9 billion dirhams The annual increase in the contribution of sports to the GDP in Dubai

2022 has been distinguished as the year of sports par excellence in the UAE and the world, through the organization of all tournaments and the full return of the public to attend the competitions on the field.
Photos of the participation of Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of the Executive Council Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, with more than 193,000 participants in the Dubai event taking place, as part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge on Sheikh Zayed Road in the heart of Dubai, which has turned into the largest running track in the world. On the status of sports in Dubai and its continued growth and the achievement of many records in the field of increasing awareness of the importance of sports and the number of practitioners of all kinds, thanks to the government’s supportive approach to sports and the availability of high-level facilities and organizational expertise capable of hosting and organizing the largest international tournaments and forums.

Sports support the economy
The report prepared by the Dubai Sports Council by an international house of expertise revealed that the contribution of sports to the GDP of the Emirate of Dubai has increased to more than 9 billion dirhams annually, with ‘ a contribution rate of 2.3% of Dubai’s GDP, and the sports sector supports the provision of 105 thousand jobs, which This has been achieved through the great and continuous growth of the sports sector in all its aspects related to the sector of organizing sports events, as well as the sports industry, and the increase in the number of participants and audiences at events and tournaments from within and outside the country and the growth of sports tourism.

The year 2022 saw a significant growth in the number of various annual sports events, which included more than 103 international events and tournaments, led by the World Rowing Championship, the largest of its kind in the history of the world championship, the Dubai World Golf Championship, the largest of its kind in terms of tours, participants and awards, and the World Tennis League. Who was born in Dubai and participated in its first edition of the world’s elite male and female players, and its competitions in the Coca-Cola Arena more than 42 thousand spectators and millions of viewers through 125 international channels, as well as hosting two rounds of the World Beach Volleyball Championship and the 11th edition of the Confederation Cup for Beach Soccer, and the launch of the “Dubai Super Cup” tournament, whose first edition was held at Al-Maktoum Stadium in Al-Nasr Club during the 2022 World Cup, was attended by the English teams Liverpool and Arsenal, the Italian Milan and the French Lyon, and his four matches were seen by more than 50 thousand. spectators and millions through international channels, and many other tournaments and events International, which have an average of 2 stays every week of the year.

The number of companies registered in Dubai and specialized in the field of organizing sports events and training camps has increased to 700 companies, and the number of various sports academies has also increased to 400, as well as the number of fitness centers and specialized sports centers operating to 400 each, and the number of clubs in Dubai has increased to more than 100, while the number of sports in which events and tournaments are organized in Dubai is 55.

The growth of international training camps
The year 2022 witnessed a significant increase in the number of training camps held in Dubai by teams and teams for various sports, Olympic and world champions throughout the year, and the number of international training camps reached more than 120 camps held in the “Hamdan Sports are distributed”. Complex”, which offers training and tournaments in many sports. As well as in the Nad Al Sheba sports complex and on the many clubs and resorts in Dubai, which include stadiums and integrated sports facilities, and has gained international fame and international teams and clubs place it at the forefront of the destinations it visits annually for training and recreation.

Tournaments and sports tourism
The year also saw a growth in the number of athletes and supporters from outside the country, as more than 31,000 athletes from outside the country participated in tournaments and events, and more than 713,000 supporters of various nationalities attended, of which a large number came from outside the country, while The number of local events reached 165, in which more than 1.77 million participants of 200 nationalities from all countries of the world took part, and were attended by more than 220 thousand fans, which represents an important addition to the sports tourism sector.

Dubai also witnessed the organization of 12 sports conferences and exhibitions, the main ones being the 17th Dubai International Sports Conference and the 13th Dubai Globe Soccer Awards, which witnessed a distinguished and distinguished presence of international soccer stars, as well as the historic reconciliation between Mohamed Salah and Sergio Ramos, and the image was the most spread on the level Although the event is approaching the start of the 2022 World Cup.

The number of events dedicated to women has reached 58, with a rate of more than one event every week, while 31 eSports tournaments have been held, testifying to great growth and the participation of international companies and athletes from outside the country .

Dubai destinations
The Dubai Sports Council has been keen to organize various sports events and tours in international and global tournaments in important areas of Dubai’s tourist destinations, including the Marmoum Reserve, Jumeirah and Hatta, which during the year 2022 will host more than 62 activities in various sports for professionals counted persons. and amateurs of different nationalities.

Continuous development of the work system
During the year 2022, the Dubai Sports Council continued to develop rules and regulations to keep up with developments in the country and the world. The second edition of the Hamdan bin Mohammed medal for educational sports schools was launched, as well as the update of the ninth edition of the Sports Excellence Model for the 2020-2023 sports seasons to honor clubs and football companies. The superior footing in the field of achievements based on financial competence, as well as focusing on individual awards for the young and talented.

The Council continued to develop the technical and administrative cadres working in Dubai and more than 100 coaches from various categories participated in the annual Dubai Club Coaches Forum for football teams alone, while the Council was keen to use the opportunity offers for national coaches who work. with the first team and the reserve team in Dubai clubs to attend training Milan Club in Dubai and learn about the training methods used by the ancient club, which gives our coaches an opportunity to enrich their experiences and increase their expertise.

At the administrative level, the Council gave executives and a number of workers in various administrative fields in Dubai clubs the opportunity to share the important lecture on inspirational management, building strong teams and a successful system for competitions, which was held at the Council ‘s headquarters was delivered, to attend. by David Dean, a major shareholder in the former Arsenal club, who is considered to be the mastermind in the club. The launch of the English Premier League in 1992.

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