One of them lived for years with the corpse of his companion, and another killed his neighbor because he believed him to be with the Democrats. The strangest crimes of 2022

In addition to the many political, social, economic and artistic events we have experienced, the year 2022 witnessed a group of shocking murders, which were reported by the international media and grabbed the headlines of newspapers and social media sites.

Some of these crimes had very strange causes, and others had a happy ending; Between finding a missing girl 3 years after her abduction, and a man who lived with the body of his roommate for years, strange and endless stories.

The most prominent crimes of 2022

Here are the most shocking crimes reported in the media in 2022, representing the darkest and strangest aspects of humanity ever.

1- He cut off the head of his beloved and fixed it on a stick in the middle of the trees

The love story of Nathan Gilmour and Angela Nicole Bradbury began in April 2021 in the American state of Iowa, but it did not last long and ended in a gruesome murder.

Angela’s family reported her missing in February 2022 after no contact with her for several months, before police found her neck cut and hanging from a stick in the trees.

The detectives then decided to trace Angela’s path, and it didn’t take long for them to reach Nathan Gilmore, who had sent his ex-girlfriend a message urging her to come back to him , or she would end up “like the body”. they found Mitchell outside”.

A warrant was issued to search Gilmour’s home, and in his room the police found a white board with “Satanic Goat’s Head with a Five-Pointed Star” painted on it, along with numbers written around it; Investigators believed these were references to the date of Angela’s death and the GPS coordinates of her body’s location. Facebook data also proves that Gilmore was present at the location where Angela’s head was found on the day of her death.

2- He thought his neighbors were controlling his mind, so he shot them

This crime is included in the list of crimes committed by victims of mental disorders, who suffer from paranoid delusions, believe that they are victims of mind control methods and are being pursued by gangs.

Stephen Marlowe thought that he was being “targeted” by his neighbors; In a Facebook Live broadcast, moments before he broke into the home of his neighbors Clyde and Eva Knox and shot them both, Marlowe said: “I would die proud if I exposed it.”

Police arrived after receiving reports of gunfire to find the elderly couple murdered in their home, then investigators found two more bodies belonging to Sarah Anderson and Kayla Anderson, who were just 15 years old .

A nationwide security manhunt for Marlowe led to his arrest in Lawrence, Kansas, on August 6, after his car was caught on a security camera.

Marlowe accused his neighbors of manipulating his thoughts and actions through “telepathy,” though he did not explain how, why, or what was actually happening. In the video posted on Facebook, he said: “If I survive, please come and visit me in prison.”

3- He killed his lover and then died while burying her body

In May 2022, police received a report of a man lying “in an unresponsive state” in his front yard in Trenton, North Carolina, USA.

Indeed, Joseph McKinnon was lying dead in his front yard, having apparently suffered a sudden heart attack while filling a large hole. But in reality there was still a body yet to be discovered.

Investigators were unable to locate the body of McKinnon’s friend, Patricia Dent, until after blood was found in the two partners’ home and statements from her co-workers that she did not show up for work as usual.

Only then did the police begin to wonder what McKinnon was planning to bury in his garden, and the answer came: his girlfriend, Patricia Dent. In fact, witness statements and evidence collected by police at the crash scene paint a clearer picture of what investigators believe was an accident.

McKinnon attacked his girlfriend Dent inside the house, tying her up and wrapping her in garbage bags before throwing her into the hole he was filling when he suffered a heart attack. In one of the strangest crimes of 2022.

Judy Rowland, superintendent of police, said: “When we put the evidence together we came to the conclusion that he attacked and killed her, buried her body in the well, and died frantically trying to get the body away stab.”

This is without a doubt one of the strangest crimes of 2022.

4- He lived with his roommate’s body for 4 years

It has been years since Kevin Olson’s family heard any news from him. Even stranger than that, when the family members of the retired US Navy sailor tried to reach him, Darren Birtle (his roommate) made excuses to justify his absence.

The police launched an investigation in August 2022 to investigate the circumstances of the absence of the missing persons; When investigators arrived at the apartment between Bertel and Olson, Bertel again made excuses for his roommate’s absence and told police he was out of town.

