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25 years ago, in the winter of 1997, international cinemas showed the movie “Titanic”, which became an icon from day one. It is a movie that captivated young men and women around the world, reminding the older generation of the legendary movie “Love Story”, which achieved similar success when it was released in 1970.

And here today we celebrate the quarter century of director James Cameron’s film, which immortalized the giant ship through a very simple love story.

“Titanic” is ranked third in the list of the highest-grossing films in history, after James Cameron’s “Avatar” in 2009, and “Avengers: Endgame” in 2019, by achieving $202 billion at the global box office, In in addition to winning 11 “Oscars” to tie with “Ben-Hur” in 1959, and “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” in 2003.

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The enduring appeal of the story of the giant ship had already been exploited by books, plays, documentaries and other films long before the production of “Titanic”, making re-presentation a big risk, especially given the global interest in it. limited to the United States and Europe only, but the film that It was born on December 19, 1997. It managed to captivate the audience even in countries where the story was not popular before.

The film’s visual splendor and great attention to every detail cannot be denied, even for those who do not prefer romantic films, and scoff at the film’s fast-paced love story and melodramatic escalation of events as one of those Hollywood films . whose creators had to build almost everything from scratch, instead of simply relying on visual effects.

In the film we see the moments before the disaster, the panic of the ship’s passengers when they noticed their imminent death, the courage of some in exchange for the collapse of others through Cameron’s camera, which presented through sensitive and intelligent choices that rare behavior of people who reached the edge of despair and were close to death by drowning in the waters of an ocean without The end and the cold of the atmosphere exceeded zero.

He presented that tragedy from the same point of view he adopted in the story of Jack and Rose. Perhaps one of the most beautiful features of the film is the romanticism with which it presented the dying.

The film portrayed a steadfast bond that plays on despite the impending end, and presented the final feelings completely pure of the impurities of daily life, such as motherhood in its greatest form, love in its most delicate form, self-esteem, dignity and sincerity of the ship’s designer who united with it in its sinking.

The Titanic may be just a giant ship whose owners imagined it would not sink, but the “Titanic Cameron” was the personification of a great shipment of human feelings, manifested in the middle of a cold ocean and complete darkness, so that the ship itself becomes closer to an image of human life itself in its diversity.

The big budget of the film was 200 million dollars, so it looked luxurious at the time of its presentation to this day, and the audience will not forget the opening scenes that show the giant ship from the top of the luxurious, shiny deck to the bottom of the engine rooms .

The tender romantic story is also one of the main attractions of the movie “Titanic”. Some would argue that a movie about a real shipwreck that killed more than 1,500 people doesn’t really need a fictional romance to make viewers care. But the characters of Jack and Rose gave the film a different aspect from the usual disaster films, in addition to the inability of the plot to present a movie without characters who relate to it and wish for its survival, and the love story that stand against everyone. Obstacles to the death certainly has its own appeal.

The film has many small moments that trigger tears and make viewers feel sympathy, such as the old couple in bed awaiting death, the mother putting her children to bed as the ship sinks, and the violinists deciding to play a last song to be played .. scenes that were not entirely fleeting, as evidenced by many who still remember them. A quarter of a century has passed since it was first viewed and shown.

Where are the Titanic stars now?

Titanic was a great launch for its two stars, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. Both of them were at the beginning of their careers before this role, feeling their footsteps to find bigger roles for themselves, and they transformed overnight with stars whose pictures occupied the bedrooms of young men and women, and on clothes and all possible tools.

The two upcoming actors became icons, with their images taken from the film. But many actors who gained fame early, and with a very successful movie, could not pass this stage and remained trapped in one role, so what happened to Winslet and DiCaprio in the post-Titanic stage?

DiCaprio played the self-made Jack Dawson, a third-class passenger who wins a last-minute ticket to board the steamer, and falls in love with Rose, a first-class passenger. Although many actors auditioned for the role, DiCaprio got it easily.

After the film, DiCaprio went on to star in very successful films such as “The Aviator” and “Inception”, and he reunited with Winslet in the sad drama “Revolutionary Road”. And after receiving 5 Oscar nominations, he won it for the first time in 2015 with the movie “The Revenant”.

Before the film, Winslet played some of the leading roles in British films of limited fame, such as “Hamlet” and “Sense and Sensibility”. Without Rose’s role, she would probably continue doing independent films until she reached stardom after at least 10 years.

At the time, the 21-year-old beat out Hollywood actresses such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Claire Danes, and Cameron cast her as Rose.

In 2009, Winslet won an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in The Reader and in 2021 won an Emmy for her role in Mare of Easttown.

She reunited with director Cameron for his now-out-of-screen movie Avatar: The Way of the Water.

And it was written for “Titanic” to enter the history books as the greatest movie that presented the story of the famous shipwreck, introducing two stars who could make their way in Hollywood, becoming one of its most important stars and winning the highest awards, but most importantly it is still in the public memory as one of the most prominent modern classic films.

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