Interior designer Ghaith Maatouk: Some of my designs are inspired by paintings that I like

Lines he mastered the choice of colors from childhood, when drawing and coloring were one of his few cherished hobbies, although his family did not welcome his orientation towards architecture and design, but they soon began to support him, when this child turned into a boy who loves details, which the more it sinks into precision, He accepted the challenge with an even more daring spirit to transform his essence into an extraordinary state. Madam, the architect and interior designer Ghaith Maatouk, a Canadian of Syrian origin, met with a realistic view of the world of design.

Interior designer Ghaith Maatouk

Contrary to what everyone thinks, small projects need a deeper and more extensive study to be practical and beautiful at the same time, in which the designer offers solutions that transform every space into a place that can be exploited. Ghaith continues: “The smart project is what makes the customer’s life easier and more organized.” And psychological comfort, in terms of the space studied, the materials and colors used, and I am not tempted by the scale and scope of projects, but rather what makes me stick to it is the challenge and the client has faith in me that I am the right engineer who will give him the result he dreams of.

I understand the concept of luxury

A painting representing the family tree, with all its heritage details, tells the orientality of the place, a remarkable creativity from Ghaith’s ideas, on the wall of a family villa. To place the details of the space in my imagination, to to visit the owner of the spend time with him that brings the family together, to understand the concept of luxury that he has, his relationship with his personality, and the extent to which he respects the opinion of others take, like the woman who shares. the place with him, then I start to present my proposals of new models and ideas that meet his culture and way of life, But in a modern and practical way.

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A surprising artistic vision

A corner filled with a modern design chair

The loss of some raw materials made me think of alternatives that deviate from the usual design

A personality that loves art and its valuables even far from design, so what if it was present in one place, to give an infinite dimension to the place, and to express its simplicity in a surprising artistic vision changed. Here Ghaith stopped and looked at the large painting, which consumed the wall space and said: «This is my life and this is my personality, I am used to acquiring many works of art by Arab and foreign painters, and this can take my time to choose colors for a painting that merges with the charm of the place, no matter how small it is, and design without valuable works of art is like a body without a soul! Then I might be inspired to design an entire space from a painting or artwork I like, whether it’s from the client’s possessions or a work I saw in the gallery.”

Perspective manipulation

Ghaith compares people’s differences about small spaces and the desire to be unique in choosing their design, with mini ranges, which he says is no longer a problem these days with smart designs that take advantage of the smallest spaces to make the most of them in a practical and versatile way. However, he adds and says: “There are also ways to manipulate perspective to measure things. . As for disagreeing with me, it is out of the question; Because my proposed ideas usually fit the needs of the one who will benefit from the design space .. This does not eliminate the misunderstanding in some stages of the work, when the vision is not yet complete, so the judgment is hasty.

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Facilitate maintenance methods

A hall in which Lebanon can be referred to that painting that represents the entanglement of its colors

The void must be filled with positive energy that is transmitted to the user, so I live the customer’s day

Beauty and details represent two weaknesses for designer Ghaith, as he says. Anything beautiful steals his attention, and anything with thoughtful details steals his heart and mind. He comments and says, “Sometimes I exaggerate the investigation of matters that may not be the most important!”

Also the pitfalls he faced in his work, entering the market in this field at an age when he did not have enough experience, he continues and says: “The establishment of Ghayth Maatouk Design Studio and the selection of work personnel whose ideas complement each other are problems that time has removed.”

Ghaith remembers that design he accomplished alone, with a modest budget and a short time… Everything went through great tension until the apartment was delivered, on the required time and budget, saying, “The admiration of those around me filled me with the challenge to do the best.”

Although the raw materials are the basis of the design, their lack of availability does not mean its failure. Ghaith added: “The loss of some raw materials can be the reason to think of alternatives that make the design more distinctive because it is out of the ordinary. The two most important factors in design and creativity are to go out of the ordinary and outside the box to think… And green architecture is what we think about in all our projects, we strive to use environmentally friendly materials that do not consume much energy when in use, and our choices are often directed towards energy-saving devices and systems that run on solar energy work. Sustainability is also basic principles that are no less important than green architecture, as their designs have an added value, and I usually think about creating a beautiful, long-term design, in the easiest possible maintenance way.”

Everything is scattered

A person’s mental health is an essential factor in interior design. Ghaith believes that the interior architect is not only a designer but also a psychoanalyst and a social guide for the client. He continues and says: “The void must be filled with positive energy transmitted to the user, so I visit the client and live his day, to form an idea of ​​a pattern of his life; So that I can help him to to organize it.”

Ghaith gives an example of people who are not good at arranging their rooms, who are overwhelmed with chaos. Where there is no room for organization, he comments and says: “I create specific storage places that can easily be invisible, in which everything that is scattered can be placed, and the choice of the appropriate bed colors is very important for a person’s psychological health. “

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The bravest choices

Living room sofas in which the designer seems to exploit the corners

There is a big difference between the priorities of women and men in design, as Ghaith finds. The strangest request I’ve received is to design a room for a pet for a client’s wife.”

Ghaith’s work is not limited to small spaces, as he and his team do not consider the project space essential; Because they are designed for different projects (residential and commercial) of different sizes, he says, saying: “We are now working on a villa on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, its internal area is about 1,500 square meters, but I have advice to consider when designing small spaces:

  • Prioritize, considering your need for it.
  • Choose the appropriate design for the space, and be realistic about the requirements.
  • Don’t make the mistake of choosing furniture that is bigger than the space.
  • Increase the use of mirrors and light colors; Because it gives a sense of space.

the forty rules of love

Ghaith sees beauty in everything around him, and he is not associated with travel or vacation, and he has read more than one book at a time, but he focuses in the field of design on the book: Steal Like an Artist by Austin Cleon. In terms of literature, he admired the novel Forty Rules of Love by Turkish author Elif Shafak, adding: “I always have the idea of ​​establishing and designing an artistic cultural center to showcase the artistic and architectural talents of talented refugee children learn and support. who were not fortunate enough on a global level.”

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*Note: Photos are by interior designer Ghaith Maatouk

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