In fact, the detectives found Olson just a few yards away from them; His body was lying on the bedroom floor, and it looked like it had been like that since at least 2018.

Despite Olson’s death, records showed that since the summer of 2019, his pension had been regularly transferred from his Maritime Federal Credit Union account to Bertel’s bank account. Investigators quickly charged Bertel with forgery and identity theft.

This is one of the strangest murders, and the peculiar thing about this case is that the police never found any criminal suspicion in Olson’s death, except a few days ago, when Bertel was sentenced to two years in prison.

5- He claimed to be the Messiah and cut off his leg in front of his daughter

When investigators arrived at Shannon Cox’s home on Aug. 2, they found him lying naked in his yard, bleeding from his recently amputated leg.

Investigators soon believed that an Arkansas resident had intentionally severed the man’s leg in front of his 5-year-old daughter. His wife, Sandy, was at a friend’s house at the time after she fled their home, because Shannon had been threatening her all day that he would “cut her throat if she didn’t restore her relationship with God”.

Sandy told investigators the next day that he never followed through on his threats, and that she left her daughter at home with Shannon, 48; Because she didn’t think for a second that he could pose a threat to the child’s life, especially since he didn’t say a word to her.

Although he did not physically harm their daughter, the little girl was forced to watch her father undress, claiming to be “Jesus”, before he used a saw and cut off his leg.

Later, Sandy and Shannon were arrested and then released on $10,000 bail, with their right to custody of the child forfeited.

6- He killed his neighbor because he believed he was with the “Democrats”

“My neighbor shot my father”; This is what Anthony Lee King (43) said in a call to the US emergency service 911 on November 5, 2022.

King’s wife had just finished cutting the grass when she suddenly heard gunshots. She ran into the backyard and saw her neighbor, Austin Combs, 26, walking home with her husband lying bleeding in the grass.

King died before the police could arrive. During investigations, the woman told police that Combs “came to confront my husband about 4 times because he thought he was a Democrat.” The shooting happened just days before the hotly contested midterm elections in the United States.

A Butler County grand jury, shortly after the shooting, convicted Combs of first-degree murder and set bail at $950,000. For this crime to become one of the strangest crimes of 2022.

7- Searching for a missing girl since 2019

Paisley Schultes (4) disappeared from her family’s home in Ithaca, New York in July 2019. At the time, investigators suspected that her biological parents, who had been denied custody of her, were responsible.

However, they lacked evidence to issue an arrest warrant against them and were only able to obtain a search warrant for their home in February 2022, despite losing custody of Paisley in 2019.

Police searched the house for an hour to no avail, and the search seemed futile, until a detective noticed something odd about the staircase in the couple’s basement. Upon closer search, the police found a small hiding place inside which the child was.

Police have been looking for Paisley for years, and investigators have even visited the Schultis family home before. Each time, the couple claimed they had no idea where their daughter was, and accused investigators of harassing them.

Fortunately, Paisley was in good health and was returned to her legal foster parents. The father, son and wife were also accused of violating custody procedures and endangering the safety of the child. Let the chapters of the most terrible crimes of 2022 end.

8- Two men executed a wild hunter who targeted animals

Ryan Naud was in charge of Pro Hunt Africa, a company that offered hunts for cash to clients in South Africa. Naud and his clients would hunt endangered animals, then pose for pictures with the dead animals and post the pictures on Facebook.

Naoud used to receive between 250 and 2500 dollars and more from customers to go hunting for example baboons, giraffes, crocodiles and even lions and elephants. He gained a wide reputation in this area, although not necessarily a good one.

One day, Naud’s car broke down while he was on his way to go fishing. According to Metro UK, two men in a white Nissan stopped nearby, got out of their car and shot Naud “in cold blood and at close range”, before grabbing his weapons and driving off.

It is considered one of the strangest murders; Because it was never clear what the motives of the two criminals were, although it is likely that Naud’s actions and causing the killing of animals was the reason.

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