artificial intelligence in architecture; Information about the 2 most popular of their applications


artificial intelligence in architecture; With the acceleration of developments in various fields of life, scientists and developers are trying to improve the reality in architecture and arts in the world, so the artificial intelligence project was the one that saved effort and time. It relies on the processing of data and input at a high speed that enables the expansion of the visual base for designers, and providing many designs, proposals and presentation methods, providing appropriate solutions as soon as possible. In the article, we review the most popular utility applications, and ways to benefit from them.

Artificial Intelligence in Architecture

The term artificial intelligence in architecture is defined as the ability of digital machines and computers through systems and information to do human work such as mental processes, thinking and learning. By entering a set of data for it, analyzing and processing it, the concept of artificial intelligence began to enter the architecture in early 2015. A group of researchers and developers specializing in artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) worked on the development of computer technologies, which allowed computers. to automatically recognize the elements of images by adding the exact description of each photo.

After the success of this technology, another group of developers resorted to reversing the technology, as they tried to develop a technology that relies on converting written texts into images and displaying them, along with ‘ a set of proposals in the form of completely new designs that are not copied. That is, artificial intelligence in architecture is currently based on the process of entering a description in simple and accurate words in writing to obtain outputs of images, designs and proposals, depending on the description that the designer or engineer enters into the computer imported.

Applications of artificial intelligence in architecture

One of the first applications of AI systems in architecture is BIM (Building Information Modeling) based software, such as Nariswork and Revit software. As these programs in the architecture handle designs and process their data, as it has come to handle it as a single building with interconnected elements, and not just lines that are entered into the computer. The entrance design turns into elements with engineering and architectural implications whose quantities can be counted, their costs calculated and handled.

Taking applications of artificial intelligence in architecture as basic programs has led to a quantum leap in the engineering performance of various disciplines and architecture, and has contributed to saving time and effort significantly. In addition to enabling group and remote work on a single design and by multiple engineering disciplines, a group of sites also made it possible to benefit from artificial intelligence technology in architecture, and from applications of artificial intelligence in architecture. The most famous of them are the Midjourney site and the DALL-E-MINI site, since these sites are based on the input of an accurate description of everything that engineers or designers suggest in order to obtain accurate designs, so that many proposals for one description provided, and our article reviews information on the 2 most famous of its applications.

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Midjourney check-in

Midjourney is developed with AI technology, which relies on turning any imaginary text description into accurate design, graphics and artwork. Where the use of this innovation enables visual feedback and access to the initial design that the designer proposes, and to provide solutions and suggestions for modification and improvement. So it is possible to log in to the Midjourney website and experience artificial intelligence in architecture by following these steps:

  • Log in to the online browser.
  • You can create an account on the Discord platform, or download the special program on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Go to Midjourney.
  • Click the (sign in with Discord) button in the interface.
  • Log in to Discord and click on (sync).
  • After signing in, you can write (/imagine) at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the exact description of what you intend.
  • It shows 4 suggestions for the description you entered.

With this method of logging into Midjourney, you can try 200 images for a monthly subscription of $10, while the number of trials available is open for $30 per month.

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How to use Midjourney for free

Users can try Midjourney for free, as this free trial of AI in architecture allows only 10 images to be executed. The way to use Midjourney for free is as follows:

  • Open the browser and create an account as a guest without an email by clicking the (Add) button.
  • Click the (Continue without account) button.
  • Choose a username and interface color, then press the (Done) button.
  • Access a new browser page for the new account.
  • Go to the incognito browser that appears in black.
  • Write Midjourney in the location field at the top of the page.
  • Click the (join the Beta) button.
  • Enter the name and press the (continue) button.
  • Place a check mark on the box shown on the screen.
  • Confirm the account by identifying the agreement in the picture.
  • Enter the user’s birthday.
  • Close the window that appears on the interface.
  • Select one of the rooms (Room) on the left side of the page.
  • Scroll down and type (/imagine).
  • Type random characters for the server to recognize and confirm the account.
  • Enter the exact description in English of which the designer wants to know the results.
  • 4 solutions from the previous description appear after a few seconds.
  • Click (Open Original) to enlarge and save the image.

So the user will be able to learn how to use Midjourney for free, and try artificial intelligence in architecture 10 times for free. If you want to repeat the free trial, repeat the previous steps with a new account.

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DALL-E-MINI AI website

DALL-E-MINI website for artificial intelligence, the interface of the website is white, with the name of the website written in black and English, and an explanation of how to use the tool.

The DALL-E-MINI artificial intelligence website is another website similar to Midjourney, which is still in development as it simulates the previous website and is concerned with generating images through written text entered by the designer. And you can try to use the DALL-E-MINI artificial intelligence website, by following the following steps, to suggest the first design ideas with ease:

  • Access the DALL-E-MINI website from a browser with a computer or a mobile phone (via the link).
  • Write a group of words that describe the design to be visualized using artificial intelligence in architecture.
  • Click on the (Run) button.

Wait for a few minutes to get another set of suggestions from the DALL-E-MINI website for artificial intelligence, which depends on the website that processes the data entered into it and offers appropriate possibilities for the description, which as considered one of the artificial intelligence. techniques in architecture.

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The importance of using AI in architecture

The emergence of technologies and artificial intelligence in the field of architecture has led to many benefits, and the importance of using AI in architecture lies in its effort to improve the reality of smart architecture by obtaining fast and accurate analysis and modeling data . To prepare a set of proposals and easily modify them, in addition to enabling the client to visualize the project by presenting and presenting possible scenarios and possibilities in different ways and with the smallest details. It also helps the designer at the stage of preparing the architectural design idea (architectural concept) to see the architectural space, the design capabilities and ideas, test their suitability and choose the best among them. In addition to the importance of using AI in architecture to facilitate and accelerate the planning, design and implementation processes, with the highest quality and the least time and effort.

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The fate of architects is the presence of machine intelligence in architecture

A study conducted by the University of Oxford in the Department of Technology and Science confirmed that machine intelligence has the potential to change and replace 700 future jobs, but this never includes the work of architecture today. Architectural engineering is one of the special professions in which the architect cannot be dispensed with by machines and robots, as it requires human performance. Therefore, the fate of architects with the presence of machine intelligence in architecture is not currently threatened, but rather it is a tool that helps the engineer or designer to complete the work easier and faster.

How can artificial intelligence affect engineering?

It will facilitate the planning process by creating and storing large amounts of data, creating models and understanding the environment around the building, in addition to calculating the full cost required to complete construction work and passing it on to the engineer to shorten the time and the construction process.

How can artificial intelligence be used in design for people with special needs?

By defining shapes, symbols, colors, design patterns and other features, and categorizing different data as long as possible.

How will artificial intelligence affect people’s lives in the future?

Almost all data will be digitized, enabling the use of artificial intelligence in decision making and optimization.

Artificial intelligence in architecture is considered as one of the most important and latest applications and technologies that seem to have helped to facilitate the processes of thinking, designing and construction. Despite this, many concerns haunt engineers and designers. Some consider it a threat to the future of the profession despite the many benefits it offers today, but it also increases competition in the labor market and threatens many job holders, but it is; That is, artificial intelligence in architecture, skills can be learned to use it to provide progress and development for human architecture, in addition to building new systems to explore new ways to adapt systems to software and machine intelligence- using technology to serve people.

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