Doctors for the East: Seasonal Flu = Corona



Doctors for the East: Seasonal Flu = Corona

14 September 2022, 07:00

Hadeel Saber

A number of doctors and specialists have warned of the dangers of seasonal flu, especially for the elderly and those with chronic illnesses of all ages, and are calling on members of the public to respond to the annual seasonal flu vaccination campaign, launched by the Ministry of Public Health yesterday in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation, Primary Health Care and a number of hospitals. And health centers in the private sector, which will enable community members to receive seasonal flu vaccinations free of charge in all health centers of the Primary Health Care Corporation and outpatient clinics of Hamad Medical Corporation, and in more than 45 private and semi-private hospitals and clinics across the country .

A number of doctors interviewed by Al-Sharq confirmed that seasonal flu accounts for a number of deaths due to infection worldwide each year, requiring all segments of society to adhere to infection control protocols that include washing hands and crowding places to avoid, especially when symptoms of respiratory infections appear, such as an increase in infection Temperature or cough and other symptoms, considering that the use of protective face masks, “the muzzle”, even if it is no longer mandatory in most places not, it is necessary to comply with it in the case of seasonal flu to protect others from the risk of infection, while observing the etiquette of sneezing and coughing.

A number of doctors have suggested an increase in the number of seasonal flu infections for the current period, due to the low levels of immunity against flu due to its low incidence in the last two years due to the spread of the Corona- virus “Covid-19 “, emphasizes the need not to be complacent, especially to transmit it to the elderly and patients with chronic diseases.

Dr.. Hassan Al-Sawaf: Beware of underestimating it

Dr. Hassan Al-Sawaf, a consultant in respiratory diseases and intensive care, emphasized the need to comply with infection control protocols, and not to link or associate it only with the Corona virus “Covid-19”, since precautions are important is and should not be underestimated, even from an individual point of view, such as during the period of compliance with protective face masks. Reduced rates of seasonal flu infection worldwide, and this is an indication of the importance of following the precautions that the Ministry of Public Health emphasizes every year with the entry into the flu season.

Dr. Al-Sawaf added, “The most common viral infections during this period are (A and B), so it is important to be careful and avoid contact with the elderly when they have the flu or those suffering from chronic diseases, especially tumors and immune diseases Some believe that it is a normal matter that their injury may require admission to the hospital to receive treatment under the supervision of medical teams due to the deterioration of their health condition, therefore it is important to observe the precautions established even before the Corona virus pandemic to protect vulnerable groups from the risk of infection.

Dr. Hassan Al-Sawaf advised obtaining the seasonal flu vaccine, which contributes to the prevention of infection to some extent, and to alleviate the symptoms associated with the disease in the event of infection.

*Dr. Muhammad Al-Bujerami: Low immunity made the flu worse

Dr. Muhammad Al-Bajerami – Senior Consultant, Ear, Nose and Throat – revealed an increase in the number of seasonal flu infections and warned that it is essential not to neglect its treatment due to the possibility of it turning into a bacterial infection can change the sinuses, and it can also affect the lower respiratory system, causing severe pneumonia in the elderly. Asthma patients and also smokers, therefore it is important to get the flu vaccine to prevent seasonal flu.

Dr. Al-Bajerami explained, “The number of infections, especially among asthmatics, is increasing significantly, and the infection with influenza has become worse than it was, and he suggested the reason for the decrease in the levels of immunity against influenza as a result from to its lack of distribution in the last two years due to the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19).Therefore, those with asthma should be careful, and take care of their sprays and bronchodilators to prevent the condition from worsening. “

Regarding the need to obtain the seasonal flu vaccine, Dr. Al-Bajerami said: “The World Health Organization works through research centers around the world to analyze flu samples in countries around the world, and based on the results, the vaccine is produced from 3 strains of the most common flu in that year, with the aim of Prevention and reduction of severe symptoms.

