Indian restaurants with the flavor of “Bollywood” movies

Imagine eating your favorite food, and make your memories worthy of a great movie experience.

From quirky decorations, amazing decor and posters of your favorite actors, to crazy movie references and Bollywood inspired dishes. And from the adoption of Indian films in their advertising positions, and the release of film dialogue or songs on the names of the ingredients of the menu, restaurants bearing the imprint of Bollywood have become more widespread and common in the Indian interior.

Priyank Sokhia opened Light Camera Action, a traditional Bollywood themed restaurant for all movie lovers, living in a Bollywood atmosphere: the directors’ tripod, cameras and Bollywood music are key marketing components of the new restaurant.

Therefore, the “Light Camera Action” restaurant can be said to be a fun, exotic place, with paintings and artworks, and shows with popular dialogues from the real Bollywood atmosphere, similar to the phrase “Mera Pas Ma Hai” (my mother is next to me) from the film “Dewar” production. 1975, and many more.

“We Indians love the flavors of our movies,” says Sukhiya. I wanted to give all food and music lovers a new experience, so we have daily music nights.”

Restaurant “Garam Dharam”

Relive Bollywood experiences all over again

Are you a “Bollywood” kid like most Indians? Do you sleep in a movie atmosphere, eat movie flavor, or do anything else inspired by movies?

If the answer is: yes, then now you can really go for a taste of Bollywood. No joke here.

Mumbai Matinee Café is packed with 90s Bollywood glamour. Its walls decorated with various movie posters are full of facts, quotes from different actors and actresses, and the reggaeser-style menu makes the experience sweeter and sweeter.

With its signature blend of food and movies, Mumbai Matinee Café is an invitation to its patrons to live the best days of their lives. Where the furniture is funky with napkin holders made from old cassette cases, and bills are handed to you on tape reels. The ceilings of the cafe are covered with old record labels. The walls have been renovated and refurbished in the style of old movie posters. So anyone interested in such film culture finds the Mumbai Matinee restaurant surprising, perhaps bewildering.

Located in Noida, on the outskirts of the capital, Delhi, Bollywood Café is the brainchild of couple Prateek and Sib Gambhir. Giving the details of the thinking behind this concept, they say, “The idea of ​​the Bollywood-inspired cafe came about during our college days itself, when we – like other youngsters – spent a lot of time watching movies and dining in restaurants. eat We always envisioned merging the two together into one entity, and the idea is to give our customers a place to relax and remember some of the best days of their lives.”

The Mumbai Matinee Café is not only for young people but also for the elderly, who can taste the amazing food in this restaurant. The cafe offers a wide variety of delicacies, but among the dishes that should not be missed there: pasta in white sauce, stuffed mushrooms, and lamb «mutton rogan josh».

Restaurant with decorations taken from Bollywood movies

“Garam Dharam”

Likewise, vibrant Bollywood posters, unusual decorations, bright lights, and most importantly, delicious food make Garam Dharam, in the heart of Delhi, the perfect place for family dinners and family gatherings. Featuring films and dialogues by veteran actor Dharmendra, the restaurant takes this as the main theme of its ambiance.

“Veteran Bollywood hero Dharmendra is still everyone’s favourite,” says Umang Tiwari. He was like the ruler in the hearts of his lovers since his youth, as well as his films, dialogues and legendary songs. With that in mind, we thought of prioritizing the first restaurant inspired by him and his work. He gave us his opinions on the restaurant’s interiors by letting us know about his favorite movies and dialogues. And then the (Gharam Dharam) restaurant became a home for those who enjoy the simplest elements of life, of delicious food and good music.”

After making a splash in Delhi with great food, great service and a great place to visit with your grandparents and kids, another branch of Garam Dharam has opened in Haryana, with a capacity of 1,200 people .

The place contains many strange angles that make you fall in love with it, with a strange entrance to the biggest tank, which brings back memories of Dharmendra’s favorite scene of the tank from his classic movie “Sholai” produced in 1975, like the place can evoke nostalgia for actor Dharmendra’s films in the hearts of the pioneers.

And since these restaurants not only provide customers with food, but an experience they can be proud of, they attract a large number of customers. Restaurants located in or near the cinema also attract customers who just go out to watch movies.

Covering an area of ​​around 1,500 square feet, Filmy Café and Bar is definitely one of the most attractive and entertaining cafes for visitors in Delhi. The cafe has two different sections dedicated to Bollywood and Hollywood. With walls full of posters of famous Bollywood and Hollywood movies, dialogues and quirky collectibles like Amir Khan’s PK radio, war helmet from “300” and so on, the place has two separate sections, one dedicated to Indian cinema and the other to its American counterpart.

