The cheapest 6 new cars in the Egyptian market, their prices, specifications, features and disadvantages

written: Ali mr

The search for a relatively cheap car has become a dilemma for the Egyptian consumer, amid the insane increase in car prices in the Egyptian market, due to the currency liberalization and the slowdown in car imports.
In this report, we present to you, dear reader, the cheapest 6 new cars in the Egyptian market.

(1) Lada Granta

Price: from 215 thousand to 250 thousand pounds
Engine capacity: 1600 cc
Acceleration: from 0 to 100 in 11.4 seconds
Horses: 87 HP / 98 HP
Torque: 140 Nm / 145 Nm
Size: Sedan
Lada Granta is an economical car par excellence, and it is the cheapest car in the Egyptian market, produced by the ancient Russian company Lada, and the current model of Granta started its sales in the country of origin in 2011, while the new form of the car recently appeared in the Egyptian market, and for the first time in the automatic category.

Lada Granta competes with many cars in its class, such as: BYD F3, Proton Saga, Renault Logan, Nissan Sunny Manual and Chery Arrizo 5.
The current model of the car is the improved version of the first generation, and it was offered in three price categories from 174,000 to 204,000 pounds.
The manual version of the car produces 86 horsepower and 140 Newton meters. Torque meter, and it differs in safety equipment from the second category because it comes with one airbag for the driver, while the automatic category comes with 98 horsepower and 145 Newtons of torque. meters, and it comes with two airbags and leather upholstery.
The characteristics of the 2023 Lada Granta lie in the acceptable car performance for this price category
The car outperforms its rivals in terms of safety specifications, such as the Chevrolet Lanos, and is very fuel efficient, consuming 7.2 liters per 100 km.
The car is also characterized by its high ground clearance.
The design of the car from the front is good, and the interior design is simple and easy to use
The car’s visibility is good and the rolls are unobstructed.
The driving position in the car has been raised
The side spaces in the car are large, the storage spaces in the car are large, and the luggage compartment is 480 liters.
Auto parts are available and affordable
As for the disadvantages of Lada Granta, it lies in the fact that the sound insulation of the car is bad, but it is suitable in this price category, and that the height of the car from the ground affects its stability.

(2) Add L3

Price: 285 thousand pounds
Engine capacity: 1500 cc
Acceleration: unknown
Horses: 108 horses
Torque: 145 Nm
Size: compact sedan
The BYD L3 is a compact sedan made entirely in China
However, they are assembled locally in the Egyptian market, and he performs that task and is its agent in Egypt
Al-Amal Company is the agent for BYD cars in the Egyptian market, and the car is available in Egypt in a class
BYD Company offers another version of its BYD F3 motor in a larger size and more equipment
And many other features that enable the L3 to compete in the Egyptian market, in its higher price category
With different and stronger competitors, such as Renault Logan and Nissan Sunny, the Chevrolet Optra is a contender
The locally assembled Hyundai Accent RB is also going strong.
Also add the Suzuki Dzire to the competition.
This is the first generation BYD L3 produced abroad in 2010,
It continued to be released worldwide until 2015, when it stopped and production was limited to the countries that collected it
Modeled locally like Uruguay and Chile, the car was recently assembled and launched in Egypt.
The design of the car is traditional, but the interior design can be accepted to a great extent, especially with the 8-inch screen
inches, and it’s equipped with plenty of luxury equipment, including the sunroof
The rear camera, the sound system, the center screen, and more.
And the level of safety in the car is lower than that of many competitors, especially with the lack of a stability system
Electronic, which has become essential and is found in many cars of this price category.
The car is an economical, locally assembled option with low running costs and cheap parts.
The car is for work.

(3) Changan ships

Price: from 275 to 325 thousand pounds
Engine capacity: 1.4 liters / 1.5 liters
Acceleration: unknown
Horses: 101 HP / 107 HP
Torque: 135 Nm / 145 Nm
Size: Subcompact sedan
The Changan Al Ships car, in its latest generation, now offered in Egypt, has been introduced to the market for the first time
2018, and there were no problems with the car.
Changan Al Safin is a sedan, manufactured in China, and it is the smallest of Changan cars in the market
Al-Masry, the agent of the car, “Gabbour Auto”, the agent of the Chinese Changan brand, and the car was presented in
The Egyptian market with three categories of equipment.
The car is economical and small in size and competes in the Egyptian market with cars like the Nissan Sunny
And Suzuki Desire, Renault Logan, Chevrolet Optra and Chery Arrizo 5, and the car offers specifications
Excellent safety compared to its competitors, in this price category, either in braking systems or stability system
Electronic hill assist and access to the tire pressure gauge sensor, which means
Safety is not present in this way in this price category.

