5 cars that revolutionized the automotive industry in 2022

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In 2022, the automobile has greatly improved Electric cars get unmatched mileage on a single battery Sports car performance has reached a new level Electric pickup trucks have invaded and claimed Here are five cars that are upending the industry and changing the way Americans drive.

1. Ford Lightning F-150

Ford Motor Company replaced the gas-powered engine in America’s best-selling pickup truck for 40 years with an electric motor and battery. What were the results?

F-150 truck Lightning The main role, who is basically identical to her sister F-150An instant hit, the Dearborn automaker estimates it will sell 15,000 units by 2022..

Truck availability F-150 Lightning What Truck Customers Care About Power, Performance, Towing Capacity and Driveability Due to supply chain constraints and rising material costs, Ford has had to significantly increase the price of a truck..

Tyson Jomini, vice president of statistics and analytics at JD Power, told CNN ABC News It’s the most important launch of electric cars since the Tesla Model 3, it changed people’s ideas about electric cars and it’s huge for the industry.”

And GMC’s Hummer EV has proven it can withstand the rigors of truck drivers, too. Thanks to its excellent rear steering, the 9,000-pound behemoth can nimbly punch rocks and deftly weave around small dirt trails, while also going 0 to 60 mph. run per hour. 3.0 seconds.

2. Corvette Z06

The 69-year-old Corvette will soon be replaced by an electric car, but before that happens, fans can the Z06 Newly released, with its all-new flat-plane crankshaft 8 engine, the crazy sports car excites and pleases drivers and passengers alike..

Corvette Executive Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter told Grid ABC News This car is more powerful than the previous version, it was a bit of a litmus test when we started the project, we weren’t sure if we could match the supercharged small block output of the engine, we did everything that we could.”

Was selected Z06 As one of the “10 Best Cars of 2023” by Car and DriverChevrolet, which said the “track-focused beast” puts “the exotic car industry on edge,” reached Corvette’s pinnacle with this model, according to Colwell..

“GM’s intention was to make this more exciting than the original Stingray,” he explained. “I am amazed that the Corvette team was able to convince GM executives to design an entirely new engine for this Corvette.”.”

Jack Holmes, co-star of the popular Cars channel, bought SavageGeese On YouTube, car Z06 When he found out, it would be one of the last rides Q8 High speed is naturally aspired to the market.

He told the network ABC News Look at Z06 It is the life’s work of its makers and no other car can match it in terms of value and performance.”

3. The McLaren Artura

In just 11 years, the British brand McLaren has amazed the motoring community with its beautiful lightweight supercars, one of the company’s most iconic forms of transport. P1It was a limited edition plug-in hybrid Q8 A twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter with a 132-kW electric motor (and fetched over $1 million when in production).

using a cable EVSE normal, can load Arthur 80% in around 2.5 hours, according to McLaren, the batteries can also harvest energy from the combustion engine while driving.

McLaren is now reintroducing electrification with the Artura, the company’s first series-production plug-in hybrid car. At 3,303 lbs, the Artura is the lightest and most fuel-efficient McLaren in its class thanks to a new powertrain and ergonomics. MCLA.

Engine generate Q6 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged electric motor and battery pack make 671 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque.

said Nicholas Brown, president of McLaren America Artora is easier to reach from P1 Our launch is a technological leap forward“.

According to Jamie Korstorveen, director of product planning at McLaren, the sports car, with McLaren’s signature bi-fold doors and dramatic louvres, has an estimated electric range of 11 to 19 miles, giving buyers the perfect balance of technology..

He told the network ABC News Customers want a combustion engine but also the flexibility of a hybrid drivetrain Small engine delivers excellent throttle response compared to our non-hybrid vehicles Combined with the versatility of an electronic mode Customers are already demanding the ability to drive in silence.”

According to Holmes, the hybrid powertrain and existing electronics still provide a lively and entertaining driving experience.

4. Kia EV6

Kia made a big impression this year with its EV6 electric crossover, its futuristic design and simple interior captivating the fickle customer.

But its primary selling point may be its fast charging times, on a 350kW charger the multiple charging architecture allows 800V EV6 Charge the battery from 10% to 80% in as little as 18 minutes (up to a range of 217 miles) (cold weather may affect charging rate).

Kia has announced a partnership with Electrify America to provide a buyer EV6 With a free charge of 1,000 kWh at any station Electrify America In the United States, many high-end electric vehicles on the market require a longer charging time and do not support the same design.

“Long charging times are a problem for many electric vehicle users,” said Steve Kosofsky, director of long-term planning at Kia. EV6 A watershed moment for Kia, both in terms of engineering and aesthetics.”

5. Lucid Air

Auto industry insiders have been waiting for a “Tesla killer,” and it just might be a company Lucid Motorsan upstart electric car manufacturer based in Arizona, is the company that will lead the industry.

Enjoy the model Bright Air Beautiful, the company’s first model, with an EPA-estimated range of 520 miles, 933 horsepower and a 0-60 mph sprint in less than two seconds, depending on trim, won the magazine’s 2022 Car of the Year- award won. MotorTrend of her sophistication and creativity.

Editor wrote MotorTrend Over Clear sky Lucid squeezes an impressive amount of mileage out of every kilowatt hour in this class-competitive luxury vehicle S”.

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson is a former vice president of vehicle engineering at Tesla and former lead engineer for Model One. SIt was a revolutionary electric car when it debuted in 2012.

Rawlinson and colleagues aim to reinvent the charging experience, with Lucid Editions Air Dream Edition And the Air Grand Touring With an electrical design of 900V+, making it the fastest charging car on the market.

Kim said who AutoPacific “Concerns about range and charging times are still one of the main reasons why people don’t want to go electric“.

The only downside to buying Clear sky It’s the cost, few Americans can afford an electric car from $87,400 to $249,900, alas..

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