*Dr. Rashad Lashin: Getting infected with flu is no less dangerous than Corona

In turn, Dr. Rashad Lashin – a pediatrician and adolescent doctor – saw that the easing of precautions due to the Corona virus “Covid-19” does not justify the negligence of a number of societal groups with infection control measures in the case of seasonal flu, and the etiquette of coughing and sneezing, pointing out that the majority of those who If they develop respiratory symptoms, they undergo a quick test, and if the result is negative, the person considers that he has no responsibility to stay . home, or to avoid some groups to prevent the transmission of infection, and some families send their children to school in case of infection, the case that contradicts infection transmission protocols, especially since seasonal flu is no less dangerous than the Corona- virus in recording deaths, since, according to the World Health Organization, seasonal flu affects one billion people, of whom 650,000 die annually.

Dr. Lashin emphasized the importance of using the “muzzle” in case of infection as an individual behavior that reflects the individual’s zeal not to be a cause of the transmission of infection to some vulnerable groups, as schools and the media has an awareness-raising role. which must be played, emphasizes the need to comply with infection prevention protocols in schools and places Work and gatherings, since infection with influenza contributes to a decrease in immunity and therefore the speed of the patient’s response to any disease.

Dr. Referring to the reasons behind the necessity of getting the seasonal flu vaccine, Lashin said: “There are flu strains that are renewed every year, and that is why the seasonal flu vaccine is renewed, as the vaccine works to protect the person against protect against infection.range and contribute to increasing immunity It is considered important for patients with chronic diseases such as kidney patients and the elderly.

*Dr. Ahmed Saeed: We are seeing an increasing number of cases of influenza

Dr. Ahmed Saeed, a general practitioner, confirmed that the current period sees double numbers of people with seasonal flu in emergency departments, and the majority of cases are children and the elderly, as there is a group of people who do not realize that the risk of infection after some groups, as they have seasonal flu. They do not pose a danger to others, but instead live their lives without meeting the minimum standards to avoid transmission of infection, by isolating themselves or a “muzzle” when they leave the house, and they commit to sterilize or wash their hands when they sneeze, and avoid touching surfaces in case their hands are not sterilized. The protocols are not associated with the Corona virus “Covid-19”. procedures are known for a long time, and those suffering from respiratory symptoms should work, adopt and follow to reduce the chances of infection, especially for people who may be infected with the intensive care rooms.

Dr. Ahmed Saeed called on schools of all educational levels to spread awareness among all students, especially since the school is one of the most infectious environments, and to train them on ways to reduce infection to create a disease-free school environment to ensure.

* Al-Zubayr’s song: A healthy life limits infection

Mrs. Ghinwa Al-Zubair – a nutritionist and holistic health trainer – was of the opinion that prevention is better than a pound of treatment, especially during this period when the country and the countries of the world are witnessing an outbreak of seasonal flu, pointing out that prevention can be represented by a healthy lifestyle through a person’s careful choice of his meals, especially those that contribute to high levels of immunity, by taking care to eat vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin (C), such as kiwi , orange and other fruits and vegetables, and recent studies have shown that those who suffer from a deficiency of vitamin (D) are more exposed to seasonal flu than others, and it came. Corona virus more than others, so the person must obtain it from natural sources such as exposure to the sun in the early morning or afternoon hours, and it is also important to focus on zinc sources that contribute to the strengthening of immunity and which can obtain seafood, meat, eggs and legumes and nuts for vegetarians It is also important to introduce ginger and natural turmeric in the stages of food preparation using its grated form, and recommend eating raspberry fruit. As an important source of antioxidants to fight disease.

And Ghinwa Al-Zubair continued by saying that in the case of seasonal flu, it is also necessary to focus on sources of vitamin C, and liquids, especially herbs, but it is advised to consume them in moderation, as well as bone broth, because of its importance for intestinal health due to the beneficial proteins known as electrolytes, since their balance is important. For cells and organs to work normally, with the need to get enough rest and sleep.

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