How do I get my child to fall asleep quickly?

The problem of regulating sleep is faced by many mothers. Especially with newborns in the first months of their life; The newborn usually wakes up at night because he feels hungry, or because he feels colic, and sometimes he wakes up for no particular reason. Which also affects the health of the newborn itself and the psyche of the mother and her health, and lack of sleep and irregularity to the point of insufficient hours of sleep, older children also suffer from it; Therefore, there are dozens of methods that the mother can follow to make the child fall asleep easily and quickly. Pediatricians have put them in place, and most mothers have worked on them.

Dozens of ways to get the baby to sleep quickly and easily

After 6 months.. allocate meals for the day and meals for the evening
  • For a child older than 6 months… organizes his own meals; As daytime meals should be distributed with vital food that gives energy, unlike night meals.. where it should be light; So that the mother can adjust the biological clock of her child, and he can distinguish between night and day.
  • Usually the child to sleep alone, since the beginning of the sixth week of his life without help. Where he is placed in his own bed, when he feels sleepy.. and not while he is sleeping, and it is preferable not to rock or rock him, or to breastfeed him until he falls asleep; Because he will most likely get used to it.
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Set a routine bedtime

Hold your child’s favorite toy in his hands
  • To answer the mother’s question: How do I get my child to sleep quickly? There is a need to establish a daily bedtime routine, by performing certain rituals, and it is better that these rituals are related to the period before bedtime..and are simple and short, such as showering, changing pajamas, changing diapers , and maybe hear a short story..and repeat these rituals. Every day the child will know when it is time to sleep and rest.
  • Pay attention to make the child’s bedroom a beautiful place, and you can decorate it with the child’s favorite paintings and drawings, and do not consider it a place to punish the child if he is angry with him.
  • And don’t make him feel that leaving him in his room to sleep alone is a form of punishment. Which causes him to hate the room and bedtime together.. It is also possible to keep the child’s favorite toy close to him until he falls asleep, and if the child wakes up at night; Having his game with him might calm him down.
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Let your baby cry a little

  • Some mothers may place a piece of her clothing containing the smell of the mother next to the child. If he suddenly wakes up, he smells his mother’s scent, then he calms down and falls asleep.. And if you happen to hear the baby crying; let him cry a while; This is a suitable and harmless method for the child.
  • The best thing a mother can do is pat him on the back and firmly tell him it’s time for sleep and he should go to sleep. Behavior requires patience, get used to it.
  • And if the crying is repeated, you need to hug and hug the child, and try to find the reason for his discomfort and crying, and make him aware of the donations. It is necessary to get the child used to sleeping alone , without the presence of anyone near him; Because he will get used to it.. and sometimes the teething process affects the baby’s sleep.
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Treat the cause of your child’s pain before bedtime

  • But if the child feels pain with the teeth for some reason; It is preferable to massage his gums, give him a cold piece to chew, or give him the appropriate dose of pain relievers for his weight and age.
  • There is no objection to leaving the door to the child’s room open and not completely open; so that he can hear his mother’s voice; It makes him feel safe and secure, and he thinks that she is close to him.. It is advised to go to the doctor to ensure that the child has no mental or physical problems.

5 hours of sleep for a child according to his age

From birth to three months old

Hugging the child for a few minutes makes him feel safe
  • And to the mother who asks the question, “How do I get my baby to fall asleep quickly?” Be aware that babies usually sleep for short, sporadic periods at night when they are born, and this continues for the first weeks of a baby’s life.
  • Hugging the child for a few minutes, in addition to the swaddling process, can help him feel safe and calm, in addition to the fact that swaddling stimulates the desire to sleep in children under three months.

From three months to six months old

Feeling tired prevents the child from sleeping at night.. so he cries
  • When the child turns two or three months old, it is preferable to let him sleep in his own cradle, but some children have difficulty adjusting to sleeping on their own, and some mothers may give the child a pacifier to sleep.
  • But it is not preferable to do so; Because if the child wakes up and does not find her, he will start to cry, and it is necessary to be careful during this period that the children do not stay up late; Because this will lead to a feeling of exhaustion, and therefore not being able to sleep.

From six months to nine months

Children of this age, if they do not have health problems, start to wake up during the night; Because they feel the anxiety of separation from the mother, and it means that he misses you, and is worried about losing you.
It is very healthy and natural, due to the mental and physical development of the child, and his spiritual growth, and for this reason, time should be set aside for the mother and the child to spend together.. before going to sleep. ; For the mother to express her love for her child, and her joy of sleeping independently and alone.
During this period, it is best to stop breastfeeding at night, whether natural or artificial. Because it won’t help him sleep better, and may make the problem worse.

From nine months to a year

With age, the child sleeps all night
  • As the child grows older, he becomes more likely to sleep through the night, and it is preferable for the mother to set a time for a nap during the day, and that it be before noon and for a short period of one hour at most.
  • With the need to continue the bedtime rituals; Because it has become part of the child’s daily routine, and a bedtime should be established at this age, and the child should pay attention to it.
  • This was done by telling him or setting an alarm clock. This method is effective with children who tend to refuse orders. He thinks that the case was issued by the watch, and not by his mother.
  • Note from Madam Net: Before using this recipe or treatment, you should consult a specialist.

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