News 24 | Culture issues a research report that reveals the cultural trends of the post-millennium generation in the Kingdom

Today (Sunday), the Ministry of Culture issued a research report on the results of an analytical study it conducted on the post-millennium generation (Gen Z), to reveal its orientations and preferences for cultural events and activities.

The study, which targeted the generation between 1996 and 2016, aims to know this generation and understand its needs and requirements, to add to two other generations studied by the ministry, namely the millennial generation (Gen Y) between 1981 and 1994, and the tenth generation (Gen X) between 1965 and 1980.

Study scope and objectives

The generation under study represents around 39% of the total population of the Kingdom, and according to a report by the Communications, Space and Technology Commission in 2019, demand for “broadband” services has increased significantly, especially with the government have introduced digital infrastructure and the introduction of electronic services via the Internet, and the majority own smartphones. .

The number of mobile subscribers among young people has reached 43.8 million, and this number is increasing at a rate of more than 6% annually. Between 1996 and 2016, he has a high degree of technical intelligence.

It is mainly aimed at discovering the different uses of the media, especially social networking sites, as well as identifying the ideal cultural activities that this generation would like to visit, understanding its thoughts and perceptions on any topic, and qualitative methods to provide understanding of different opinions in a comfortable environment that encourages the free sharing of opinions and perceptions.


The study concluded that entertainment is something fun and entertaining, and cultural activities that combine fun and learning are among the basic things that encourage participation in cultural activities. It also concluded that obtaining parental consent or support to participate in these activities is mandatory.

The study found that the post-millennial generation believes that cultural activities help them in self-improvement and development, and that they are an active generation that likes to participate in digital and non-digital activities that contain elements of learning and entertainment. , provided that the place is official and the activity is not new and previously tried.

The study concluded that the virtual place is not suitable for all activities, and the majority of individuals use social media applications, such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat, making these platforms the best channels to announce cultural events.

And she believed that there are clear differences between the sexes regarding the vision of the cultural path, as men believe that it is heritage that is represented in archaeological monuments, heritage sites and antiquities, while women see culture as a way of life, such as traditional cuisine. recipes and stories of intangible cultural heritage.

The study also concluded that some cultural events are more popular with this generation, as they are mentioned more often, including book fairs, and there is more trust in activities organized by government agencies.

She pointed to the attractiveness of reasonable timing for this generation, and that cultural activities with a free or cheaper price or that offer financial rewards for competitions are more attractive to the age groups belonging to this generation.


The study confirmed that the influencers in the post-millennial generation include parents, schools and social media, and they are the most influential in this generation compared to their peers. .

At the gender level, women of this generation are influenced by themselves, social networking sites and families, while men enjoy more independence as they decide their own affairs, while brothers and parents are less influenced by men.

Activities you want to see
Cinema, fashion design, visual arts, library and cooking were among the top 5 cultural activities mentioned in the study. Disguise, engineering, machines, Photoshop lessons, acting, fantasy stories and reading groups were the top activities this generation wanted to see in Riyadh. In Jeddah, the interest of these groups varied between books. Voices, poems, literature books, museums and music schools, while the interests of this generation varied in different regions, between recreational games and craft activities such as pottery and sewing, chef competitions, fashion design, libraries and others.

Female interests varied between handicrafts, interior design, fashion design, visiting book fairs, museums and public libraries, in addition to cycling, ice skating, excursions, swimming, shooting, etc., while men preferred reading books, visiting museums, fashion design and heritage sites, go to a water city, and visit theme parks. , playing chess, basketball, cycling and more.

Interest in the cultural sectors

The study drew attention to the interest of the post-millennium generation in learning new skills such as music, and therefore the provision of schools for this is of crucial importance. The study also noted that there is a great interest in music , but the level of participation in it is still low due to the lack of music schools, and it is difficult to learn. Online.

She noted that there is currently less interest in the visual arts, as there is a desire to watch but not much interest in participating, and that this field is likely to be more difficult to grow into, due to the current lack of interest, unlike what music enjoys.

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