Hamad Medical Corporation warns against heating with coal in homes and campsites without ventilation



Hamad Medical Corporation warns against heating with coal in homes and campsites without ventilation

13 February 2020, 07:00

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Doha – East

Hamad Medical Corporation warned against the use of coal or wood for heating in closed spaces due to the possibility of suffocation, poisoning or other complications that could cause death. Wrong ways can lead to suffocation due to lighting coal for heating in closed rooms or in tents.

In this context, Dr. Jalal Saleh Al-Esayi, consultant emergency medicine and vice president for institutional affairs, emergency department at Hamad Medical Corporation, confirms that lighting coal for heating in a closed room results in the place being filled with toxic carbon monoxide gas that a person can breathe and reaches the blood and is linked to blood hemoglobin Carries oxygen, which leads to the displacement of oxygen from hemoglobin, so carbon monoxide reduces the proportion of oxygen the body needs for breathing.

Dr added. Al-Esayi: “Within 5-20 minutes after burning coal or wood, symptoms of poisoning can appear, and the appearance of these symptoms can be delayed for hours or sometimes for several days and weeks after exposure to carbon monoxide Inhalation Symptoms of poisoning can be in the form of headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms similar to Symptoms of a cold, and in the most severe cases appear muscle spasms and fainting due to the lack of blood supply necessary for the heart and brain, and the risk of these symptoms increases for children, pregnant women, and people who have chronic heart disease, respiratory problems, or anemia.

Dr. confirmed Al-Esayi said that with the appearance of symptoms of suffocation by coal, windows should be opened immediately for ventilation, to extinguish the coal, and go out to an open place to breathe fresh air, and immediately a ambulance to call for help, explaining that these cases are handled in the emergency department by giving the injured doses of oxygen gas for breathing and then the percentage of carbon monoxide in the blood is measured from time to time to measure the extent of its gradual decrease in the body be noticed, and the injured person remains under emergency clinical observation for a period varying between 24-48 hours, and for cases most exposed to carbon monoxide gas, they are admitted to a special room to breathe oxygen, where they are breathing 100% oxygen and at a high atmospheric pressure equal to about ten times the normal pressure.

And to ensure the best practices that the public should follow for warmth and safety during the winter season; The emergency medicine consultant advised the need to replace heating with coal by using electric heating devices or heaters for heating, making sure that the electric heater or heater is purchased from a well-known and reliable store and that it meets international standard specifications, and to keep the electric heater at a distance of at least one meter from flammable materials such as curtains Table covers, blankets and bed covers Electric heaters must also be connected directly to the electric socket and not through a wire connection, since the use of wire connections, especially those equipped with multiple outlets increase the electrical load, leading to the burning of the safety fuse or to the occurrence of fire due to overheating and melting of the wire connection.

It is also necessary to ensure that the electric heater is kept at a distance from the area where the children are, and it is advisable to place the heater in an area out of the reach of children under four years of age, while children are educated and be educated. that the electric heater is a source of intense heat and that contact with it causes burns. Electric heaters should be kept away from corridors and places where children move frequently. It must also be ensured that the automatic timing systems (timers) in the electric heaters work well, and make sure that the heater is switched off when leaving the room to avoid a fire.

* Heating in camping areas

Dr. Jalal Al-Esayi stressed that people who camp should pay attention to the danger of heating by burning coal and firewood inside closed camping areas, which causes fires in addition to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dr. pointed out. Al-Esayi stressed the need to refrain from using traditional heating methods such as burning pots, torches, barbecue ovens, heating stoves, gas ovens, etc., and to replace them with licensed and safe heaters. You should also be careful about starting fires in closed spaces. To avoid eye injuries such as sensitivity and redness, which cause itching in the eye and can lead to serious injuries, you should go to the doctor immediately in case of any injury. As for lighting a fire for necessity, such as cooking food, it should be done in a hole far from the tents, the depth of which is not less than 60 cm, to bury the coal in it, and on a distance of not less than 5 meters from the tent.

Dr. Al-Esayi advised the campers to ensure the availability of simple means of extinguishing fires in the camping areas, such as a fire extinguisher or a thermal blanket within the camping grounds, along with the availability of simple first aid such as fire salve and medical antiseptics, to to intervene quickly in the event of any fire.

Safety advice always provided to campers includes the need to choose tents made of materials resistant to fire, heat and cold, and one should refrain from smoking in places where there are flammable materials and ‘ a fire can occur in it. to the need to tightly close the valves of portable gas stoves when not in use Safe storage of fuel containers, and if there are children with the campers, it is advised to permanently follow the children during their participation in the various recreational activities at end to ensure their safety. In the event that the coal burner (Doh) is used inside the tent while sitting or waking up, it must be ensured before entering the tent that the coal has entered a state of fusion, leaving openings in the tent for the entrance of the tent. the air current so that the air inside the tent is constantly renewed, and in all cases the torch must be extinguished Charcoal (doh) before you go to sleep, and if children are present in the camping areas, they must be constantly monitored and ensure that they keep away from the coal lighter or any other sources of fire, high heat or hot surfaces.

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