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There are those who have seen that between the two viruses of political tyranny and deadly pandemics (the Corona pandemic, for example), there is a relationship more than metaphorical. Tyranny will be no less dangerous than this virus that humanity has eluded to get rid of completely, even though medicine has not been able to find a suitable vaccine against it. However, the corruption caused by the virus of tyranny should not be underestimated. not the extent of its effects, nor its ability to maneuver with a chameleon to defend its abilities in The industry of universal evil, so it reproduces from its components that it withstands ​​the colossal attacks that to him come the vaccines of good government, and antibiotics that come from the principles of perfected justice. It is a struggle in which the impulses of good wrestle with the impulses of evil, and the controversy of this conflict alternates with a tendency to good at one time, then with a tendency to evil in most of its cases. Perhaps we are satisfied with this degree of similarity between the two biological Corona pandemics we know and the metaphorical political tyranny some people of Earth suffer from.


Political tyranny is well established in human history, but what was popular in the twentieth century and in our present time did not cross beyond the borders of its country. Perhaps the clearest example of that is the authoritarian regime in Albania, whose leader Anwar Hoxha closed the borders of his country, so that he was not affected or influenced, therefore he made isolation a curtain and the people of Albania were behind him pledged, so they did not know the world beyond the borders of their country, and the world did not know them, so they remained forgotten by some of the international community’s possessions. However, a tyranny protected by such isolation will not be sustainable, even if it becomes rampant. increases its malignant manifestations. In the light of the current digital revolution and the expansion of its “influences” to facilitate communication between people, the evils of tyranny will no longer be covered by the searing scandals, nor will its rats have holes to hide behind don’t crawl


Satellite channels reported the news of a scandal that rocked the flanks of the country South Africa, which rose more than two decades ago and became a young giant, after shedding the rags of hateful racist policies , and its fate was said to be at the hands of its late leader, Nelson Mandela. But that honor was not spared damage, which is why it is now being licensed by Mandela’s successors. What was left of the dignity of the president of his Republic, when democracy brought him to power to hide millions of dollars in his private farm in a suspicious transaction with an adventurous trader from Sudan. Ironically, the partner of this president is Sudanese, hailing from a country whose people overthrew a tyrant. Similarly, they found a handful of millions of foreign currency hidden in his bedroom, while the coffers of his central banks and others were empty of their funds. , and his country’s finance ministry was about to declare bankruptcy.

Tyranny has become a pandemic that may be difficult to eradicate, just as the Corona pandemic is difficult for various vaccines

So people realize that tyranny has one mentality, which reproduces itself in different times and places, and most of them also realize that tyranny has become a pandemic that may be difficult to eradicate, just as the Corona pandemic is difficult for various vaccines .


It is sad what happened to the President of South Africa, Ramaphosa, who denied that the amounts in his farm were a little less than a million dollars, the proceeds from the sale of buffaloes to a Sudanese businessman. who is little known. An investigation into the matter could lead to parliamentary impeachments that could embarrass the president and undermine the credibility of the African Congress Party, which dominates the political scene with a file linked to the fight against corruption. The curse of corruption is what ended the political future of the former president, Jacob Zuma, so that the president who succeeded him fell into the same trap, and became a subject of ridicule. Ramaphosa’s farm is hidden, described. as the “Farmgate Scandal”.


The British billionaire of Sudanese origin, Mohamed Ibrahim, known as “Mo Ibrahim”, has awarded an annual prize of five million dollars, as an incentive to wise African leaders. Few African leaders have won it in previous years. And in many years recently, the award was unfortunately withheld because there was no one worthy of motivation among the African leaders. It is not surprising that the “Mo Foundation” withheld that award, when most of the leaders of the African continent are like the former Sudanese president, Omar Al-Bashir, who hoarded several millions of foreign currency in his bedroom , or like the current South African President Ramaphosa, who hid his millions under a couch on his own farm. Do you think that the virus of corruption has become like the Corona pandemic, has spread from one place to another, and from one country to another, and the vaccine for good governance does not work with it?


And if the situation is as we have observed, failure in African leaders, and incentives withheld from the heads of its failed leaders, let the Mr. Mo Foundation accepts a proposal to take positive action to reform the situation of African leaders. I wish that institution would not only withhold awards, but rather take a positive initiative to evaluate those failed African leaders, by preparing analytical political reports on the conditions of the African continent, provided that at the end of every year a list is issued not of the successful, but of the failed leaders. If the motivation is for success, failure may merit reform and correction through an academy of good governance, sponsored by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

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