don’t prefer to use it not
  • 3 wraps, 2 hats, 2-3 gloves
  • Do not be limited by the number of items of clothing, and be careful not to overdo it, once the child grows up, he will not need most of these items.

Baby milk bottles from the pharmacy

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you need 1-2 bottles
  • Whether you breastfeed or formula feed, you need:
  • 1-2 bottles of 180 milliliters for natural herbs, if recommended by the attending physician
  • 1 -2 250ml bottle, pacifier (Titina)
  • A breast pump, if you decide to breastfeed and your work or living conditions do not allow every two hours
  • Chest towels, and a large bath towel
  • A nice loofah or small bath towel
  • Shampoo and shower gel. Baby oil or cream
  • Cream for burns or diaper rash. nail clipper
  • Thermometer. Hairbrush and fine comb. Cotton for face and ear cleaning, nipple cream.

Prepare the baby’s room

newborn baby room
  • Your little one will need to sleep in your room for a while, preferably for the first six months, after which you can move him to a separate room
  • Try to prepare his room in advance, arrange his clothes in the closet, paint the room according to the type of newborn and put his needs in it
  • Put a wastebasket in the living and bedroom areas, with regular nappy changes, you will need one to keep your house free of clutter
  • Put it in the rooms where you sit for a long time, and keep it within your reach, buy an air conditioner: if you are in a very hot area

Baby essentials

Newborn baby bed..bigger than a cot
  • The baby’s bed, preferably bigger than the cradle, to be used for the longest possible period. Edges for the sides of the bed, especially the wooden bed, and its edges have holes so that the baby’s leg does not get stuck between the holes.
  • Pillow, sheets and bed sheets number 4. It is possible to buy any toy that makes sounds and hangs on the bed, and its colors are bright to attract attention
  • Closet for clothes and baby items. Baby stroller for learning to walk. Dining room chair
  • A chair or rocking chair for the child to sit at home. The monitoring device is placed next to the bed and the second is in another room to hear the cry of the child in case you are away from him

Baby essentials when you go out

A stroller to move the newborn baby from one place to another
  • Baby stroller. car seat The trolley bag contains baby items you need while out and about with your baby
  • A bag for the child, and this is in case you travel or visit the parents, you put clothes in it and you can take it with you to the hospital during delivery

Baby supplies for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding essentials for the newborn baby
  • Bottle cleaning brush. A bottle sterilizer that you will need more if you are not breastfeeding your baby
  • Nursing bra for mom and bigger partner to ensure comfort. Breast pads are placed inside the bra
  • A nursing pillow is optional, but provides more comfort while breastfeeding. Wet diapers
  • A pillow to be placed under the baby during diaper changes, and another to put in the pushchair bag, small and light towels to wipe the baby’s mouth or your breast during feeding, 3-4 pcs
  • A small towel to dry the baby after changing

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