Lopes: an equipped underground palace.. How do the rich prepare for the “Doomsday”? | Policy

No problem in ecological collapse, social revolution or nuclear war. Swiss company Oppidum eases the fears of the richest 1% on earth by providing safe and ultra-luxurious survival hideouts fit for billionaires.

With this introduction, the French magazine L’Obs opened – a report written by Dominique Nora – describing this project, where there is a very luxurious residence of more than a thousand square meters, including a helipad, a parking lot which half a dozen, a patio with a garden, an indoor swimming pool and a cinema hall Domestic, conference space and art gallery with shelves to hold gold bars, in addition to an area for the house staff, a kitchen closer to a restaurant , a spacious living area and dining room, with several bedrooms in a 5-star hotel atmosphere.

It is indeed a palace fit for billionaires and it is in fact – as the author says – an underground bunker, a comfortable castle of “military quality” designed to protect against the horrors of the end of the world with the smallest technical and aesthetic details by the Swiss company Opdium, which employs around 30 people in Lucerne and Prague.

The most beautiful bunkers

The founder of this opulent hideaway is Czech businessman Jakub Zamrazil (39), who worked in the field of luxury real estate and then digital marketing. land,” adding that he is still “in the beginning stages of permits and designs for his projects. , which will take 3 to 5 years.”

As for the minimum budget, it starts from 10 million dollars, 40 million for a “futuristic” conception and no less than 100 million for a more complex model whose interior architecture is signed by the Parisian office of Marc Pregent, which explains: “We worked with all the symbols of luxury that we already offer.” For our clients in Monaco, the Cote d’Azur or in the Middle East.

The sophisticated lighting system works to artificially recreate natural light so that it changes according to time, and the company’s website shows vast spaces where everything is luxurious, quiet and alive, from 5 meter high ceilings to dim lighting, noble materials and furniture signed by the best craftsmen on the planet.

The end of the world?

The marketing target of this startup, which launched in August 2022, is very large fortunes in the Middle East, California and Europe, but businesses of the size of “Doomsday” – as the magazine describes it – are new and disturbing, because the term “survival” was until now limited to marginal people in military uniform, playing the role of savior to protect their families.

In this case, the privileged are those who are seriously looking for an escape, and they can only be true millionaires or billionaires who live in luxury, but fear tomorrow, thinking that catastrophic events may occur such as environmental collapse, torrential rain, the fall of an asteroid, social revolution or business. Terrorism or resource scarcity with chaos, nuclear attack, solar storm, or even a deadly epidemic, so they want to prepare for the worst.

For this mission, Opdium promises to reassure them, a mansion fortified with “7 different modes of operation to withstand different types of environmental, civil and ballistic threats” and which can be reached by car after biometric verification at the entrance , and it is protected by several layers of reinforced concrete according to NATO standards. It has two industrial generators with giant battery backup, an emergency filtration and ventilation system that can withstand chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents, as well as a supply of nutritious food for “months or even years”.


As for the advantages of this castle, it is – as Ovid says – that its lucky owners will not have to go far to seek shelter and will not lose the wealth allocated to the construction of this luxurious hideout, because they can living in it daily in the absence of calamities, enjoying “peace of mind in the final refuge, at all times.” emergency” and thus the company promises “safety without sacrifice” with engineering “whose reliability can be compared to Swiss watch movements.”

The fear industry thrives – according to the author – every time a new threat occurs, such as the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the past, climate disasters, North Korean missile launches, or the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine now, so the American Larry Hall, a pioneer in this sector, designed a group of luxury apartments and communal infrastructure that were installed in a missile silo dug by the US Army in 1960 at a depth of 15 levels, around a Soviet -withstand nuclear attack.

In this context, the Californian company Vivos presents itself as providing a “rescue plan for humanity”, since its founder, Robert Vicino, bought a former military site of 4,600 hectares, with 575 shelters, which he bought and request can be converted into safe. , comfortable housing, as in Germany. .

It seems that this elite’s last nightmare – according to the author – is the rebellion of the losers in the system, because inequality increases, anger climbs the social ladder of the middle classes, and conspiracy theories fuel populism, which is why the elite are in Wall Street and Silicon Valley fear they will be the first target.

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