The best Chinese cars in the UAE, and these are their prices

The best Chinese cars in the Emirates, which became widely known in many Arab and foreign countries, although their quality was poor at the beginning of their appearance, which made many avoid buying them, but now the manufacturers of these cars do their best to provide the best cars at the lowest price.

The best Chinese cars in the UAE

It is not surprising that Changan, with its various models, especially the 2022 Changan CS95, Alsvin and CS95, tops the list of the best types of Chinese cars in the UAE and other Gulf countries, and for those who ask the reason for that, the popularity of Chinese cars of the Changan type, it is due to the fact that it is an integrated car. .

It contains all the simple details that many people care about, especially since the company produces different types and models, including Chinese sedans, SUVs, vans and many other types. Here are the specifications of some types of cars from Changan:

Changan CS35 Plus specifications

  • The engine size is 1.4 liter Blue Core Turbo.
  • The car’s power is estimated at 156 horsepower.
  • Torque: 260 Nm.
  • It has a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.
  • Equipped with a panoramic roof.
  • The size of the measuring screen is 10.25 inches.
  • It has a 360-degree camera.

Edu Plus

  • There are two types of them:
  1. The first type has a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine, equivalent to 155 hp.
  2. The second type has a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine, equivalent to 126 hp.
  • Seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.
  • The ability to start the car remotely.
  • Smart login and startup process.
  • 16 inch rims.
  • Dual motor exhaust.


  • The engine volume is 1.5 liter Blue Core, which is equivalent to 105 hp.
  • Five-speed dual-clutch gearbox.
  • 7-inch entertainment screen.
  • Tire pressure control system
  • The possibility of following the blind spot.

Chinese electric cars in the UAE

Currently, electric cars have become the most popular types of cars in the UAE and other countries, as they are the best alternative to cars that work on the internal combustion system, because of electric cars, China has also started to produce these. cars, and it also offers a wide variety of these cars in the market, and for you The most prominent types:

  • Car: The Nio ES6 is one of the biggest and most beautiful Chinese electric cars in the world, and there are plenty of them in the UAE.
  • Honshi E-HS9: Presented by Honshi, which is known for its high quality, this car is a car that holds its weight and value as it has all the convenience of entertainment tools, advanced systems and a luxurious cabin.
  • Skywell ET5: It is characterized by its international and distinctive specifications that make it the best according to many motorists.
  • MG MARVEL R Electric Car: MG is a British subsidiary of a Chinese car manufacturer, and MG cars are also very popular because of their high quality and low cost compared to the benefits they provide to the car owner.

Chinese electric cars in the UAE

Chinese car dealer in the UAE

A large number of Chinese car dealers have spread in the Emirates, especially because they are very popular in the UAE, and getting Chinese cars from their agencies is much better than importing them from abroad, where they are used. Here are some of the most important car agencies in the UAE:

  • Changan dealership in UAE: which is considered the most important Chinese car in the world in general and in the Arab countries in particular, so many people are looking for Changan car dealerships in UAE.
  • Gargash GAC Automotive Agency: These cars are among the list of high quality and efficient Chinese cars.
  • MG cars: which we have already mentioned is a British company that belongs to a famous Chinese company.
  • Geely dealers: Which has a large number of advantages that have made it at the forefront of well-made Chinese cars.
  • Haval Agencies: This is one of the most important manufacturers of SUVs for families.

Characteristics of Chinese cars

Since China has become accustomed to this in the past few years, most of its cars have the same advantages, so we give the main advantages that Chinese cars enjoy through the following points:

  • These cars have unmatched quality and efficiency.
  • It is equipped with a wide range of modern technologies that help provide comfort for both the driver and the passengers inside.
  • Companies offer a large selection of Chinese cars for every taste.
  • Modern and amazing shapes of these cars.
  • There are some types of them that contain thermal insulation.
  • The seats are made of leather.
  • The windshield allows the driver to see the road clearly.
  • It has many fancy features.
  • It contains some kind of thermal insulator.
  • Its seats are made of leather.
  • The windshield offers a good field of vision for the driver.
  • It has many modern security features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of Chinese cars?

The exterior of the car is light, which makes it difficult to handle well on highways, and the interior design of some cheaper designs is quite poor.

Why are Chinese cars cheap?

Where Chinese companies are interested in providing the best cars at cheap prices, to dominate the domestic and international market and become number one in the market.

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