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Creating designs for everything is Canva’s motto. A simple and intuitive tool that can help anyone create visual content. Download Canva now to learn how to use it. Now learn about the features of the program and the difference between the free and paid account.

What is Canva?

To get you started, we’ll explain exactly what this interesting tool means. It is mainly used to create visual content and professional graphic designs with drag and drop. Along with downloading Canva for the web, you can download Canva for Android or iOS.

Top features

Some of its main features:

  • Thousands of free and paid images have recently acquired two free image banks, Pexels and Pixabay.
  • Users have thousands of free photo options available from both services.
  • There are also affordable paid options.
  • Image Filters In addition to making many images available, the tool also offers custom editing filters.
  • Availability of shapes, maps, illustrations, icons and much more.
  • The tool also offers several different fonts to customize your pieces, as well as predefined text formats, keeping everything aesthetically consistent.
  • Possibility to create a project and share it with other people.

Canva’s biggest feature is its predefined templates. The templates are divided into the following categories: Social Media, Documents, Personal, Education, Marketing, Events and Ads.

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Is Canva free?


The biggest advantage is that all its main features are free. Virtually everything is available when users download it without paying for it, and the price of paid features is very affordable. So yes, you can sign up and start designing for free.
For those who want more available features, you can sign up and download Canva Pro, which offers a 30-day free trial, after which it will cost $9.95 to $12.95 per month (per user, depending on the number of users) .

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Differences between free and paid account

Those who switch to the Pro plan will have the following benefits:

  • Download custom fonts.
  • Organize photos and other items into folders.
  • Resize the same designs to different formats and download PNG format with transparent backgrounds.
  • Access to free photos, illustrations and templates.

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What can you do with the tool?

Use Canva
How to use Canva

Canva is a great opportunity for those who are starting to venture into the digital market to create designs with different content. It is very important to invest in this to stand out from the competition. Have you just started working and need a visual identity? Or are you already in the market but don’t have the time and resources to create unique content? Canva has features for all these cases. Let’s check them out!


The first step for those starting out is to define their visual identity. contains many ready-made templates; All you have to do is change the text.

Posts on social media

Canva has comprehensive social media features. With the tool, you can create images and stories for Facebook and Instagram, ads in all formats, posts for Twitter, Geofilters for Snapchat, banners for LinkedIn, and much more.

Thumbnails for videos

You can also create custom thumbnails for your YouTube channel. It may seem like it’s just an extra feature, but well-crafted thumbnails attract more attention and lead to more views.

Leaflets and posters

For those who want to promote events or local businesses, it’s a good idea to start with ready-made templates. Canva offers options for many themes, such as flyers for restaurants, gyms, events, and even birthdays.

documents and presentations

You can also use the document creation and presentation features of eBooks and create something unique that will delight your leads or clients.

facet tickets

Business cards are very important for communication, and when we offer something nice to someone else, they will remember it more easily. You can use multiple templates once you’ve added your contact information.

Infographics and banners for blogs

Infographics are always a hit in terms of content strategy. After all, they provide a lot of information in a format that is easy to consume. With the elements available in the tool, you can create many different diagrams.

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Step by step on how to use Canva

Here are the 5 most important steps to use:

Create your account

Go to the home page and sign in with your Facebook or Google account or email.

  • Once your account is created, you will be directed to the setup page, which will help the tool to select the best templates according to your needs.
  • If you want to try Canva Pro in this step, select Take the test. Otherwise, click “Later”.
  • As you level up in the program, you can also invite other people to collaborate on your projects.

Explore the library and learn about templates

  • As we explained earlier, it has a wide range of professional templates that cater to different content requirements.
  • The library of templates is organized by categories and the templates are divided into topics.
  • Whatever content is created, it will have the right sizes and elements that will serve as a starting point to start working on.
  • For our tutorial, we chose to show you how to create an Instagram post, which will be very important for engaging and structured visual content.

Choose the form that will be attached to your posts

When it comes to social media, especially Instagram, it is very important to define the look of your posts from now on. Choosing a different template for each post can make your feed look chaotic and visually cluttered. For our example, we’ll start with this template to promote a homemade bread recipe. As we can see, mold has nothing to do with bread; This is where the program’s ability to transform designs comes into play.

Image and text

To begin with, you need to choose a good image for your post to get good engagement. Using the Pixabay library, for example, we looked for an image of a guitar that would help draw people’s attention to the subject; Remember, if you have your own photo, it’s even better!
Select the image and drag it to the template. Now that we have the image, we need to choose a matching font. You can use the one in the template or choose one in the Text tab.

Share or download the image

With Canva, you can invite more people to collaborate on design within the tool. Simply click Share and add other users’ email addresses and they will be able to view or edit it.

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Tips for creating beautiful visual content in Canva

Canva features
Canva tips

In addition to creating projects, it has other additional features that are really useful when it comes to creating designs, especially for those who are not yet familiar with the concepts of the area. Let’s take a look at them:

Create a color palette

  • Having a color palette is very important, but how do you know which colors match your template? Canva has a free feature to create a color palette from images.
  • The images can be of the gadget itself or your own. Just upload the image and in a few seconds you will have all the matching shades and symbols.
  • Create color palettes and help you when the time comes to adopt the right color combination for your brand.

on your fingers

Downloading Canva to your smartphone will make your work much easier. Need to post something right away but don’t have a computer near you? For example, accounts are synced so your work can be done on your smartphone, saved directly to your photo library and ready to publish.

Set up KPIs to measure your content

Just as important as creating content is setting KPIs to measure what works and what doesn’t, a common mistake is to stick to vanity metrics and forget the ones that really matter. So, when developing your content for social media and other networks, don’t forget to monitor and see which leads to more engagement. Your work will be better and your designs will not be created for nothing.

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You don’t need to study hundreds of hours to be good at design. But, like most things in life, you’ll get better with practice, so don’t get discouraged if your first design doesn’t work out perfectly. Instead, keep practicing how to use Canva, and you’ll be creating polished, visual content in no time.

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