Beneficiaries of “Nafes” for “Die Golf”: “Private” is an opportunity for self-development and gaining experience


January 4, 2023

4:49 p.m

Abu Dhabi: Abdul Rahman Saeed
The “Nafes” platform, which aims to increase the competitiveness of national cadres and enable them to occupy positions in private sector institutions in the country, over the next five years, has succeeded in harnessing youthful energy to turn to by providing an easy and unified mechanism for viewing private sector vacancies Successful Emirati models and high skills to be emulated in the private sector.
The Gulf met 5 Emirati beneficiaries of the “Nafes” program, where they reviewed their success stories and how they paved their professional path and walked the paths of success in the corridors of private companies, stressing that the private sector offers national employees opportunities for self-development and practical experience in various fields.
Ali Ahmed Musharbek, a young man who has a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering and a professional certificate in human resources, and currently works as an assistant director of human resources at the “Med Clinic” – Al-Madina Hospital, said : “I have been working in the private sector for two years and two months, and I chose to work in this sector because of the opportunities for development.” The many careers it offers, the experience that can be gained, as well as the opportunities to work with employees from different cultures and from all over the world.
He explained that the private sector job market in the UAE is very diverse, in terms of the professions on offer and the training opportunities available, and I was able to achieve a small part of my ambition. The support is the introduction of the “Nafes” program, the influence of which has recently started to spread. In my opinion, “Nafes” is currently playing a major role in empowering Emirati youth and attracting them to work in the private sector. It also facilitates the process of attracting Emirati talents. for companies.
He indicated that he benefited from government support for citizens working in the private sector, in the salary subsidy program and the competency program offered by Nafes. He advised Emirati youth to seek to develop their professional skills and gain experience in the private sector, which enjoys multiple career paths and many opportunities for those who work hard.
Israa Saleh, an accounting graduate from Zayed University since 2011, and a master’s degree in quality from the University of Wollongong in 2016, said: “The nature of my work is unconventional and has many challenges. Note that she does not face problems in her work, but rather challenges, as she faces a new challenge every day, as her work requires thinking outside the usual scope, keeping abreast of changes and analysis, to follow the laws, systems and work procedures of various departments, leading audit projects, reviewing reports, team performance and workflow plans.
She added: I encourage every male and female citizen, whether a recent graduate or an experienced graduate with passion, creativity and learning, not to hesitate to go through a practical experience with the private sector, which largely contribute to this opportunities for self-development and the acquisition of practical experience in various fields.
Afifa Al-Ghanim, a graduate of Accounting from Zayed University and working for the Al-Futtaim Group in Dubai, as an internal auditor, believes that what sets the private sector apart and makes it attractive is that it encourages its employees to show their best skills. and abilities to perform successful, continuous and developed work, and help Constructive competition for the benefit of work and support for production.
She pointed out that she benefited from the benefits of Nafes through the “Esubscribe” pension program and the salary support program, as there is no doubt that “Nafes” is one of the programs that supports the citizen and helps to provide opportunities to young people. give. in our beloved country, contributing to the creation of a workable society free from unemployment and the consolidation of the role of national cadres in promoting the economic growth of the state.
She added: Based on my successful experience in the private sector, I advise young people to join this sector and take advantage of the benefits it offers them financially, morally and socially, given their handling of the diverse composition of society and the experiences that create familiarity with other cultures.
Some Emirati nationals have chosen to make their own way to be successful entrepreneurs, and start with confidence in the private work field, from that Al Anoud Al Hashemi, who is an ambitious young woman, who was able to gain a lot of experience in the private and semi-government sectors, interspersed with many lessons and guidance from various experts. They helped refine her skills and guide her to the right professional path, so she took up entrepreneurship.
She said: Ambition needs development and work so that we can reach a strong position to prove ourselves and achieve our goals. Unfortunately, there is a wrong view of the ability of Emiratis to succeed in various workplaces. Ways of support, including e.g. , permission to establish a project with a partial salary to support entrepreneurship, and this is a great support that increases stability with a source of income, and at the same time provides the opportunity to establish a private project for the citizen .
Majid Al-Mansoori, 39, says about his personal experience: I have two university degrees in electronic engineering and engineering management. I started my own company in 2018 after having many experiences with interior design companies for my private property.
He said: The private sector is constantly changing, the state sees what the private sector can do for its economy and therefore invests millions of dirhams daily to develop and support this trend. New ones not provided by the public sector, and therefore the type of experience gained from the private sector is different and broader than the experience gained in the government sector, and I advise the Emirati cadre not to be afraid to enter the private sector because of the multitude of fields, cultures and experiences it carries, as it opens many doors that I hope they will not evade. Our youth.

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