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Manipal Academy for Higher Education in Dubai is one of the most important and famous academic educational institutions in Dubai, which is a branch of the Manipal Academy for Higher Education in India. The academy was established in the year 2000 AD.

Manipaldubai includes about 23 different majors, and thousands of local and international students who want to study there.

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What are the admission requirements for students at Manipal Higher Education Academy in Dubai?

  • After completing high school, students are accepted to join various university programs and majors at the undergraduate level, as well as to pursue graduate degrees after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in various disciplines.
  • It is necessary to bring a general secondary school certificate and a transcript of grades confirmed and approved by the UAE Ministry of Education.
  • In the case of schools outside the UAE, the certificate of equivalence stamped and authenticated by the Ministry of Education in the UAE must be presented.
  • Registration is done online, by filling in the application form and attaching all the required official documents, including personal photos with white and official backgrounds, as well as documented and approved certificates showing the academic average at secondary level.
  • It is necessary to pass the personal interview, skills tests, in addition to the English language proficiency test by proving it by passing international tests such as the IELTS test or the TOEFL test with a high score.

These are the undergraduate majors offered by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Dubai

There are a very large number of university majors and departments that this famous academy includes about 23 departments in various fields, including the following:

Engineering majors

  • It is one of the most important departments within the academy and is taught by the best local and international academic professors.
  • The university has a very large number of different engineering departments that keep up with modern scientific developments, and meet all the needs of students after completing high school or postgraduate studies.
  • Among the major engineering departments taught at the academy are architecture, civil engineering and interior design, in addition to information technology, network protection, communication, electronic engineering, electrical and chemical engineering.

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Media majors

  • Many distinctive majors that many students join in the field of communication and media.
  • Specialized programs at the bachelor’s level or the completion of postgraduate studies and the acquisition of master’s and doctoral degrees.

Administrative disciplines

  • One of the very important departments that seeks to graduate a generation of leaders capable of leading and wise management of facilities and institutions and the establishment of small and large projects.
  • Professional Diploma or Masters in Business Administration.
  • Professional Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • Bachelor in Human Resources and Public Relations, which is one of the most important departments within local and international companies and institutions.

Is Manipal Higher Education Academy in Dubai accredited?

Indeed, Manipal Academy has been accredited by local and international institutions within and outside the UAE, due to what this great academy offers of distinguished education in all fields:

  • University Grants Commission of India, an important offshoot of the famous Indian Manipal Academy.
  • Accreditation of the Human Development Authority of a Government in Dubai.
  • Accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Dubai and recognized in several countries of the Arab Gulf.
  • Local and international partnership and local accreditation of Dubai Academic City.
  • Accreditation by the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development.

What are the main benefits of studying at Manipal Academy for Higher Education in Dubai?

  • An important academic and educational institution in the United Arab Emirates that is accredited and recognized locally and internationally, which in turn helps to obtain many job opportunities due to the strength of the university degree.
  • One of the most famous and largest private academies in Dubai with a 5-star rating due to the strong infrastructure of the university campus and the provision of all means of entertainment and comfort during the study period for students, in addition to the selection of the best academic teaching staff and the power of advanced curricula and keeping them up to date with the latest updates.
  • The Academy won the Forbes Award for the year 2019 AD, which is a valuable award given to academies that provide outstanding support to students and good study.
  • More than 50 study programs in more than 23 departments within the university.
  • The university annually receives approximately 2,200 students of various nationalities inside and outside the UAE from more than 40 countries around the world.
  • Great interest in linking academic studies with practical training for distinguished graduates in his university specialization.

Manipal Academy Dubai Fee

Tuition fees at the Academy vary according to the chosen major, for example, the fees for a Bachelor of Humanities study is 35,500 for one academic year, while the fees for a Bachelor of Interior Design is 40,000 AED per academic year.

You can view all tuition fees at Manipal Academy at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in addition to the application fees, by visiting the fees page on the academy’s website here.

Manipal Academy Dormitory

The Academy offers a very special and fully equipped accommodation for male and female students separately.

The housing fee of Manipal Academy in Dubai is collected once at the beginning of the academic year.

The separate accommodation fee is AED 35,500 annually, while the double accommodation fee is AED 28,500 annually, and the triple accommodation fee is AED 25,500 annually.


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