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As expected and based on the results of the recent elections in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has not really faced difficult problems in forming his government, which will without a doubt try to implement what is contained in its broad outlines and in accordance with all the commitments in the bilateral agreements signed between each party separately. And the next prime minister. I will not write about the practices of the expected next government on all fronts and levels, but I remind you that we are on the threshold of a new Israeli dark age that is different from what we have become accustomed to in recent decades has.
The Hebrew press and media platforms were filled with the opinions of large numbers of commentators and analysts, most of whom expressed fear about the outcome of the ongoing political process led by Benjamin Netanyahu, and his almost certain projections about undermining the foundations of the state as built and sought by its early founders.
I will not address the positions of hundreds of those who have openly expressed their fears and positions against the next government, but I will refer to the position of former Israeli Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, which she recently stated in the Hebrew press. I will do this for two reasons, the first of which is personal, and the second, because it practically speaks in the name of the last stronghold required to be “headed” and rounded off by the next government, and I mean the legal system with all its branches, the most important of which is the Israeli Supreme Court.
And this is actually what Judge Benesh was referring to in an interview she gave to the Israeli newspaper “Calclist” last Wednesday, in which she stated: “We are without a doubt facing a different reality; The most important thing is not to panic, but we must not give up.” Then she added, stressing that “the system of government that has stood proudly for 75 years is facing danger these days. We are not facing a process of judicial reforms, as is said in biased expressions, but rather radical changes in the structure of power and government, and in the political and social concepts of Israel. I am very concerned. They have crossed the lines. They are destroying the basic frameworks on which the authority and the system of government in Israel has been built for many years. We must wake up.”

The Palestinians stand on the threshold of a new dark Israeli era that is not similar to what they have known over the past decades

I hope, madam, you will wake up, but I am afraid of the story of the “white bull.” Do you remember that?
I am not sure that Judge Beenish’s statements will attract the attention of Arab citizens in Israel, despite the fact that they are very disturbing statements, and constitute a sampling of the flood of similar concerns expressed by hundreds of prominent Jewish legal entities, which represent large segments within Israeli society, and belong to various fields. Different occupations: political, academic, economic, military, security, human rights, and others. I see chariots of fire moving towards our families and people, while they think they are birds of Paradise, or that they are sleeping. As for me, these sayings remind me of my long and unhappy story with the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Dorit Beinisch, and her fellow justices. I remember them today and feel both provoked and saddened.
For years I have been accustomed to write my last article at the end of each year of my birth in the form of an open letter addressed to a person whom I have chosen according to the circumstances and the importance of its content on that point. My open letter at the end of 2010 was addressed to the then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Judge Dorit Beinisch. I spoke to her after the Office of the General Administration of Courts in Israel published a statement on a decision issued by the Supreme Court against a Jewish policeman convicted in the District Court of murdering an Arab youth . The issuance of the court administration’s statement was an unprecedented and surprising act for all. It came as a just and defensive response by the court system against a broad campaign of populist attacks led by right-wing organizations and personalities, which the judges of the Supreme Court Target. Court because of their decision in the case of the policeman who killed the Arab, without being aware of it. It will have any justification or justification, as stated in the court’s decision. The Central Court sentenced the Jewish policeman to fifteen months’ actual imprisonment; The public prosecutor filed an appeal against the unreasonably reduced sentence and demanded a harsher sentence. The Supreme Court accepted the appeal of the Public Prosecutor and sentenced the perpetrator to actual imprisonment for only a period of thirty months, that is, the incident, he understood, was more like a perfect murder; Despite this, the Supreme Court found it necessary to defend and justify its position through a statement that created a precedent and a milestone in its retreat in the face of the forces of the right and its raids on them. In my open letter at the time, I deplored the court’s move and said: “If you are forced to issue a statement in such a case, it indicates a fluctuation in the status of the courts and the judiciary in the common in this. country. This is a sign of your weakness and proof of your misunderstanding of what has been going on within Israeli society and within the ruling system for many years. The foundations of this value system have collapsed and the rule of law has retreated in it in favor of the manifestations of corruption and violence that we witness, and the strengthening of the forces of evil that in many places of speech, judgment and judgment, and are nearer than you think to finishing you off, and to tightening their full control over the reins of government, having gained control of the two powers: Executive and Legislative. And I added, addressing her: “Do you remember how many times I shouted in your ears, emphasizing that I fear you because I want you, you and your fellow judges, to be strong and keepers of the supremacy of the right How many times have I affirmed before you that as a member of a national minority, I want you to be strong so that you can protect us, even once, from the oppression of an unjust swordsman. Do you remember how many times I scolded you for daring to call what you are doing against my people and us, the Arab citizens of Israel, racism, oppression and injustice? Your justifications, as stipulated in your statement, are wrong, unsuccessful and unnecessary. The truth is that you are weak and afraid; And that your statement is just an episode in the series “Cutting Your Heads” and in the march of you running backwards in front of that “bear” that will not stop catching you. And the truth, madam, is that a justice system, protected by guards that accompany it to the bedroom doors, will not be able to resist an oppressor or prosecute a murderer; The truth is also that a court whose judges do not distinguish between a victim and her executioner will ultimately be unable to protect her skin, no matter how much her judges bend, retract and justify not, as you do in this matter. . Or confront those who attack you, or you will be defeated.
Ma’am! “I ate on the day the white bull was eaten” was one of the popular stories inherited in our culture, which I sometimes repeated in my legal pleadings before you. You would not hear it nor disregard its wisdom; But it was and will remain our wisdom, we are the present victim, the victim of the future ».
These are excerpts from my post in 2010; My open letter was not the only one to Supreme Court judges as I wrote many like it.. but to no avail. Twelve years have passed since I wrote, and since we had a casual conversation about its contents, and I have remained in my position, the defender of truth, justice and hope, and you have remained in your positions, soldiers of a regime that sanctifies racism and practices it against us and servants of a country that occupies another people; And as judges in the Supreme Court you justify his punishments and spawn, the young occupiers, who have multiplied and grown and demand, in the name of heaven, power and sword, your heads and our skins.
I read your advice about the need to “not panic, not be complacent, and wake up.” How will you wake up when the darkness of occupation fills your hearts? And why didn’t you listen when I warned you, ages ago, that they are closer than you think to your downfall, and what will happen after the white bull is eaten?
Palestinian writer

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