Designs 2023… Calm is in the air

The chance for the year 2023 in terms of interior design styles and trends is based on the growing awareness and the leadership takes towards nature and climate issues on the one hand, and individualism and self-expression on the other, and at other times the desire to go away to move from the refined and the ruling.

In general, interiors in dark colors and muted colors will decline in popularity this year in favor of bold colors and accent walls, in addition to the increase in popularity of antique furniture, rounded door frames, high ceilings, curves and arches that represent an era of old-world architecture.

Love and loss

In recent years, floating or open shelves (hanging shelves with a hidden inner bracket) have become very popular in an attempt to provide more storage spaces and create an atmosphere of openness and space, but according to design experts, this trend will decline in 2023 , and these multiple shelves will be replaced by long shelves that on the one hand look more Smooth, and on the other hand reduce pressure and chaos, and the large lighting fixtures that were popular in previous years have proven to be impractical this year, especially as they do not match the size of the rooms and tables.

As for the kitchens, it will probably separate the cooking and dining areas from the sitting and working areas to transform the kitchens into closed spaces, covered with marble and natural stone slabs, as well as large and hidden pantry, with the white color replaced by dark colors like black and wood.

Some anticipate the popularity of rooms for creative works or craft rooms, after many people have spent recent years in their home offices, and this type of space dedicated to work and creativity supports activity and mental well-being, and provides a refuge from the digital lifestyle and distraction around the clock.

Color awareness

Next year will see the return of bold, deep, rich and saturated colors after a period in which calm and neutral colors dominated, leaving behind a range of neutral colors for a richer, more saturated and richer option, thus changing the palette of colors next year dynamic, fun and trend towards warmth, and experts explain that people have become more They tend to be adventurous in choosing colors as a way to express themselves creatively and in clever ways. Bold and unexpected colors that are saturated with color and warmth together encourage creativity and expression through color choices. This matter also reflects their awareness of the extent of the influence of the environment on mental health, and how creativity in Homes will be a way of their enhance feelings of joy and well-being.

This is what the Pantone Institute started when it announced Viva Magenta, the color of 2023, and it is expected that the three most vibrant and rich colors, red, orange and “terracotta” (the saturated color of clay), will rise due to their high ability to get people out of their comfort zones and lift their spirits. Organic color tones such as green and earthy natural colors associated with the letter will also stay with us, and specific shades of brown that remind us of types of wood, metals and jewelry such as copper brown.

old styles

When we talk about warm and bold colors, the first thing that comes to mind is the “Art Deco” style, which is expected to make a strong comeback this year. On the other hand, the popularity of the modern organic trend, which reached its peak in 2022, is likely to decline. Modern century and bohemian patterns, and the reason, according to experts, is that modern organic products have flooded the market in a way that will make people avoid this tendency to distinguish themselves away from refined designs.

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Old furniture and antique decor will also continue to grow next year, whether in furniture or accessories in support of environmental concerns on the one hand and the desire to give a personal touch to the home, in addition to sustainable and recycled furniture or furniture made by craftsmen. and the mixing of old and modern pieces together and varying furniture will increase Heights and the use of antique decorative tiles inspired by popular antique patterns, and from here it is likely that the trend of “zellij” tiles will continue to rise in popularity, which is a type of Islamic art that is one of the main characteristics of Maghreb architecture and that is distinguished by geometric mosaic formations pattern, which is most preferred by interior designers because of its texture, texture, texture aesthetics creates a spontaneous focal point .

natural lighting

In terms of lighting, the next year will see a trend towards natural lighting and design solutions that allow its rays to enter the home and work spaces, through large, white windows and reflective surfaces, due to the ability of natural light to improve our mood, focus and sleep patterns, in addition to providing us with vitamin D.

The coming year welcomes the addition of lighting accessories for outdoor spaces with an old character, in a move to embody a bit of the past with the present, such as old lighting techniques redesigned in a modern way.

As for the inscriptions, the soft printed motifs will continue, and the horizontal stripes or stripes will make a big return as a high-contrast design element that increases the boldness of the design and helps to feel more spacious, whether used in wallpaper, textiles or paint.

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