They each have their own different furniture and decorations, as well as one thing in common, which is the essence of Bollywood and Hollywood respectively; Where the walls are decorated with characters, movies, movie dialogues and their favorite characters.

The Bollywood corner of the cafe showcases examples like the movie “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun” 1994, the movie “Qayamat Si Qiamat Tak” 1988, the aforementioned “Sholai”, the movie “Dilwale Dulhania Lee Jayangi” 1995, and the movie “ Andaz Apna Apna” 1994, etc. On one side of the cafe. On the other hand, we watched some great dialogues that evoked nostalgia for the beautiful past. So that your memory fades into oblivion as soon as you read that phrase: “Pasanti en cotton ki samni mat nashna to all is well” We all have wonderful memories related to these dialogues.

Well, anyone will feel inspired by this amazing place. They are not abstract walls, but rather strange cushions of other characters and dialogue scattered beneath them.

As for the Hollywood corner, it is filled with memories of “Agent 007”, films: “Casino Royale”, “Day Another Day” and “From Racha with Love”, not to mention the films of the hero Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t.

The Hollywood corner of the cafe had large, luxurious, golden sofas, while the Bollywood corner had vibrant white and blue furniture.

“Since cooking is my only passion, I wanted to open an exotic restaurant for all the people of Delhi,” says Bhuvan Singh, the founder of the cafe. And there is nothing better than opening a cafe and bar that has the same character of Bollywood and Hollywood, in one of the oldest buildings in (Canute Place), and next to the big cinema.

Restaurants in Mumbai for Bollywood movie lovers and flavours

Bhaigans and Hitchhikes in Mumbai

Not only this, in Mumbai a fan of Salman Khan recently opened a restaurant called “Bhaijans” dedicated to the fans of this actor.

The restaurant has Salman Khan movies and posters on all the walls and it also has a completely different menu like: “Indaz Apna” (my own style), “Chicken Tosi Great Ho” (big chicken), and “Number One” Fish”, namely his movies.

And it doesn’t end there, many other places like Mumbai and Hyderabad have seen the establishment of restaurants with a distinct Bollywood theme.

There is the “Hitchki” restaurant in Mumbai, with its exemplary Bollywood style, serving “thali”, the main Indian dish in the restaurant, inspired by the 2008 movie “Gugu Tusi Great Who”, (Gogu how great are you). The main theme here deals with longing and nostalgia for the past.

As for the other items on the restaurant’s menu, they are named after some Bollywood celebrities: “Pannerti Putir Masala”, “Shahrukh Khan”, “Alia Bhatt Salad”, “Salman Pan”, “Priyanka Cobra Chutney” and “Coffee with Garam”. And “Anupam Kher (Pudding)” and “Shekna Ranaut Masala”.

“There, at the heart of the restaurant, Bollywood is immersed in sweet, sweet nostalgia,” says Arjun Raj Kher, owner of the Hitchki restaurant brand. This is our inspiration and driving force. And with (Gogo Tusi Great Ho), we raise a toast to the ever-living Gogo, and one of the greatest villains of Indian cinema as a whole.

Atemore 70mm is a luxurious and delicious restaurant spread over an area of ​​70 meters with a Bollywood theme located in Hyderabad. The interior design speaks volumes about the development of Indian films over the past decades. Famous movie posters will make you feel like you are sitting in a movie studio. And the humorous one-liners about the food there will bring a silent smile to your face.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with Indian movie posters from various eras of Bollywood, the ones that make you feel nostalgic about your favorite heroes, actors and actresses from Bollywood’s glorious past. A visit to Aitmor 70mm restaurant in Hyderabad is like riding a time machine back to the days of Bollywood films of the seventies and eighties: “Bobby”, “Don”, “Dewar”, “Kolai”, “Amar Prem” and Jade , and other timeless Bollywood movies.

Barbecue Nation started a Bollywood themed menu and food festival campaign by organizing the “Bollywood Barbecue Festival” and introducing special Bollywood mocktails. Uday Menonen, owner of the new restaurant brand, says: “(Grill C) is a celebration of Bollywood films that over the years have created some memorable characters, dialogues that have become folkloric, and songs that we enjoy decades after their release sing along. . Our Bollywood themed drinks and activities menu is sure to excite the taste buds, senses and creativity of our guests.”

The global “Burger King” restaurant chain – which studied the Indian mentality for almost 3 years – entered the Indian market in November 2014 through the big billboards that involved the release of the famous Bollywood song: “Two Cheesy Body High Must ” ( You are Great ), “Burger Ka King Kaun” (Who is the king of burgers?) and many more.

However, this is not stopping the industry at this point, as the obsession with Bollywood-inspired restaurants and cafes never stops.

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