Children’s rooms..a fun paradise

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Children’s rooms are their little paradise in which they enjoy moments of calm and comfort, and spend a lot of time in it to study and play, so the mother should take care of her child’s bedroom and design it well, as it is an important element. in the formation of the child psychologically and creatively.

The design of the room must meet the needs of the child and give him a sense of security through harmony and consistency in the choice between the color of the walls, floors, bed and curtains, right down to the appropriate accessories for the room.

For example, regarding the walls: wallpaper is the best, and it gives elegance to the room because of its cheerful colors, and it also gives space to the room. Adopting a single color such as pink or sky blue, bearing in mind that the paint is easy to clean and dries quickly.

Floor covering: It plays a clear role in the sense of spaciousness, therefore it is desirable that it is parquet, as it is highly practical, and for more safety for the child, it prevents him from slipping. Thick, modern carpets in bright colors , and cheerful childish shapes with prints for children should be chosen.

Bed: The mother must find a safe bed for her child, preferably made of wood.

Curtains: light material for easy washing, and beautiful colors that attract the attention of the child.

Accessories: Among the most important accessories to be taken care of are the bedding, rugs and wall stickers that will give the room a distinctive and elegant look.

Delicious thoughts

The children’s room is one of the important rooms in the house, so it must be cared for and made attractive for your children with its delightful decor and distinctive accessories, therefore we offer you a set of new ideas suitable for your children’s room, including:

Bunk beds are the perfect choice for children’s rooms with narrow spaces, but it should be considered to provide separate lighting for each bed separately to avoid disputes between young children about whether the light should be turned on or off.

The brightly colored ceiling in the baby’s room will be the first sight he sees when he wakes up.

The space under the bed can be used to place boxes for storing toys, as well as extra mattresses for children.

Decorating the child’s room with the first letter of his name, which is large and prominent, will give him more privacy.

In girls’ rooms, there are many unique and special ideas, including adding a light curtain of tulle or chiffon in pink to the bed.


German accessories inspired by the French garden

The German brand Villeroy & Boch is characterized by the elegance of its accessories for porcelain tableware, as the famous brand offers unique designs for spring and summer 2014, characterized by its cheerful colors inspired by the French garden, and reflecting a special mix for your table.

The new collection by Villeroy & Boch is characterized by the cheerful spring colors and patterns that imitate the beauty and joy of nature in the spring season, by touches of fun in the patterns and formations of refreshing and lively fruits, for cutlery and accessories for a signature experience for lovers of elegance and distinction.


Brightly colored bedding

Children’s room accessories have become one of the basic principles of decoration because of their influence on the child, so treat your child to a very special mattress for his bed that features the cartoon character he loves. As for the girls’ bedrooms, they should be distinguished by the bright colors that young girls love, reflecting that calmness and serenity.

The covers should be suitable in color and shape for the room, to help your child develop his wide imagination, and to make his bedroom a special place for him, so you should not neglect the bed cover because it carries to give a special atmosphere and a different look to your child’s bedroom.


Happy stickers

To complete the decor of his room, the child needs wall stickers, because they play a big role in its decoration and are considered one of the most beautiful accessories that can be used in different areas of the child’s room, giving him a pleasant and loving atmosphere.

Therefore, there are many distinctive ideas that we offer you for wall stickers for children’s bedrooms, for example, colorful flying butterflies can be added to the walls of the children’s bedroom in bright colors, or wall frames in the shapes of animals that your child likes. such as: elephant, lion, giraffe or favorite cartoon character.


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