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In the world of performance cars, there are cars that we consider fast, like the Subaru WRX Pleasant and able to race. But then there is the next level of speed, and in that super exclusive collection are cars like Audi R8 Four-wheel drive or Challenger Hellcat 797 horsepower and our car, which we will review its features. In the next article car specifications Bugatti Chiron specifications W162023.

This stratospheric realm is where cars like the Bugatti since the storm Veyron to the scene in 2005. Only a few other companies are like Koenigsegg And the Pagani And the McLaren Dare to play in the field.

doesn’t work Chiron Within the same limits as deadly production cars. According to BugattiThey have four main types Chiron Currently available, but they have made many variants that are also incredibly impressive and unique. The “base” Chiron, Sport, Power Sport and Super Sport. All four models share the same basic architecture and adaptability, plus the same insanely powerful engine. It houses the massive 64-valve aluminum block and engine heads DOHC 8.0 liter capacity W12 Four turbochargers all force air into the massive engine block and the result is an impressive 1,479 horsepower at 7,100 rpm to 1,180 Nm of torque at 2,250 rpm. That horsepower figure somehow manages to swell to 1,578 hp if you choose a trim Super Sports, with torque remaining the same. It’s also worth noting that peak torque is available from 2,250 to 7,000 rpm, which is more like an electric motor’s torque level than a conventional gas-powered unit.

The engine.

An engine of this size produces an enormous amount of heat, to counteract what Bugatti gave off Chiron A total of 10 radiators are located throughout the engine. All of these radiators work together to pump 800 gallons of water around the engine compartment every minute, and while it’s crazy to think about that statistic, the staggering figure is the amount of air an engine must breathe. device sucks Chiron It goes through 60,000 liters of oxygen every minute to maintain this level of production.

All that power is then channeled through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which is also the largest clutch of any production car in history. From there, those ponies go to all four wheels to help propel a car Chiron weighing over 4,000 kilos (which varies somewhat depending on model choice) through the atmosphere with minimal wheelspin.

Outside of design.

structure Chiron It is a one-piece carbon fiber monocoque design, much like the Bugatti Veyron user, except for version Chiron Weighing in at a full 17.6 kilos, it maintains racecar-level stiffness and torque. I endured Chiron Also countless hours in a wind tunnel to make sure it creates enough downforce to keep the car from trying to fly faster than 250 mph.

Bugatti Chiron W162023 specifications

Speed ​​and performance.

The biggest change occurs in speed oriented models such as Super Sports And theSuper Sport 300+. By creating what Bugatti calls the “long tail” and introducing the rear diffusers, they made the rear of the Chiron Dramatically redirects airflow to keep the rear of the vehicle glued to the road.

In terms of performance, the Chiron It sets the bar higher than anything else out there except for a few cars hypercars others selected. from site Bugatti Privately, if you convert kilometers per hour to miles per hour, then Chiron on its fastest iteration (which is one of the Super Sports) can go from 0-62 mph in 2.4 seconds, 0-124 mph in just 4.6 seconds, 0-186 mph in 12.1 seconds and 0-248 mph in 28.6 seconds. Also keep in mind that manufacturers’ performance data always ends up on the conservative side so they can be easily replicated, and the actual numbers may actually be more impressive depending on test conditions and driver ability. Top speed is electronically limited to 273 mph unless you prefer it Super Sport 300+, which can reach the number with the same name.

Pulling off that kind of speed requires special attention to both the brakes and the tires, which explains why the brakes are used Chiron 16.5-inch front and 15.7-inch rear hatch covers and ceramic cross-drilled disc brakes plus Michelin Pilot super-tough tires Sports Cup 2 Measured 285/30ZR-20 Front and 355/25-like Vapor TiresZR-21 backward. To make sure the tires are capable of reaching the speeds they can drive to Chironshe is x– Scan the factory to check for defects and trigger a recall Pure Sport.

Bugatti is a lifestyle, not just a car

Inside it is Chiron As distinctive as its engine, but in a different way. While every car Chiron Comes with the same basic engine setup, the interior layout of the Chiron Customizable in almost infinite ways to suit each individual owner. The pedestal’s large exterior continues C Inside to create two first class seats decked out in your choice of fabric and color scheme. The center console is made from a single piece of aluminum and has individual displays for the driver and passenger. Apparently just for bragging rights, each stereo speaker has a one carat diamond diaphragm to give the highest possible sound quality. A large mechanical speedometer keeps the driver aware of what kind of ticket to expect.

Bugatti Chiron W162023 specifications

bugatti chiron price W162023.

Speaking of the price, you can’t afford one. But just for fun, the base price of Chiron is $3.3 million, while specialty models (assuming you can find one) can fetch more than $4 million, with those prices only rising as rarity increases on the secondary market.

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