How to book access to the Yacht Club Jeddah 1443

How to book entry to the yacht club Jeddah 1443, the yacht club is one of the best and most beautiful places in the city of Jeddah, as it overlooks the Mediterranean coast, how to book tickets for the yacht club Jeddah, the yacht club in Jeddah becomes considered one of the best places in the city of Jeddah because it overlooks the coast of the sea The Mediterranean Sea and enjoys special attention from visitors and tourists who come from all regions, this fame has given the city a charming character, and the most important information related to the yacht club in the city of Jeddah.

Information about the yacht club in Jeddah

The yacht club in Jeddah is one of the leading projects on the Red Sea, and the area of ​​the yacht club in Jeddah is estimated at 215 square meters. The club is characterized by its distinctive designs that keep up with the times, in addition to the charm of the view that distinguishes it from other tourist resorts In addition to the availability of a number of leading services in the place, and the yacht club is one of the latest projects in Jeddah season that tourists and visitors from all regions visit to enjoy the breathtaking views and the excellent services provided by the place.

How to book access to the Yacht Club Jeddah 1443

You can book access to the yacht club in Jeddah by following the steps below

  • Access the Yacht Club website via the following link.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of marina reservations.
  • Enter all your personal information, incl
    • name and surname.
    • E-mail address.
    • Postal code.
    • Contact number.
  • Flight information is
    • Arrival and departure date.
    • The type and name of the yacht.
    • Questions and comments.
  • Click on Terms and Conditions.
  • Click on ‘Send’.

The main tourist activities in Jeddah

You can enjoy visiting the coastal city of Jeddah and enjoy all the services and activities within the city, which is located on the Red Sea coast. Among the most important of these tourist activities in Jeddah are the following:

  • Check out King Fahd’s fountain
  • Relax on the beaches of Jeddah.
  • Enjoy your meal in the restaurant.
  • Visit Jeddah Waterfront
  • Visit luxury shopping malls.
  • Dive in the Red Sea.
  • Look at the marine life
  • Visit the floating mosque

How much are the Jeddah Yacht Club prices for 2022?

You can enjoy the marine activities offered by luxury yachts in Jeddah, and enjoy contemplation and breathing the air on board one of the yachts in Jeddah, the types, shapes and prices of which vary according to the number, duration and services provided to the side is provided. Below we will analyze the prices of charter yachts in Jeddah.

Oryx ocean yacht

Yacht trip in Oryx 4500.00 Saudi Riyal, this price includes serving food, fruits and many kinds of drinks, also enjoy a 6-hour relaxation session on Bayada Island, the yacht has a bedroom and there are other services such as a beach session , and no more than five people are allowed on board the yacht.

Jeddah Yachting – Hiyam Package

Yacht trip in Jeddah – Hiyam package 3000 Saudi Riyals, including the price of cake and other drinks, and yacht equipment that gives it a special beauty. The yacht trip takes one hour, and this trip can be done outside with two or 20 people.

Thank you Yacht Cruise

The value of the Shaqran yacht trip is estimated at 2000 Saudi Riyal, and this beautiful trip can be enjoyed for up to one hour, and the trip can accommodate a maximum of 12 people on board the Shaqran yacht.

Sea Fun Yachting

The cost of the C-Fun yacht trip is 4000.00 Saudi Riyal, because it includes many activities that can be carried out on the C-Fun yacht, where there are a number of special activities and sports. Please note that the yacht is a box contains fruits and drinks, and there is a special entertainment session that spans 6 hours in Bayada Island, the yacht also contains a bedroom, there is an internal lounge, and there is also a toilet, in addition to external lounges.

Newton’s dream yacht

The yacht trip that Newton dreams of is one of those special trips that can be enjoyed with friends or family, and it is a special trip because the yacht is dedicated to pleasure trips and spending quality time diving and fishing. The yacht is also equipped. with an oxygen cylinder. There is also a can of drinks, fruit and metro. 16 Pieces There is also a companion on this trip who is a coach or instructor to teach swimming, fishing and diving.

The most famous hotels near the yacht club in Jeddah

The Jeddah Yacht Club has many excellent hotel services as the place offers a luxury group of hotels whose prices vary depending on the services they provide to visitors and tourists. Below we review the best hotels on the coast of Jeddah

The Venue Jeddah Corniche Hotel

Venue Jeddah Corniche Hotel is one of the luxury hotels located in the north of Jeddah, and it is a short distance from the Red Sea Mall. It also offers a large number of places for modern accommodation, in addition to free internet and free parking. to mention that it contains rooms, and it contains luxury apartments, air conditioners and large flat screen HDTVs. The hotel also has a dedicated Nespresso coffee machine. It also has a Bose sound system. It has a spacious bathroom with a bathtub. Plus luxury, free toiletries. As for price, prices range from $189 per night.

Makarem Annakheel Hotel & Resort

Makarem Annakheel Hotel & Resort offers guests many special items to suit all needs and tastes, in addition to the fact that there are cash services at a high level of quality and accuracy, which sets the hotel apart from the luxurious view and comfort it offers. prices at Makarem Annakheel Hotel & Resort start at $240 Evening.

Jeddah Hilton Hotel

The Hilton Jeddah Hotel is one of the luxury hotels classified within the five-star service hotels, as the hotel offers the possibility to book a luxury room or suite, and the place is designed to be comfortable for yourself and free from noise and inconvenience. The hotel is located near the important places in the city of Jeddah, and the hotel is a hotel Hilton Jeddah is one of the best hotels in Jeddah on the Corniche because of the entertainment services it provides. Hotel prices start from 184 USD per night and reach 350 USD, while the executive room can reach 426 USD.

Call to book tickets to enter the Jeddah Yacht Club

It is possible to enter the Yacht Club website in Jeddah through the following link, because the link provides an opportunity to obtain all information related to the Yacht Club It is also possible to book tickets to enter and the best to obtain services that meet the satisfaction and taste of visitors and tourists.

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