(4) Chery Arrizo 5

Price: from 300,000 to 355,000 pounds Specifications
Engine capacity: 1500 cc
Acceleration: from 0 to 100 in 11.5 seconds
Horses: 114 horses
Torque: 141 Nm
Size: Subcompact sedan
The Chery Arrizo 5 is one of the new economy cars in the Egyptian market, as it belongs to the economy category.
The characteristics of the Chery Arrizo 5, model 2023, have qualified it to be an alternative to a powerful car like the Hyundai Verna, as it is characterized by its stability at high speeds, its very spacious and very comfortable salon, and its modern design, with the car’s height above the ground, which is very suitable for Egyptian streets, and the car’s sheet is strong, Car seats are comfortable and characteristic in this price category.
And if it is rare to find a car in this category that offers good value, accessories, equipment or safety means, the Arizo 5 has good equipment, accessories and safety means with a strong exterior design, in addition to the distribution and reliability , availability of parts, and ease of maintenance.
The side and rear design of the car is characterized by stability and many elegant touches, including the nickel line
Chrome extends to the car’s windows and doors, as for the interior design, it is very much characterized by the hoop
Multifunctional and center screen outside the dashboard.
The car comes with local lock in Egypt, in three categories, the first category with a manual transmission and two categories with an automatic transmission, and the car achieved a good distribution in Egypt during the previous period.
Chery Aruzo 5 falls in a price category with many cars like Lada Granta, BYD F3 and Proton Saga.
However, the car is not without some defects, such as the car’s consumption of gasoline is not completely economical, as the consumption reaches 10 liters / 100 km in the city, and the car’s insulation from external sounds is considered ‘ n defect in Chery Arrizo 5 , and the sound of the car is somewhat annoying in the car, and the dashboard material The car is not the best.
The cassette of the first category of the car is also very muffled, and the upholstery of the seats of the first category of the car is not the best, while the CVT automatic gearbox needs a lot of attention.

(5) Suzuki Dzire

Price: from 285 thousand to 345 thousand pounds
Engine capacity: 1200 cc
Acceleration: from 0 to 100 km in 11.7 seconds
Horses: 85 horses
Torque: 113 Nm
Size: Subcompact sedan
Suzuki Dzire, a Japanese-made car that is assembled in India, is classified under the compact, economical, small-sized sedan category.

It was first introduced 14 years ago, and it is an old car. It is considered to be the sedan version of the Suzuki Swift, and its model was called “Suzuki Swift dZire”. Now it is considered a separate car that is more practical and targets different customers.
The car available in the market now belongs to the third generation, which was first unveiled in 2017, and the third generation is based on the same “HEARTECT B” build base found in the Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Baleno and Toyota used. Rumion.

Suzuki Desire is offered in the Egyptian market in three equipment categories, the first category comes with a manual transmission, while the second and third categories come with an automatic transmission, and all categories come with the same economical 1.2-liter engine, as the drive system used in the car is characterized by economy and fuel consumption.

In the Egyptian market, the Suzuki Desire enters a competition with the practical compact sedan category, as we find it competing with Changan Al Safin and Chery Arrizo 5, as well as Renault Logan and BYD F3, and in addition, the car’s competitors are the Japanese Nissan Sunny.

Finally, the Desire is the cheapest practical Suzuki car available in the Egyptian market, as it sits above the Suzuki Espresso and below the Suzuki Swift.

(6) Proton Saga

Price: from 260,000 to 280,000 pounds
Engine capacity: 1300 cc
Acceleration: from 0 to 100 in 14.5 seconds
Horses: 95 horses
Torque: 120 Nm
Size: Subcompact sedan
The Proton Saga is one of the new cars on the Egyptian market. It is a sedan among the Malaysian compacts, launched by Proton, and has achieved an acceptable distribution due to its presence in a very competitive price category, and it is one of the most successful cars in the world.
The car is now available in the Egyptian market in the improved version of the third generation, with two categories of equipment.
It is characterized as an economical car that competes strongly with cars: Chery Arrizo 5, Renault Logan, the first categories of Chevrolet Optra, and Nissan Sunny, but Saga has a number of features that make it the best choice over its competitors, in its price category such as BYD F3, Sunny and Logan, which distributes leading cars in the Egyptian market.
The advantages of the Proton Saga 2022 is that it is better than most of its competitors in terms of safety.
The exterior design of the car gives it an added advantage over its peers in the same class
The interior design of the car is beautiful and its use is simple in the new improved version, and the side glass spaces are large, which makes the car suitable for families, and the car seats are very comfortable.
The stability of the car at high speeds is the best among its competitors, and the car in the upgraded version comes with a lot of equipment such as a 7-inch touchscreen and a rear camera.
As for the defects of the car, it lies in the fact that it is not widely distributed, and this represents an obstacle in the distribution of its parts, which are more expensive than its competitors.
The acceleration of the car is slow compared to competitors in the same category.
Burton Saga does not offer the widest spaces in its class, as the rear boot space is large, but it is not the largest, and it is surpassed by Renault Logan.
Finally, the buying and selling movement of the used car is less than that of its competitors.

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