Hyundai celebrates the launch of the new 2023 Palisade in the Middle East | Image and news

Ammon – Hyundai today unveiled its flagship SUV, the new 2023 Palisade SUV, at a regional media event held in Dubai.
Completely improved, the new Palisade brings updated design on both the interior and exterior elements, and the new Palisade features not only new comfort and safety technology, but also ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance) systems.
“The new Hyundai Palisade reflects the best application of Hyundai’s design language and technological capabilities,” said Hyung Joong Im, Head of Hyundai Motor Middle East and Africa Headquarters. New design in the Palisade brings many new details, greatly improved luxury and convenience features, and many smart family-oriented technologies. These best-in-class features, combined with our commitment to quality, make the new Hyundai Palisade a formidable competitor in the family SUV segment. “.

Design: Class leading
The design of the new Palisade has been carefully refined to reflect leadership and a sense of luxury, starting with the shape of the grille, which is now wider, the cascading shape reflecting the shape of a powerful shield.
Characteristic of Hyundai’s notable design language is the new front lighting system that features vertically mounted LEDs, framing the sharp-edged grille.

From the side, the new 20-inch wheels have a new flat-mounted multi-spoke look. Also improving the powerful image, the new optimization detail on the lower front panel element. It also includes an extended hood profile.
The impressive spaciousness of Hyundai’s top SUV is emphasized by the bold C-pillars and panoramic side glass fascia.

From the rear, the iconic vertical LED taillights and lower skid plate detailing add to the wide stance.

The updated design also includes aerodynamic improvements, including a quick A-pillar angle, a trim on the side of the rear spoiler, a pre-cooling area with an extended interior air duct, aerodynamic underpanels and air deflectors of the rear wheels.

Inside: comfort, convenience and luxury in its truest sense
The new 2023 Palisade now comes with many comfort and luxury innovations for drivers and passengers. The driver’s seat with new Ergo technology, designed to provide comfort and help reduce fatigue during long journeys. Second-row passengers now enjoy improved comfort with additional wing-mounted headrests and seat ventilation for added comfort. Another smart tech feature intended to provide additional driver comfort is the full-screen “center digital” rearview mirror, which uses the rearview camera to allow the driver to see clearly behind the new Palisade without obstruction to passengers or cargo.

The large, user-centric 12-inch display features many apps and functions, including smartphone connectivity and mirroring capability.

New horizontal slim air vents give a sense of spaciousness and airiness. The instrument panel has been redesigned to create a more massive look with new ambient lighting patterns. The wireless charging capacity has also been upgraded from 5W to 15W for faster charging of the device.

The flagship family-oriented SUV’s interior conveys an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort, creating an extremely comfortable and cozy family space with standard seating for eight passengers ready for all family outings and excursions.
A practical new feature is the One-Touch Second Row Seat, which allows easy operation to move the seat forward and out of the way for easy access to and from the third row seats.

The third row offers fold-out/fold-out seats for extra comfort. Second row captain’s chairs are also optional. To charge the device faster throughout the interior, new USB-C ports have been added, providing additional convenience for all occupants. Furthermore, the handy, family-friendly feature of the Conversational Mirror allows the driver to clearly see the passengers behind.

Also very important tech features for the family are the Ultrasonic Rear Passenger Alert System, which monitors the rear seats to detect movements of children and pets, and reminds drivers to check the rear seats when exiting the vehicle; If the system detects movement in the rear seats after the driver exits the vehicle and locks it, the system is designed to help prevent children and pets from being left in the vehicle, but it can also help if children are accidentally locked.

The power and performance of a luxury family utility vehicle
The Palisade’s power comes from several engine options, starting with a 3.5-liter MPI V6 with 272 horsepower and 330 Nm of torque. For added performance, the 3.8-liter Atkinson cycle V6, CVVT dual valve timing system, direct injection engine delivers excellent power and efficiency. This 3.8 liter engine produces an estimated 295 horsepower and an estimated 355 Nm of torque. The Palisade delivers that power to the wheels through an upgraded eight-speed automatic transmission with multi-plate torque converter and offers both HTRAC and all-wheel drive, with a final drive ratio of 3.648 for confident acceleration. Palisade Performance is very quiet, with ample insulation under the hood, special sound deadening mats and drivetrain adjustment that produces a smooth, linear response.

The new Palisade offers Hyundai’s HTRAC AWD system, developed as a multi-mode system, which provides an electronically variable torque clutch, with active torque control between the front and rear axles. Driver-selectable HTRAC Normal, Sport and Smart modes help provide confident control in all weather conditions. The Sport setting provides a more agile feel by sending more available torque to the rear wheels, for a sporty, dynamic feel when desired. This system has a wider range of torque distribution variance than many competing systems, and is tuned for conditions such as straight-line acceleration, cornering at medium or high speeds, and hill launching.

New safety technologies and ADAS driver assistance
In family SUVs, safety comes first, so the 2023 Palisade comes with the latest safety and driver assistance features and technology. Cabin occupants have side impact airbag protection as standard. The ever-expanding range of advanced driver assistance systems includes many innovative technologies, including Forward Collision Avoidance Assist, Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist, Safe Exit Assist, Driver Alert, High Beam Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and Cross Traffic Assist. Collision Avoidance Assist, Reverse Park Collision Avoidance Assist and Remote Smart Park Assist.

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