Carpet and curtain designs in 2023 natural textures and bright colors

A warm house is like a precious treasure… In the presence of carpets and curtains, the two elements that affect the decorations of interior spaces, warmth is inevitably achieved, and note that carpets are synonymous with comfort and luxury, and curtains , regardless of their texture, express feminine touches.

Rugs from Nadine Kanso’s All Eyes collection for Iwan Maktabi

Gone are the days when the floor covering was reduced to small pieces of carpets scattered here and there, as it is noticed that the carpets are now bigger in terms of size, and colored in bold colors (rich browns, greens, oranges, shades of yellow, warm terracotta, elegant coral or purple…), in line with current fashion. There are also rugs that are characterized by their neutral colors to keep the decor cohesive. Add to the usual carpets, there are those striped or checkerboard (similar to a chessboard) or its patterns inspired by popular organic forms …

The curtains, in turn, after being white for a long time, will be colored in beige in 2023 and woven from cotton, linen or silk, so that velvet will retreat. When it comes to the design of curtains, the transparent and the opaque will still meet the needs, no matter how different they are. The preferred taste is for plain or printed fabrics with natural leaves, flowers or abstract patterns, with some designers tending to make many layers of curtains of different thicknesses, as well as fusing plain fabrics with each other, or with those with engravings.

Whatever the style of curtains or carpets in 2023, the lesson is in the conclusions, that is, in matching the curtains and choosing carpets for each room of the house, in a way that matches the others components of furniture and design work.

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Roller rugs are larger in size and boldly colored

functional and aesthetic

Rugs from the Orientations collection by designers david/nicolas, for Iwan Maktab

The Algerian architect and interior design engineer living in Dubai, Halima Moskam, emphasizes the importance of the presence of carpets and curtains in the home, both functionally and aesthetically. Therefore, she advises readers to allocate part of the budget to these two basic elements, at the beginning of the home renovation workshop, to avoid falling into poor choices, which do not show the interior spaces in their most beautiful clothes.

A rug from the All Eyes collection by Nadine Kanso, for Iwan Maktabi

Jute, sisal, wool and pile

A rug from the All Eyes collection by Nadine Kanso, for Iwan Maktabi

About the carpet fashion in 2023, the engineer says: “Natural materials will dominate, and they will include jute and sisal. These two materials are suitable for the modern country style, in decoration, without neglecting wool and the luxurious pile of luxurious rooms and halls.” And he pointed out that “the pieces of carpets, which look like paintings, advance to the front of the facades, with the aforementioned “paintings” covering the floors or occupying the walls.”

Halima Mosqam

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And the multitude of the following instructions, when buying carpets:

Carpet by Iwan Maktab
  • Determine the correct size for each piece, in relation to the size of the room and the nature of the furniture.
  • Examine the carpet material, accurately, with a preference for quality, and pay attention to the function of each room; For example, the living room needs a “durable” carpet that can withstand a lot of scrubbing, while the hall is covered with beautiful and luxurious carpets that match the color of the furniture, and the bedroom is covered with small pieces of calm colors.
  • Choose neutral colors, whether for carpets (or curtains), without leaning towards elements that make the decorations in the room unimaginable.
Carpet by Iwan Maktab

The successful decoration integrates curtains and carpets in the rooms of the house, in harmony with the furniture and design work.

Soft and luxurious touch

Image courtesy of architect and interior designer Halima Moskam

As for curtains, their natural fabrics, of linen, cotton and silk, will be popular in 2023, according to the engineer, who explains that “the aforementioned fabrics have been popular in the sewing of curtains for some time, but they will be known in the new year’s glare, with the increasing tendency to organic materials, which help to absorb the sun’s heat and create an ideal atmosphere in the void.The engineer prefers neutral colors for the curtains, of white, beige or cream colors, in residential projects to choose to match the furniture, as well as the soft material of “chiffon” and linen, for soft and luxurious touches, at the same time, in the hall of a contemporary character.

Image courtesy of architect and interior designer Halima Moskam

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