Al-Kurdi.. A star carrying the Jordanian golf banner in international forums – video

Ahmed Rawashdeh

snag– The Jordanian star, Shergo Al-Kurdi, imposed his presence in the world of jogging, with the magic of his stick, achieving many historic achievements for him, his family and his federation, and his name in golden letters among the game’s seniors, and raised the Jordanian flag high in Arab and international forums.

Shergo Al-Kurdi has shone since his soft nails when he was a child in many European junior championships, and it was a difficult number until he became one of the top players in the world today, especially in the Arab world.

Shergo recently achieved a historic feat for the first time in the history of Arab golf by qualifying for the second round in the Ras Al Khaimah Classic Professional Championship, which was held with the participation of the most prominent stars of the game in the world. Tournament participant.

Shergo Al-Kurdi takes part in the Dubai Golf Championship “Omega Desert”

Today, Al-Kurdi crowned his historic achievements through years of patience and mastery with the help of his father and achieved the dream of reaching international stardom. The Jordanian Golf Federation had to honor the star who achieved these achievements with a ceremony among his peers . and in the presence of his father and the players on the land of Ayla Oasis, who embraced Al-Kurdi and provided him with all means of success.

The honor that took place the day before yesterday was a generous and grand gesture from the Golf Federation to the Kurdish player whose joy began with what the federation offered.

The gold star, Shergo Al-Kurdi, said that he was very happy with the result I presented in Ras Al-Khaimah, stressing that he encourages the future of the game in Jordan and the Arab world and wishes that the trip would be followed and thank everyone who stood by him during his golf career.

Al-Kurdi said during his stay in Aqaba that he witnessed the great development of the emerging champions. Where today there were 5 players who became more than 20 players in golf, indicating that their performance was excellent with training and we follow this work more with them, emphasizing: “The interest and honor of the Golf Federation, together with Ayla Oasis and the Olympic Committee, motivate me and push me to achieve a new achievement for the home country; As Ayla provides training facilities, which are the best on a large scale, and allow me to participate in major tournaments with champions who ranked the best, and these experiences refined my skills and competitiveness and raised them to the highest level,” adding, “The support of the Jordanian Olympic Committee, the Ayla Oasis Company, and the Jordanian Golf Federation stand by me and motivates me to do the best.”

During his past years of training, the Kurdish player enjoyed support, especially from the Ayla Oasis Company, as part of his directives aimed at promoting sports activities and supporting young Jordanian talents, by training the young Kurdish champion in Ayla golf courses and facilities to incubate under the supervision of high-level coaches, and support him in his participation in local and foreign tournaments by providing a platform for the practice of exercises, which the competitiveness of performance and the growth of his athletic abilities improve.

Ayla’s efforts to sponsor the Jordanian national golf team champion Shergo Al-Kurdi in recent years has contributed to his involvement in strong competitions that Ayla has hosted, such as the Middle East and North Africa tour series “The Journey to Jordan”, which players from all continents to write his name on the podiums with prestigious champions from different countries the scientist.

Years ago, Ayla opened her arms to the young Jordanian champion, Shergo Al-Kurdi, to have a rich record on the podiums in local, regional and international championships. And to provide everything that would achieve a new addition to the series of achievements achieved by the Jordanian golf sport in a relatively short period of time, showing the important role that Ayla plays in the national sport and supporting talents.

During the previous two days, Shergo did joint exercises with the national team players of all age groups, in a wonderful interactive atmosphere with everyone, through which he transferred part of his international experience to them and gave them many tips.

The president of the Jordaan Golf Association, Hani Al-Abdallat, said: “The association will always continue to sponsor creativity, and will continue its leading role in nurturing and honoring creators, spreading and promoting a culture of creativity.” His big thanks. to all those who stood behind the Federation’s programs in general and the march of Shergo in particular, led by the Jordan Olympic Committee and the Ayla Oasis Development Company.

On his part, the coach of the national team, Amer Radi, confirmed that the establishment of a training camp at this time was an opportunity for the young players to train with the Jordanian golf legend and draw from his vast experiences, which indicating that he considers all the national team players as stars and they will have many in the coming days. He explained that the sport of golf in Jordan is moving in the right direction by the presence of a group of young players in their ages and adults in their achievements .

Al-Kurdi has become a difficult figure in the world of European golf, going so far as to refuse many naturalization offers from various countries, rejecting the idea of ​​the game except for the Jordanian flag.

And the Kurdish player (the son of golf coach Musa Al-Kurdi), who lives in the British capital, London, started playing the game from an early age, and his skills began to be refined through his participation in many European junior tournaments, and he became famous throughout Europe. Shergo speaks Arabic with difficulty, but his father And his coach, Musa, indicated that he received several offers to sign Shergo for various countries, including Arab countries, to represent them in the upcoming tournaments , but he insisted on playing for the country, stressing that Shergo achieved the first historic achievements for Jordan through his various Arab and international participations, the last of which was a historic achievement achieved for the first time. The first in the history of Arab golf, Shergo qualified for the second round in the Ras Al Khaimah Classic Professional Championship, which was held with the participation of the most promine nth stars of the game in the world.

To follow the ceremony honoring Shergo Al-Kurdi in audio and video, visit the “Al-Ghad” website.

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