Decor….hacks to make windows look bigger…and rooms too!

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Making your windows look bigger not only lets in more light, it can also make your rooms look longer and wider, the more light that flows in, the more open and spacious the room becomes, so it makes sense to use any natural light to maximize what enters the room. room by making the windows appear larger.

According to a report in Homes And Gardens magazine, there are many simple tricks that trick the eye, starting with the type of window treatment you choose, materials and patterns, and perhaps most importantly, locating them. For example, installing just a few curtains inches higher than the frame can instantly make your window (and therefore your room) look wider and longer.

So the top designers gave their best modifications to create the illusion with lighter, brighter and bigger windows so that the house also looks bigger. These tips have adopted many ideas, including smart curtains and paint tricks.

The report recommends floor-length curtains (if practical for the space) and no matter what size room you’re decorating, don’t let the curtain end at the window frame. But let it reach the floor, it adds elegance and softness to the room, and it’s also an easy trick to make the window look bigger.

Designer Natalia Meyer suggests, to make the windows appear larger, that you accentuate the surrounding space with long curtains, as the use of short curtains emphasizes where the window ends, the longer curtains will help to fill the space between the windows and the wall smooth by using floor length, thick curtains, You can imagine that the window area is larger than it actually is.

Designer Louise Wickstead agrees that floor-length curtains beautifully frame a window and draw the eye away, making the window appear larger. It can also create a new feature for the window, making it somewhat like a work of art and making it a focal point within a room.

The report indicates that the matter is also related to the type of curtain and material, and to achieve higher lighting and more space and at the same time achieve a truly luxurious look that matches the windows in the bedroom or comfortable living room, choose something luxurious like velvet, but keep in mind that this will add weight around the window, so make sure to extend the curtain rod slightly if possible so you can pull the curtains straight out of the frame so they don’t block the natural light. If you like a lighter look, choose linen or light cotton to still have the same window-enhancing effect with a softer, more subtle overall look.

And in a simple idea to make windows look bigger without letting your curtains float around the edges of the windows, leading to the attenuation of this all-important light, the report offers another idea, which is to extending curtain rod behind the frame, so that when the curtains are open, you get the benefits of expanding the space for the available natural light.

Designer Brooke Cobb suggests that where there is space, we often extend a curtain rod on either side of a windowsill so that the curtain can stack back on the sides and not block any natural light coming in from outside. It is timeless and always looks fantastic in any scheme, especially when mixed with other patterns.

And whether you have high ceilings or not, there are foolproof ways to add the illusion of height to a space. If you always want to give the eye a reason to go up, designer Mary Flanigan advises you to decorate the window, make the curtain rods just below the ceiling and make sure that the curtains are long enough to cover the floor as well. reach. two easy changes can create a sense of height and space. To make the window appear larger in size, add a cool window decoration.

And while we love the soft, luxurious look of curtains, if your window is just too small to handle all that material, window curtain ideas can be a more practical solution.

As a general rule, if you have a window that is less than 3 feet wide by 3 feet long, go for a curtain as the curtains will overwhelm the small window and choose curtains that move up and down rather than curtains that pull to the sides. It lets in as much natural light as possible.

Among the tricks the report resorted to was the use of wallpaper decorated with patterns and shapes or stickers around the windows, as this would create the illusion of a larger window frame.

Although it is not a popular trend in interior design to flood the place with color, it is a great trick to make small spaces look bigger as it blurs the edges of rooms, tricks the eye and creates the illusion of a create more space.

The report presents a technique that may conflict with the rules of design, which we constantly maintain is that light colors enhance natural light and make smaller spaces appear larger and brighter. Presenting a kitchen window idea that proves that sometimes it pays to ignore the rules! He presented a design that relied on painting the perimeter of the window in deep dark colors, which made the window appear larger and brought more light into the place, as dark walls and thresholds let light in, making the space illuminated and floods it with natural daylight. The use of the blind allows light to bounce off the floors and walls at different angles, enabling a playful juxtaposition of light and dark.

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